Chapter LV: Epilogue

LES: Last chapter!

(Later, in the Palace)

Ashelin and Torn sat on the steps at the foot of the Throne. Ashelin was talking on a communicator to one of her captains. "You're transport is ready, milady." The captain said.

"Thank you, Captain." She said, turning off the comm. She glanced at Torn and sighed. "Come on. We'll be late for the party and Daxter's new place."

Torn sighed. "I've got so much work to do. Besides, parties are not really my thing."

"Ten hut!" Ashelin snapped and Torn immediately jumped to attention. "As the new governess of this City, I order the Commander of the New Krimzon Guard to escort me to an official function. Is that understood?"

"Yessir! I mean… yes, ma'am… I mean…"

"We can start rebuilding the City tomorrow. Tonight we get to celebrate with our new friends." Ashelin wrapped her arms around Torn. "Besides, tough guy, I'm dying to see you dance."

Torn laughed. "Not likely."

(The Hip Hog)

Daxter stood on the bar and proclaimed for the whole bar to hear: "Welcome to the Naughty Ottsel!" Jak shook his head, laughing quietly. He happened to have his arm planted firmly around Keira. Since their relationship was no longer hindered by Jak's 'death', they had announced how they felt about each other. (Very few people were surprised.) Daxter continued bragging. "The hippest, happenist, hoppenist joint in town!" The Ottsel then directed all eyes to the space just above the doorway. "Check out the new décor!" It was the stuffed head of the Metal-Head Leader.

"Ooh… what a big trophy!" Tess said, admiringly.

"As if size matters?" Daxter asked. "You know, I bagged that bad boy myself, baby."

"Hey!" Jak protested.

Onin was sitting nearby and she began signing. Pecker translated for her. "Onin says she doesn't know who has a bigger head, the Metal-Head Leader or you." Jak laughed out loud for what seemed the first time in ages.

Daxter sulked. "Shut up."

Samos stepped up. "We must not forget Vin and all the others who sacrificed their lives to defeat this evil and protect the child."

Jak opened his fist. He was holding the Seal of Mar. "I still can't believe that little boy was me." He pocketed the Seal and laughed sourly. "Better times, huh?"

Keira looked up at her boyfriend. "You miss him, huh? But you know what?" Keira tapped Jak lightly on the nose. "That boy will grow up into a handsome hero." Keira pulled Jak over so they could share a quick kiss, and then…

"Hey!" The couple stopped midway and looked around to see who would dare interrupt them again, even after they started officially 'going out'. It was Daxter, once again. He was yelling at Onin, who appeared to be drinking excessively. "That's enough for you, lady! I'm cutting you off!"

Suddenly, Onin zapped Daxter. "Trust me, she gets really mean when she's drunk." Pecker warned.

Onin made more signs in the air while taking another drink straight from the bottle. "What'd she say this time?" Daxter asked suspiciously.

"Something about rubber tubing and certain parts of your mother." Pecker said. "You don't wanna know."

"Hey!" Daxter said angrily.

Suddenly the door opened and a new people walked in, much to the surprise of several of the bar's occupants.

Jak's mouth hung open. "Sig!" For it was, indeed, Sig. He stepped away from Keira. She let him go, for she could tell that Jak and this man that she only met once long ago were friends. "You're okay!"

"You cherries didn't think some foul-breathed, giant-size lizard was gonna keep me from the biggest party in the City, did ya?" Sig laughed.

"I knew you were too tough for 'em, Big Guy!" Daxter said.

Sometime later, Samos, Jak, Daxter, Sig, and Pecker moved outside to watch the fireworks that were now exploding colorfully over the Port.

"You did it, my boy!" Samos said proudly. "You've saved the world again! Metal-Kor and his menace are history, and somewhere out there… an ancient race has begun again…"

"Well, I'm just glad to be back home." Jak said.

"Well, rest up!" Samos said. "We've still got a lot to do… and so much time to do it in!"

"You know what's really strange?" Jak asked Samos quietly so that only he would hear. "I'm really Mar's last living descendant, and that would make me royal. But… I don't want any of that. Is that strange?"

"Certainly not." Samos answered. "You grew up a long way from any throne and you have no memory of the time when you did. You may be royalty by blood, but not in your heart."

"I wonder what Mar would've said to me." Jak wondered.

"Can't say. But you may meet Mar someday. He may be closer than you think." Samos said.

"But… Mar is dead. He died five-hundred years ago." Jak said.

"But you are alive. Mar lives on in you, as his direct descendant."

"That's just figure of speech." Jak said. "Mar's not alive."

"You know…" Sig said, having heard Jak's last remark about Mar not being alive. "My momma used to tell me bed-time stories about Mar when she'd tuck me in. She'd give me a nice glass of warm Yakkow milk… my little Poopsie-bear." Jak blinked in surprise.

"Bed-time stories? Warm milk? Poopsie-bear?" Daxter demanded. "Buddy, ya just blew your image!"

"So… what now?" Jak asked.

"We wait… until your next holy mission." Samos said simply.

"You're the designated driver." Sig said, handing Jak the Ruby Key to the City.

"Oh… no!" Jak said. "I am DONE with adventures! Besides, you'll tell me before something happens next time, right Samos?" Samos looked away innocently. "Right Samos?" Jak demanded.

"ARK! You never know what the future may hold!" Pecker said mysteriously.

"Wait! You know something, don't you, feather-breath!" Daxter said, pointing an accusing finger at Pecker.

"What? Me? I don't know anything!" Pecker said, a little too quickly. "We're just… guessing, right, Samos? Today… tomorrow… only time will tell."

"No! You're gonna tell! Right now!" Daxter leapt off Jak's shoulder and shot at Pecker like a big furry missile. What followed was a short amount of fighting.

Sig pulled the two apart. "Jak, my boy…" Samos said. "The future awaits!"

Jak looked around and saw Keira standing in the doorway of the Naughty Ottsel. "Excuse me." Jak said before walking over to her. He took her hand and drug her off to someplace more private. "What are you doing out here?" He asked. "You should be at the party."

"It wasn't much of a party without the guest of honor." Keira laughed, then she turned serious. "Can you believe Daxter managed to interrupt us again?" She asked.

"No." Jak said. "We're dating. The least he could do is let us kiss." He paused and then grinned. "What do you say to take two?"

"Keira laughed. "How could I ever say no to you?" They shared a kiss. And it was that night, under the multi-colored fireworks, that the separated young couple was finally reunited, to remain together forever…


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