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Chapter-1(No name because I suck ;x)

Kyo opened his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the rays of morning sunshine that flowed through his open window. He rolled over and stretched, closing his eyes again. He felt content and safe under the warmness of his blanket.

'I wish I could just stay like this' He thought just as his stomach growled loudly, he quirked an eyebrow. He just wanted to lay peacefully in the warm sunlight of his bedroom..'Peace and quiet..Food..Peace and Quiet..Food..Damnit.' hunger got the best of him. He sighed then lazily pulled himself from his futon and padded across the room to his closet.

Once he was dressed in his favorite attire, (A tight black shirt and khakis) he stepped out of his room and slid the door shut behind him. Another mangled noise eminated from the neko's stomach as he wiped the sleep from his crimson eyes. He left the stairs and walked passed the table where both Yuki and Shigure were sitted awaiting their meal,Stifling a yawn, Kyo headed straight for the object of his desires: A Carton of milk, he pulled it from the fridge and took a big gulp straight from the carton and took his seat at the table with the others.

"At last! Kyo decides to grace us with his oh so longed for appearance!" Shigure swooned

"Unfortunatley.." Yuki rolled his eyes in agitation.

Kyo smelt something familiar. Alarmed, he jumped from the table tolding his nose "What the hell is that smell! LEEKS! Who on earth would make leeks of all things THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING!"

Tohru appeared in the doorway holding a large steaming bowl. "Oh! Kyo I'm so sorry!" She apologized," I'm such a clutz! I completely forgot that you hate leeks, I could make you something else if you want?"

"That's quite alright Miss Honda, if Kyo doesn't like the food you so kindly made for us then he can fend for himself." Yuki scowled at the cat

Kyo ignored the statement and resumed his seat at the table, only drinking his milk as the rest of them ate. His stomach took the liberty of growling loudly in the middle of the meal, which attracted everyones attention. There was a long silence.

"What!" Kyo growled

"Ne, Kyo..." Tohru looked guilty "Are you sure you don't want something else to eat..?"


"Don't waste your time Miss Honda, he's lucky to even be sitting at the same table as us." Yuki interrupted smiling kindly at Tohru

"You damn rat! Shutup before I wipe that pretty boy smile off your face!" Kyo screamed jumping from the table

"I'de like to see you try" Yuki replied coldly raising from the table as well.

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