Back To You

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: PG-13 for language, violence, prison… stuff (not rape), torture, and romance. (JakxKeira)

Summery: My version of the time when Jak and Keira were separated. Jak is in prison and Keira tries to make a life for herself in a dangerous, new City. Will they find the strength to find one another again?

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy or Jak 2. Back, you rabid lawyers, back!

LES: This story will begin the night before that fateful day. Oh, I think I'm setting a record with this one! The first prison fic where Erol does NOT rape Jak! However, all you crazy people out there can rest in the fact that Jak WILL suffer! Actually started out as a small whim, so I made a story out of it.

Chapter I: Prologue

(Sandover, March 15, 1767. Author's POV.)

"Okay," Keira said as she added the last strange object, a giant red ruby, to the front panel of the small vehicle that Jak had found at the Silos. "I think that just about does it." Keira grabbed a small rag from the hood of the vehicle and began to wipe the grease off her hands. Not that it did any good as her hands were permanently stained and the rag in question was, if anything, worse.

Jak sat on a near-by bench, watching Keira… or, more acutely, the disgusting rag. Unable to say a single word, he glared at the rag, and twisted his face in an expression that said, 'That rag is disgusting! Why don't you wash it?'

Keira laughed at the look on Jak's face. "Then why don't you make yourself useful for once?" Keira said as she chucked the rag at Jak's head, which he deftly caught with a swift movement. "All you ever do since Gol and Maia is sit around!"

Jak began to shake with silent laughter. And it still seemed weird to Keira to watch someone laugh without making a sound. But, Jak WAS a mute, after all, and he couldn't help it. Once Jak stopped 'laughing' he glared at Keira and then the machine as if to say, 'I help! I helped with that!'

"Of coarse you did." Keira laughed. There was silence for a moment. Being around Jak all the time, you'd think that Keira was used to silence… if it weren't for Daxter. Daxter, Jak's best friend, constant companion, and local talking animal, didn't have the strength or bravery of his best friend, so he used his mouth to get by. "Where's Daxter?" Keira asked.

Jak merely shrugged as if to say, 'Oh, around.' More silence, except this new silence was much more tense. Jak gazed at Keira's back and she could feel his heated gaze on her. She tried to busy herself with unnecessary check-ups on the machine as she tried to keep from melting. Finally, Keira couldn't ignore him any longer, and she turned to face him. He gazed at Keira with an expression that Keira had only seen him wear once of twice… the most recent being that day at the Silos. Keira felt her knees go weak under his ocean-blue eyes and it didn't help that the temperature seemed to have risen a thousand degrees. Somehow, for her life, Keira didn't remember HOW she ended up in Jak's arms, she was just… there.

"Jak… I…" But the words were drown out as their faces…their lips inched closer together. Keira's eyes closed as the moment neared and she could feel Jak's breath on her lips. So, this is what this feels like? Keira thought to herself… before…

"What the HECK is going on in here?" A loud, obnoxious voice demanded. The temperature lowered and the moment was gone. Jak and Keira's heads turned at the same exact time and glared at the doorway. Daxter was leaning against the door frame.

"Nothing happened!" Keira practically yelled, blushing a deep red with embarrassment. Then Keira noticed that Jak still had his arms around her waist and she quickly pushed him off. "Jak! What do you think you're doing?" Keira fake yelled at him. Jak's face was beet red with embarrassment also.

"Yeah… right." Daxter sighed; and, most amazingly, he completely forgot about what he had almost witnessed. Keira fumed at Daxter. Why did he always have to interrupt Jak and I… Daxter interrupted her thoughts as he pointed to a small spherical object on the far left hand side of the console. "What does this do?" He asked.

"I don't know."Keira admitted, walking over to the object in question and examining it. Keira pointed at the Precursor writing on the object. "Those symbols say this object is called 'The Time Map.' It says 'Ye who activates the Time Map, beware. For thou journeys though Time and Space.' I wonder what that could mean."Keira thought about this for a second. Jak stood in a corner, still looking embarrassed, but like he was thinking about something too. Maybe he… nah. He was just thinking about the Time Map mystery… right?

"Knowing Precursor crap like I do, it probably means we're going to be eaten by a giant Wumpbee or something." Daxter complained. Keira gave a quick look over at Jak, who was shivering. Keira laughed, Jak hated Wumpbees.

Suddenly Samos, Keira's father, walked in. "Keira, how's the Machine coming?" He asked.

"It's done." Keira replied, and then she paused and added. "I think. However, it should run tomorrow."

"Good. Because the Ring is done outside." Samos said, and then he paused. "I need to talk to you two." He said looking at Keira and Daxter. "We've already decided that Jak and I should go… but you two aren't as obligated to go. You could stay in Sandover…" Then Samos added in an undertone. "Though I wouldn't…"

But Daxter interrupted. "And miss out on the grand adventure?" Daxter gasped like it was the most unthinkable thing in the world. "No way are you getting me out of this one, Grandpa Green! I'ma going!"

"I won't let you go anywhere without me!" Keira said to her father. "And," She added as an after thought. "I go with Jak." Keira flashed a smile at Jak who grinned sheepishly.

"Good thing." Samos said. "We mustn't upset the Circle of Time." Everyone in the room stared at Samos. He noticed this and quickly spoke again. "Uh… better get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day." Samos left the room.

"Night, buddy." Daxter said to Jak as he turned to walk out, and then he looked at Keira and added. "Night, baby." He turned and walked out, and she rolled her eyes. Now that Daxter was gone, Jak and Keira were alone once more.

Keira looked up at Jak, ever silent, and nodded her head formally. "Good night, Jak." She said. In response, Jak nodded his head in return. This, for some reason, got Keira all upset and she turned and half walked/half ran from the room, leaving Jak alone.

(A/N: If I see fit, I'll add journal entries for certain characters, mainly Keira. This is one such part.)

Keira walked up to her desk and pulled out a small diary and a pen. She opened it up to the first empty page and began to write:

'Dear Diary,

Why do I get myself into these situations? I've known for years that I had feelings for Jak. We almost kissed at the Silos and it almost happened again tonight. (Daxter again) Now… I feel stupid writing this down. But… I think I love Jak! Again I ask, why do I get myself into these situations? I know that people say that finding love is the greatest thing in the world, but… I can't help but feel angry that Jak will never be able to tell me, 'I love you, Keira.' My love is a mute! And, unless there is some miracle, he'll always be that way. If only I could hear him tell me that he loved me in his real voice… not facial expressions, sign language, or paper. Then, I would be able to love him the way he deserves to be loved… a love without doubt. Maybe one day I'll get over Jak's mutism and I'll love him, voice or no voice.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Machine is finished and we're testing it tomorrow. Can't wait.'

With that, Keira closed the diary and put it away. Keira looked out the small window. The moon and the Green Star were reflected off the surface of the deep black/purple ocean. The stars were out and Keira found some of the constellations that she and Jak had found as children.

After a while, she noticed just how dark it was. It must've been nearly midnight. She got up from her spot by the window, fell into bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

LES: Like the first chapter? This story is going to center mainly around Jak and Keira's relationship. So… if you don't like mushy stuff… (Even if it does come waaaayyy later) I suggest you turn this story off before you get hooked. And, once again, I remind you that Jak AND Keira will suffer and it starts pretty quickly.