The Prodigal Shaman

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Chapter 1: In the Beginning.

Hana Asakura, son of Yoh and now Anna Asakura. It was a beautiful summer day in the Asakura residence.

Hana: Hey! Mom dad mom dad mom dad….

Anna: What is it Hana?

Yoh stops eating and listens.

Hana: Can I go outside and play?

Yoh: Sure you…


Anna stares menacingly at Yoh.

Anna: Have you done your chores and finished your training?

Hana:But mom those aren't chores or training! You can't expect your precious only son to go through that torture! I can't do 500 push ups or 50 sit ups!You don't expect me to do these things every single day of my life!I WANNA TAKE A BREAK AND REST!

Yoh's flashback:

Yoh: sneak sneak eheheh I'm sure Anna won't catch me this time. opens door

Anna: And where do you think you're going! Trying to sneak away from training ei? That's it. This means double for your training time. This time I won't let you only do 200 sit ups, you'll have to do 400 instead! And 100 miles . If you do this again I'm gonna cut back on your cheeseburgers!

Yoh shrugs.

End of flashback.

Yoh: Anna I think you're being too harsh. Cut the kid some slack. I me…

Anna gets a fan out of nowhere (00 oooooo… mysterious like.) and smacks Yoh's face with it.

Anna: Urusai! Now, Hana, look. We have to train you to become strong. What if somebody might suddenly attack you. You are the son of the Shaman King. I expect you not to be a weakling like your father once was. This is all for your own good. Right Yoh?

Yoh: (daydreaming about oranges.)……

Anna: YOH!(hits his head with a metal fan)

Yoh: Itai! Nani? Huh?

Anna: Right YOH!

Yoh: Oh yeah sure sure.

Anna: Now Hana go do your chores.

Hana: But I already washed the dishes, cleaned my room and Amidamaru's grave, cooked breakfast for uncle Hao….

Anna: I never told you to cook for your uncle? (Raises an eyebrow) Why that no good, vile, evil,…

Yoh: Okay dear we get the point. Anyway just continue your training okay Hana.

Hana: Demo…Demo…

Anna: No buts just go with your training schedule or do want me to double it?

Hana:(shrugs to the backyard) Yes mom.

A shadow in one of the trees watches the boy. A smile spreads across this stranger's face. Who could this be.

Find out in the next chapter.

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