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Chapter 15: 8 Years Later

Time passed by. Hana went around the world seeing various places with Hao to train. Time passed by. Hana grew older. He became smarter and stronger. Time passed by. Hana is now 14. Everyone is 8 years older.

8 years of training have gone by since Hana had seen his father. It's been 8 years and he's almost forgotten about how his father was even though he was with his father's twin.

Hao had seen Hana grow. He had taken care of him, trained him, and made him stronger. He always saw his brother in Hana. After all he was his son. Hana was now a teenager.

The five elemental warriors who control one of the five elements, the spirit of fire which has long been in Hao's possession, the spirit of thunder which has been obtained by Tao Ren, the spirit of wind which was now controlled by Chocolove, the spirit of rain which is being used by Horo Horo, and finally the spirit of earth which Hana Asakura will try to obtain on the forth night of the month of the earthly harvest. In plain English it meant 3 months from now.

The spirit of earth which should've belonged to Yoh but since he became shaman king nobody else had obtained it yet.

The sun rose up. There on the bed the 14 year old boy with messy blonde hair woke up. He got up and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and looked up at the wall clock. It read 5:34.

"Oh well time to get up." He said getting off his bed then changing his clothes.

He went to the kitchen and Hao was there.

"Good morning Hana." Hao greeted with a smile on his face.

"Ohayou uncle Hao!" Hana greeted back.

Hana had grown so much taller. He was thin but strong. He almost looked like a photocopy of Yoh when he was 14 only if he had messy blonde hair.

Hana went out the door.

Hana was going on his training route of 1000 laps around the whole country side. They were in America. They had gone all around the world. They had gone to the places with the most rugged unlivable terrain. They had gone into the deepest darkest caves. They had gone through the hottest climates. They've climbed the highest peaks and seen the deepest depths of the ocean. There has been no corner of the world they haven't gone. Hao showed him the most incredible things, things which humans have not seen. Hao had taught him almost everything.

Yoh's side of the story.

Yoh rose up early in the morning for his training. Anna had multiplied his training by ten fold now compared to before. He had also been put on a new diet. Yoh got up the bed but before that kissing Anna on the cheek. He got slapped. Anna was still asleep though.

"Baka." She mumbled

Yoh rubbed his right cheek and just smiled. Then he went out the door. He went downstairs and started to prepare for breakfast. He couldn't leave Anna hungry. She would get mad and grumpy. He always had to make something special for Anna during breakfast to make her happy. Sure Tamao was in charge of the customer's breakfasts so he need not worry about that unless if there were a lot of customers.

After an hour or so he finished. It was apple tart. Yoh put it on a tray with some apple juice. He took it upstairs to Anna. He went inside their room.

"Anna, Anna wake up I've got your breakfast for you." Yoh woke Anna

Surprisingly for the second time….


"A-anna what did I do now?" Yoh asked

"It's because you're suppose to be training right now." Anna plainly said getting up, "But thanks anyway. Now go train or do you want me to double your training load?"

"Yes Anna." Yoh smiled and he walked off

Back to Hao's side of the story

Hana had finished his training for the morning and had gone back to camp. Hao was in front of a fire as usual. He was cooking stew.

"Hana this stew is almost done. So anyway later on I'm taking you somewhere so this means you won't train later afternoon.

"YES!" Hana jumped

Opacho looked worried though. Hao knew how worried Opacho was so he comforted her.

"Don't worry. I believe that he'll make it just like Yoh did." Hao sent a telepathic message to Opacho and gave a reassuring smile

"Ok Hao-sama, whatever you say." Opacho smiled back

"C'mon it's time to go. We have to be there on time." Hao stood up and summoned the spirit of fire.

Hao hoped on the spirit of fire followed by Hana and Opacho. Then they took off and headed east. While on the journey Hao thought about what he was going to do.

"This may be too much for Hana. I can't reassure if he will come back after this. This seems too harsh. No! I must not hesitate! This is for his own good! I promised Yoh! I promised that I would make his son stronger. Hana wishes to be stronger as well." Hao thought and thought about it on the way.

They finally arrived at their destination. The spirit of fire landed at a snowy mountain top. Hao jumped down followed by Hana and Opacho. He lit a fire and they started to make camp.

Now on to Yoh's side of the story.

Yoh was tired of all the hard training for the day. He was so tired but he did not complain. He had to prepare dinner with Tamao. His cooking really has improved. He only needs to redo his cooking a few times nowadays. He was going to prepare fish stew. He finished. He brought it out to the dining table where Anna was already seated.

"What took you so long?" Anna asked

"Ehehhehe well you see I prepared something extra special." Yoh had lifted the cover from the dish.

"B-but this is… this is…." Anna said with her head down, "Why did you make this dish today! This was Hana's favorite dish!"

"Anna… It's because I have a feeling that… He'll come home soon." Yoh simply said with a smile on his face.

"Hmm…. This isn't good… Go redo it again." Anna said

"Ehhhh?" Yoh exclaimed

"It's not good enough now go redo it." Anna commanded

"Yes Anna." Yoh went back to the kitchen.

"Oh Hana… I hope you're doing fine." Anna thought

Back up the snowy mountain with Hao

Hana was sitting by the fire.

"Brrrr…. It's cold…" Hana complained, "Hey uncle Hao what are we doing on top of this cold mountain anyway?"

Hao had a serious look on his face and he was looking at Hana.

"Hey uncle Hao. What do we…." Hana was shocked

Something had hit Hana. It was Opacho. She had hit Hana with her oversoul.

"Wha-what's going on?" Hana was bleeding

Hao stood up and went over to his defenseless, bleeding nephew.

"I'm sorry Hana but this is for your own good. To obtain the spirit of earth you must train." Hao still looking serious

Hana had lost a lot of blood and was knocked out. Opacho bent over to check Hana's status.

"Hao sama he's still breathing." Opacho reported to Hao

"Don't worry he won't be for long." Hao said as he went to get the medical kit.

Hana heard footsteps moving away from him. Then there was only darkness and silence…