this is my post fic, answer session. Thought I'd answer all the reviews I've gotten so far. now the normal question I get is.

"Are you going to do a sequel?"

I don't have one planned for this fic. I might write an epilogue a little later but for now, it is done.

Silverkitkat: The crossover was the movie series, Phantasm. It's a great movie check it out. Reggie is fine, he finally finished his mission, found his friend. and as icing on the cake saved the world. not a bad life huh.

Majin Gojira: Okay, I always get reviews like this. And I'll tell you what I tell them, there is no originality. This is writing about cahracters that are already invented, plot lines that have already been lead to. And as for ACTUAL literary works. I do read them, have read them, and do respect there authors, if I wrote this as an ACTUAL literary work, I would have went about this fic slower, and much more carefully. NOW, as for the chapter thing. I have a good reason for not using it, I don't want to. Good enough? Okay, now if you have some feedback that is helpful, and you begin to understand that different people write diferently. That not everyone follows the rules that were made years ago by teachers. Now, this was how I wrote this fic, many of them I've wrote differently, with no first person at all. I respect your opinion and thank you for the review. Please, keep reading my work I love your input and it does help me become a better writer. Thanks for everything.

As for the other four reviewers I thank you for showing the interest in this story that you have. And If by some chance you want me to tackle it or any of my stories again you have but to ask. Later guys, and gals.