Chapter 15: Awkward Morning

Drizzt and Kylia were the first ones up the next morning. They were just finishing breakfast when Tarion and Shandra came downstairs.

Kylia looked up, flashing Tarion a smile. "It's about time. We've been up since before dawn."

Tarion sat down beside her. "And good morning to you too."

Shandra slid into the seat next to Drizzt. "Morning."

Drizzt glanced at her. "Morning." He returned his attention to his food.

Shandra sighed inwardly. Things are going to be awkward between us now. I was afraid that would happen, she thought. "Sleep well?" She cringed inwardly at the really lame attempt at small talk.

Drizzt looked fully at her. "Not really. So when do we leave?"

Shandra sighed. "As soon as Tarion and I eat and gather I'll things."

Drizzt shoved his plate away and stood. "Fine, I'll be back soon. I need to pick up a few things." He left the inn before anyone could answer.

Kylia leaped to her feet. "I don't like the mood he seems to be in. I'm going with him." She hurried out after her brother.

Once they were gone Shandra sighed and dropped her head to the table with a thud. "Damnation. What a mess."

Tarion waved a serving wench over and ordered breakfast for both of them and she scurried off. "So you want to tell me what's going on or are you going to sit there and dent the table?"

Shandra sat back. "I told Drizzt about the soul bond last night."

Tarion nodded. "It didn't go well."

Shandra shook her head. "No, I don't think it did. You saw how he reacted just now. He couldn't 't get away from me fast enough."

Tarion frowned. "Tell me the whole conversation as best you can remember."

Sighing, Shandra repeated the conversation as precisely as she could.

Once Shandra was finished she looked expectantly at Tarion.

Just then the serving wench returned. Tarion waited until she'd served the food and left before he spoke. "It doesn't sound like it went so awful. It sounds more like you startled him and that's not really surprising."

Shandra took a bite of food and chewed slowly and thoughtfully. After swallowing, she nodded. "I suppose you're right. It's not like it's something he'd expect."

Tarion smiled at her. "Exactly, there's no rush. Give it and him time. If you two are truly soul bonded then it will work out eventually."

"You're right, it will." Feeling better, Shandra dug into her breakfast.


Kylia had to practically run to catch Drizzt, he was halfway up the street when she came out of the inn. Once she'd finally caught up she fell in step with him. "What's the hurry handsome? Surely nothing is that urgent."

Drizzt stopped short and glanced over at her. "I wanted to be alone for a while." He gave her a pointed look. It was clearly a dismissal.

As usual Kylia completely ignored the hint. "I don't think it's a good idea for you to be alone so let's go." Hooking her arm through Drizzt's, she started walking and drawing Drizzt along with her.

Drizzt muttered something in Drow, but didn't argue or pull away from her.

Kylia noticed several Elves staring at them with disgust and suspicion. She was glad Drizzt hadn't seemed to notice. As tense as he seemed to be, he might have decked someone. She gave them a haughtily look and kept drawing Drizzt along with her, talking about whatever came to mind. It seemed to her the walk might do her brother good.

After breakfast Tarion and Shandra went out to the stable to get the horses gently shooing away the stable hand that offered to help. Just as they led the horses out Drizzt and Kylia returned. They mounted up and headed out of the city.

Glancing at Drizzt, Shandra was relieved to see he looked a lot less tense than he had at breakfast. She rode up beside him "Are you alright now?" She was pleased when Drizzt actually smiled at her and nodded. She smiled back in relief.

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