Hey guys, here's a new story, but it doesn't mean I wont continue my other stories… except Making Fun of…it got taken off. Whatever. So here's the summary:

We've all read stories about a Curtis sister. Usually, she is either physically strong, and can take on any Soc, or physically weak, and the gang is always looking out for her. Here's something different. What if a Curtis sister was EMOTIONALLY weak and the target of ridicule in school. And not just by Socs, by Middle classers and Greasers too…

And just in case, her name is pronounced Shee-enah

"Shiena!" I heard my eldest brother yell. I groaned. I hate waking up! I rolled on my side and remained in my sleep, only to be disturbed what seemed like seconds later.

"Shiena! You're gonna be late!" I rolled around again. The later I was to school the better.

'He'll call my name once more, then five minutes later he'll come in…' I thought. That was how it always went in the mornings.

"Shiena! Get up this minute!" I closed my eyes and went back to sleep for the next five minutes, when undoubtedly,

"Shiena!" Darry barged into my room. I rolled on my side to show him that I knew he was there but I wasn't getting up. Darry sighed.

"C'mon, Shi! You gotta go to school!" I turned to face him with a scowl.

"I don't wanna go to school! I don't wanna!" I practically begged. School was my absolute least favorite place. I didn't mind the work as much…I got really good grades. It was the people in that wretched place that bothered me.

"I know, Shi, I Know." Darry was saying. "But you have to go…" I sighed. I knew this speech by heart.

"Whatever." I got up. Darry left and I got dressed. I went out where I saw my four only friends. Well my only friends besides my brothers, Darry, Soda and Ponyboy. My friends, or better known as Two-bit, Dally, Steve and Johnny, were only friends with me, I knew, because of Darry and Soda. Not that they were friends with me because they were scared of my brothers or anything, that was just the reason they accepted me. Being a Curtis pays off sometimes.

"C'mon, Shi." Two-bit said standing by the door with Dally, Johnny, Ponyboy and Steve. He was our ride. I got up, and after saying bye to Darry, who was about to go to work and Soda, who dropped out of school to work and was also about to leave, we left. I was lucky to go to the same school as the guys. Pony and I had both skipped a grade and we were both supposed to be in eighth grade. We weren't twins or anything, we were eleven months apart, I consider him a year older than me. I had just turned fourteen and he was about to turn fifteen. We arrived at the school. Johnny and Pony got out and I sat there waiting for the usual routine from the guys.

"If you need us, just holler." It was Steve's turn to say that part today. I wondered who would get the next line.

"Chances are, one of us'll be somewhere in ear shot and we'll hear you." Dally was the winner! Which mean Two-bit was left to say,

"Don't worry, it'll be fine." As usual, I nodded and said

"Thanks, guys." Then we all got out of the car. I stood there a moment staring at the school, taking a deep breath before going in! Two-bit was standing there to walk me in, one of the guys always did. It sucked because I needed them. I don't know why, I just can't handle people always making fun of me. I don't remember a day since I started school that I haven't cried. So the guys figured every time they could be around me it would be best. Because Lord knows, no one dare bother me when they were around. Two-bit put a protective arm around me, and me we walked in.

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