IMPORTANT A/N: Before we start the ficcy, we would like to tell you some schtuff. Firstly, this fic is written by two people: Lady Aerin of the Lady Smoothie writing team, and Shayna, found under the account name Ebil Mango. Two of the OC's, Shayna and Maddy, while not us, are based upon us and our characters. So. The title. You may have noticed that in many MWPP fics, you'll find menton of the black letters, sent by either a black phoenix or owl from Voldemort to children at hogwarts whose families have been killed. This story is loosely based around a pledge, a pledge made by the Marauders, Lily, and the Brown twins to, once they're older, stop the black letters once and for all. This story is also your typical LJ fic, with some Sirus/OC and Remus/OC on the side. So without further ado, Shayna and Aerin are proud to present…



Prologue: The Sending of the Letters

"The Prewetts have been taken care of as you have requested, my Lord," stammered the man in the white mask.

"Excellent. I trust that there have been no survivors?" This man's voice came out in a dry, raspy hiss, and would have sent ice-cold chills down the spine of any listener.

"All but the girl, my Lord,. As you know, she was out when it occurred."

"Perfect. Send the first of the letters now."

"B-but my Lord, perhaps… perhaps we should wait until the start of Hogwarts?-" the man was cut off as he fell to the ground, writhing in pain as his master cast the Cruciatus upon him.

"Actually… I was thinking the same thing. Send the letters as soon as Hogwarts begins. And don't contradict me again."

"Yes, of course Master."

A harsh cold laugh drifted through the surrounding darkness, and Riddle Manor was silent once more.

A/N: Yes, we know it's amazingly short, but it's a prologue- the actusal chapters will be much longer. Please review!

Aerin and Shayna