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Chapter one

Lily Evans was running in the portrait hall, her long fiery red hair flowing behind her. She was late for her transfiguration class…again. God she hated Monday mornings. It was just the beginning of another week that was doomed to be as uninteresting as the last. For her, it was always the same routine, it never changed. The only interesting part was that of James Potter! Oh God help her, he was gorgeous with his messy black hair, mysterious blue eyes and tall muscular frame. The worst part is that he knew it… Too bad he didn't like her very much. In fact, Lily was sure he hated her.

Lily looked at her muggle watch. The one her parents gave her before they died, right before her 15th birthday. It was a crucial moment in her life that changed everything for her. She hasn't been the same since. Her family was her only treasure in this world and it had fallen apart.

Lily was now sixteen and was living with her aunt Helen because Petunia, her beloved sister, thought it all her fault that her parents got killed by some crazy wizard who claimed to take over the world. Thus to be blunt, she hated Lily and wanted nothing to do with her. Lily didn't care much because Petunia had just gotten engaged to a fat, ugly, idiotic loser who had the unfortunate name of Vernon Dursley which meant that she wouldn't be seeing much of her sister anyway.

"What a pathetic name" Lily thought to herself "Miss Petunia Vernon Dursley…eww."

During her expedition, Lily had managed to get lost in the moving staircases and finally arrived to her class 15 minutes late.

She breathed in while standing in front of the room. She hated being the center of attention. She opened the door that made a loud screeching noise and the whole class turned towards her. She felt herself becoming hot and she was sure no one would see the difference between herself and the color of her hair. She probably looked like lobster by now.

"Miss Evans" the professor said with her lips pursed. She never showed any form of emotion "You are 15 minutes late." She continued.

"I'm sorry professor, it won't happen again. I promise."

A boy at the back row of the class snickered, that was Sirius Black. He was quite tall, just a bit shorter than James. He had the darkest, most piercing eyes that Lily has ever seen. His hair was long and reached the base of his neck giving him very manly features. Oh yes, James and Sirius were very intimidating when together.

"Of course Evans, isn't that what you said last time?" Sirius stated sarcastically.

What he said was true, Lily couldn't deny it. This wasn't the first time that she was late because she had slept in. In fact, the times were so countless that she couldn't even count them on both her hands.

Lily then showed great interest in her black shoe laces. They were undone. She then bent down to tie them and other snickers were heard.

"Nice underwear Evans" She heard a Slytherin call out to her. She turned around only to find that someone had made her skirt lift with a spell. She blushed even more if possible. She turned around towards the Marauders and found James holding out his wand with a sly smile on his lips.

Why was he like this to her? As Lily felt tears swell up in her eyes, he blew a kiss to her. What in gods name did she do to deserve this from him? She never did anything against him.

Okay. Maybe she didn't have a lot of friends. But her friends were very loyal to her. Arabella was her best friend. Lily was sure that Arabella had a good reason not to have woke her up this morning and a good reason to be laughing at her right now along with all the other kids.

She looked at the professor that was trying not to laugh with her pursed lips, but Lily could see her cheeks twitch. This was all so embarrassing. Lily then created a veil with her hair, hiding the tears that were now falling freely down her cheeks. No one would ever see her cry! She had to save the bit of dignity left in her.

As the laughter subsided, the professor told her to take a seat.

"And fifteen points shall be deducted from Gryffindor for incompetence due to Miss Evans." She said as Lily sat somewhere in the back.

It was hard for Lily to stay awake during Transfiguration due to her lack of sleep last night. She never really liked Transfiguration. She didn't like school, period. She wasn't a great student and she wasn't a bad one either. She was just smack in the middle, an average student. She was very smart but she never studied. She never felt like it. She rather daydream or do in advance her astrology homework. Sometimes, when the astrology tower wasn't taken by the Marauders who were snogging and shagging girls, she would go out there and stand by the window and watch the constellations. That's what she did last night and now she can't keep her eyes open during class.

"Yes Mister Potter, that is the right answer…again. I award 10 points to Gryffindor!" The Professor said.

It didn't take a genius to realize that James was McGonagall's pet. He excelled in everything: quidditch, school and social standards. No wonder every one liked him. The boy was a genius.

"Now class, hand me in you Transfiguration homework please!" The professor said five minutes before the bell.

Oh snap! Lily forgot hers…

Everyone got up and handed her the homework except for her. McGonagall counted the copies and eventually realizing there was one missing she turned to Lily.

"Miss Evans, hand me your homework please."

"I, uh…I forgot to do it."

She sighed and said: "I'd like to see you at the end of class Miss Evans. I cannot tolerate this any further."

The bell finally rang. The next period was potions. Lily liked potions even though the teacher hated her. As she was picking up all her books to prepare for her next class, she was thinking about what excuse to give to McGonagall for her non-existing homework.

"Yes professor." She said as she reached her teachers desk.

"Lily, what has gotten into you my child? Do you know that you are failing Transfigurations?"

She lowered her head in embarrassment and nodded.

"My child, I think you need to shaken up. You know that you are a very smart girl. Your O.W.L's last year was outstanding! That proves you can do extremely well but your only problem is that you don't seem to want to study. Or maybe you don't understand. In consequence, I think you need a tutor."

Lily looked up at her, not liking at all this idea. "Who is to be the tutor professor?"

"Well, James Potter of course!"

Lily's eyes grew wide…NO! Not him!

"Professor, I don't think this will be necessary." She said smiling nervously.

"Well I think it is. And my decision is FINAL Evans!" she said sensing Lily's discomfort.

McGonagall watched as Lily left her classroom.

"What a silly girl!" She thought. Minerva knew Lily was a very smart girl even though her grades wouldn't back up that fact. She was just plain lazy and McGonagall wouldn't tolerate that from a student like Lily. James Potter was bound to help her. That boy was just so sweet.

If only she knew…


As Lily was walking through the dungeon after her potions class, all she wanted to do was to take refuge in her bed during lunch break. The potions professor ridiculed her in his class only because she added a rabbit tail to the brew instead of a rabbits nail. Big deal!

As she was walking, she heard people behind her. It was the Marauders.

"Sirius, you are so evil!" She heard Remus say.

Remus was the nicest of the four. He was tall and what he lacked in looks, he gained in spirit. Remus was tall and lanky. He had sandy blond hair and always looked tired. His eyes were a light brown and somewhat sad. The Marauders were always followed by a small chubby lad called Peter. Lily didn't know much about him but she thought he looked somewhat like a rat and he made her feel uncomfortable.

Lily felt the Marauders slide past her and suddenly she was knocked over and her books scattered all over the floor. She sighed as she dropped to her knees to pick them up and gasped as a foot was stomped on her hand. She let out a yelp in a mix of pain and shock but she was used to this treatment from the Marauders already. They had something against her…why? It was embarrassing for Lily to be in this position, on her knees with her hand being stomped on. What happened to all her dignity? She felt herself flush as she looked up in the eyes of James Potter.

He was smirking…as usual.

"Do you mind?" Lily said shyly but trying to look in charge. "You're hurting me."

Just then, James grabbed her by the arm and hauled her up. Lily knew this was a bad sign.

"What's wrong Evans? Why so flushed?" he said trailing a finger down her cheek to prove his point.

She tried to move away from him but he held her in his grip tightly. She shivered in awareness of him being so close to her. She could smell his after shave and it smelled so good. It smelled like the forbidden forest right after a rainstorm. It was musky yet empowering. It brainwashed her senses.

"Let go of me!" She whispered hoarsely.

James didn't seem to budge. He didn't want to.

"James, come on, let's go." Remus said softly.

Lily saw James look at her then at Remus and then in an instant, he let go of her.

"Your right Remus, she's not even worth it."

James and Sirius snickered as they left and she saw Remus mouth a "sorry" to her. Peter just carried along after them.

Her hand was still red and there were prints of the sole of his shoe on her skin. She rubbed it to try and make the pain go away but it didn't. Finally she abandoned her ministrations sighing. As she was making her way to the dinning hall, she saw Arabella in a deep conversation with Alexis: a girl in Lily's dorm room.

"Oh my God, Alexis!" Arabella cried. "You did not!"

"Yes I did!" giggled Alexis. "I was paired off with Sirius and he is just to die for! I knew he wasn't very interested in me so I just slipped off my shoe and started stoking him between the legs to get his attention. And I definitely did! You should have seen his eyes pop! It was hilarious!"

"Hey Lily" Arabella said slipping her arm beneath hers when they were passing next to her.

"Hey!" Lily answered meekly.

"Did you notice how hot Remus is?" Arabella giggled.

"He is so for you Bella!" Alexis said laughing.

Lily didn't really care.

"Why didn't you wake me up this morning?" She asked a bit demanding.

Lily saw Alexis and Arabella glance at each-other and Lily knew something wasn't right. They were stuttering and they were talking over each-other in an attempt to explain.

"Let me help…you forgot to?" Lily asked sarcastically.

"We're really sorry Lily…"Arabella said then launched herself into this big excuse that Lily didn't listen to. She didn't care…

After dinner, Lily attended her classes then went into her room to read her favorite astrology book. She read a couple pages the drifted into a deep sleep.

Oo Lily's dream oO

"Oh my god! Daddy, you would never guess. I just received a letter! Try and guess who it's from?" Lily said jumping up and down laughing.

Her dad chuckled. The last time he saw Lily this happy was when she first received her letter from Hogwarts when she was 11.

"I don't know Lily. What is it dear?" Lily's dad, Charlie asked enthusiastically.

"Try and guess!" Lily giggled.

"I suppose it's from Hogwarts…"

"Daddy, I'm a prefect!" Lily cut in happily

"That's wonderful sweetie!"

"I know!" She said and hugged him tightly.

"What's going on in here?" Lily's mother, Rose asked laughing also.

"Our Lily dear is a prefect!" Charlie answered.

"Good for you Lily!" Rose encouraged. "You've wanted to be a prefect since your first year at Hogwarts. That's great!"

Then suddenly, in a flash, the scenery changed. Everything became dark and the lights suddenly went out. There was a blinding flash of green light and a heavy thud on the floor. Lily sensed something was wrong, she sensed someone in the room with her.

Lily made a blinding grab for her parents only to come in contact with air.

"Mom, Dad?"

There was a sickening silence. Lily felt her heart thud in her chest as pure fear consumed her entire being.

"Mom? Dad?" Lily was yelling.

Then she saw a dark aura slide around her and she shivered. The room was suddenly very cold and she could now see her breath coming in pants. Eyes, horrible red hollow eyes were staring straight at her. Then, the lights turned back on and Lily screamed of all her might.

There, lying in front of her were the corpses of her parents eyes wide open but empty. They were dead.

Oo end of dream oO

"Nooo!" Lily was screaming. "No" she whispered brokenly and started crying. That was no dream she just had. That was the summer of her fourth year when her parents died. It was the summer that changed her life forever. So many things had happened since that year. She had gotten her badge confiscated because she was failing her year and never attended her meetings. She stopped studying. She stopped laughing and smiling. If her parents saw her now, they would be heartbroken. Good thing they're dead. She became everything she would have hated to become. Everything she had worked so hard for got sucked in the drain. What a waste!

Lily looked around and saw that the curtains of her bed were closed. She opened them only to find her roommates sleeping soundly in their beds. It was already 10 o'clock. Knowing she wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon, she left the Gryffindor tower and started walking towards the Astronomy tower.

She walked the halls alone as she does every other night but this time she wasn't alone.

"Well if it isn't Evans!" James Potter sneered at her.

Lily turned around and her breath caught in her throat as she was looking into the palest most mesmerizing blue eyes.

"What are you doing out this late?" He asked

She didn't answer immediately and just looked up at him. He was about 6'2 towering over her 5'3.

"Answer me Evans."

"I, uh…I was going to the Astronomy tower."

"What do you plan to do there?"

What was she supposed to answer? To gaze at the stars? That would sound so corny and she didn't want to look corny in front of the toughest person she has ever met. She looked down at her shoes.

"Evans!" he growled

"I don't know…" She answered stupidly and almost bit off her tongue for that dumb reply.

James laughed and she knew he was laughing at her. She looked down again but this time angrily. Why was he always making fun of her? It wasn't fair.

She then felt him tip her chin up with his finger and she was lost in his eyes once more. He smirked then.

"Come here Evans." He ordered.

She saw that mischievous glint in his eyes and knew what he wanted. No! She turned around to leave but he just grabbed her wrist. As she struggled against him she realized how strong he was and that she couldn't escape him. He grabbed both her arms and pinned her against the wall with him up against her.

She continued to struggle against his toned chest but now that they were pressed close together, it was as if she was rubbing against him. He groaned and she stilled.

"Continue to struggle, I don't care but you and I both know that I'm stronger." He said smirking.

She whimpered and a lump was in her throat. Why was he torturing her like this? Her heart was thudding in her chest in a mix of anticipation and fear. She knew what would happen next but, did she want it? That was the question. She was very confused at this point. She wanted him, but she didn't want it to happen this way.

As he lowered his head, she knew his intent and turned her face away from his by fear. He raised his eyebrows at her and dipped his head down once more and she still turned away from him. Her arms were still pinned down by his hands as she tried to wriggle them free. He then took both of her wrists and pinned them above her head with one large hand. She whimpered again but stopped struggling against him. It was no use. What will happen, will happen and she had no way of stopping it anyway, so why bother wasting her energy? With his free hand, he took hold of her chin so she couldn't escape him when he lowered his head this time.

The moment their lips touched, she knew this wasn't going to be soft. James ravaged her mouth savagely. He was suckling and biting her lips fiercely. She shivered unwillingly and abandoned herself in his kiss. She realized that his kiss was all so demanding. His hot tongue then traced her lips demanding an entrance that she gave him. She felt him smirk against her mouth as he sought after her tongue. Lily knew why girls were all craving for James Potter. He was such a good kisser! The power of his kiss made her toes curl in her school girl shoes. After a moment, the hand that was holding her chin in place let go and went under her skirt instead. She yelped and broke the kiss as he kneaded her ass.

"You know, you have a great ass." James whispered in her ear hotly while he was stroking her.

As good as that felt, she knew he was taking advantage of her and she told him to stop. But he didn't.

"Stop it!" she pleaded hoarsely.

"Why?" He asked against her neck making her shiver in awareness.


He let go of her and pushed her away from him. She stumbled and fell on the floor confused by his violence.

Then, just like that, Sirius appeared out of the darkness and patted James on the back.

"Nice job Prongs! I never thought you had it in you." He said grinning.

"Of course I did!" James answered him smirking slightly but with his eyes still locked on Lily. He almost felt bad for her. She looked so lost and disoriented sitting there looking up at him with confused eyes. Oh well…

"Here you go Prongs." Sirius said and handed James some money.

James took the money and put it in his pocket.

Lily felt like puking. She was some sort of game for the Marauders, a bet! Oh, the humiliation she felt at that moment was unbearable. She felt like sinking into the floor and disappearing. Not only was someone watching them the whole time, but James knew Sirius was there and he played her in front of him like some sick toy. She lowered her head in embarrassment and wrapped her arms around herself as if she was trying to protect her damaged soul.

Sirius left and told James he would meet him later since James was patrolling during the night and couldn't go to bed immediately.

After Sirius had left, James knelt in front of Lily and tipped her chin up. Once he saw the pain and detachment in her eyes, he felt a bit guilty.

"I'm not sorry for what just happened but…" James said giving her a peck on the lips "You have a great ass"

He then deposit the money Sirius just gave him on her lap and left whistling a popular song.

Lily stayed there for a while touching her swollen lips. She felt tears run down her cheeks. That was not how she had imagined her first kiss.