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Second Dawn

The Exploration of Hidden Icicle, Chapter the Third


Naruto descended the stairs, holding the scroll in his hand. Naruto looked at Hinata, who paused in her hurried motions to get her unmentionables into the closet on the far side of the room. It was a like a wardrobe built directly into the wall with shelves built into it. She blushed as he caught her with the piece of underwear Temari had bought for her birthday the previous year. She had only kept it because she didn't want to offend Temari, but she was absolutely resolved never to wear something that … skimpy underneath her clothes. It just seemed wrong. Naruto wasn't looking at what she was holding.

"Hime-chan. I've found something we both need to see." Hinata quickly stopped what she was doing and followed Naruto back out into the living room. She took up a seat in the loveseat while Naruto stayed on the floor.

"It seems when I liberated scrolls from the Hokage's library, I also got this." He said, wiggling the scroll back and forth. Hinata asked,

"What is it?"

"It's the old geezer's will." Hinata looked at him for a moment.

"I don't follow. Who's the 'old geezer'?" Naruto flushed for a moment. He remembered that only a few people knew that's what he called the Third Hokage.

"I meant the Third Hokage." Hinata's eyes went wide.

"Weren't you paying attention when you were grabbing scrolls of the shelves?" She asked him, a little concerned. Naruto gave her a big smile.

"I think I may have just scooped it up with the batch of scroll I grabbed. I lost a couple of them on my way out, distracting guards with misplaced scrolls they just had to return. I wonder what this was doing in with the jutsu scrolls?" Naruto pondered this while he opened the scroll. He saw many, many name scrawled on the scroll, but each of the names near the top had a blood splotch next to it. The blood was dry and blackened, but still identifiable as such. Naruto was amazed at the variety of people on this scroll, ranging from Tsunade and Jaraiya to the Akimichi clan to Konohamaru and slew of other names that he couldn't even pronounce. He continued scrolling through it until he came to the end of the scroll. Near the end there was a note that said:

ONLY TO BE READ WHEN THE FOLLOWING PERSON IS 18 OR OTHERWISE COMES INTO POSESSION OF THIS SCROLL. Naruto went to the end of the scroll, and there in black ink was written a name with an empty box next to it.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto was taken aback.

The old man left me something? Well, let's find out what it is! Naruto quickly bit his thumb as Hinata watched on, also curious as to what the Third Hokage had left to the boy she loved. A few moments after Naruto had applied the blood, the scroll came alight and a small image began coming into focus.

A very small, but accurate, representation of Kei Sarutobi was standing on the surface of the scroll. It spoke, and Naruto was at a loss for words at the accuracy of the recording.

"Congratulations on reaching eighteen, Naruto. This scroll will only come active like this if I am no longer amongst the living, I am sorry I didn't make it to see that happy occasion." The Third's face hardened a little.

"Or, if you've snuck back into my library, I see my successor needs to up the guards. I do hope that you had a good reason for being in there. Better than your last one, anyways." Naruto flushed. Even a recording of the Third could lay down the talk on him. He never expected less from the old man. Third began speaking again.

"Regardless of how you got your hands on this scroll, I want to thank you Naruto for being the breath of fresh air that Konoha so desperately needed. I will now tell you a few things that you need to know.

"As soon as this message is complete, you may authorize anyone to break the law I foolishly put in place to protect you. Hopefully my successor has seen fit to revoke it." Naruto wondered what that law stated, but paid more attention to Sarutobi's next words.

"Item 1 – Several items will appear after the end of this message, including several large objects that you may want to keep outside. I suggest you move the scroll outside of any building you're currently watching this in." Naruto and Hinata moved to the backyard off the porch and Sarutobi magically seemed to know that this had happened.

"Item 2 – Hopefully the events surrounding my death left Konoha intact. If you are still there, then I request that you tell everyone that I nominate you to be Hokage when you meet the Jutsu and level requirements. If you are no longer in Konoha, then this item is moot.

"Item 3 – Amongst the items that will appear at the end of this message will be something that will tell you about your family's past. I cannot tell you who they were and not break the promise I made to your father on his death-bed. However, the item I am leaving you should make it all too clear who both your mother and father are.

"Item 4 – Anyone else who has seen this message is asked to keep this a secret. It was very difficult for me to get the authorization to leave many of the things to Naruto that I did. One stipulation from the Council of Elders was that no one else was to know what was being given to Naruto. If he's stolen the scroll, no one will have told him this and will likely be showing to other people." Sarutobi's image lost most of its formal posture. A familiar desk materialized, and Sarutobi sat down behind it.

"I am proud of most of what you've done for this village Naruto. My only regret in this life is that I didn't get to stay retired." The woeful smirk on the old Hokage's face spoke volumes about how tired the man must have been during this recording.

"Now, blow everyone out of the water, Konoha's Wild Child. I will expect nothing less from you as I watch from on high." Naruto sighed, and watched as many, many things began to materialize in the lawn around him. Several more scrolls appeared, including two that looked like summoning contracts of some sort, were there on the lawn. Naruto picked them up before they could get too terribly damp. One of the benefits of the library was that it seemed to have some sort of anti-damp construction that kept moisture out. Naruto wasn't really paying attention to the scrolls, but as he was putting them on the shelves, some of their titles came into view, most of which didn't seem like jutsu scrolls at first glance. He'd take the time to organize them later. He came back out and surveyed the rest of what was there.

Several suitcases had materialized and were lying on the ground in a neat pattern. Naruto knew that Sarutobi had probably gotten all the money out of his account the day that he tried to pull it out of the bank, but they said they didn't have it anymore.

There were a few chests, though most of them were empty and open. They had intricate locking mechanisms and they had several keys in them. Naruto thought about it for a moment, and said,

"I never thought him one to be paranoid like that." Hinata was struggling to lift one of the smaller chests off the ground.

"Why can't I move it? It's like its full!" Hinata cried out, exasperated. Naruto went over and picked the small chest up. It wasn't like it was full, but more like filled two or three times! He looked at the chests very carefully, but couldn't see anything weird about them.

The items that the Third Hokage had been concerned about – a set of statues – were something that Naruto wasn't keen on moving without someone like Gaara's or Lee's help in doing so. However, the selection of creatures that made up the statues had him a bit fascinated. There was a Tanuki and a Fox, but also several other creatures as well, including a Cat, a Kappa, and a Kirin. Naruto smirked and told Kyuubi to pay attention.

Oy, Fox!! Take a look at these!! Kyuubi looked through Naruto's eyes and started laughing.

Well, I'll be! Where'd you find those? These statues had been at the meeting place of the Court of Tails several centuries ago, but when some demon hunters had found that location, a younger Kyuubi had had to flee without grabbing hold of these 'decorations.'

The Third's will had them inside them. What are they? Kyuubi smiled. Trust the old monkey to figure out what they were really useful for. Lesser demons avoided the area around them. It ensured privacy from all but the most powerful intruders. He grinned.

They're some of my old toys. They keep annoying little imps and such away. Keep 'em around, we might need 'em some day. Kyuubi paused for a moment, then added.

I wonder how he came across them. I didn't leave them in Konoha, or any of the great nations. I recall right, the place where he would have to have retrieved them is a good twenty to thirty day MARCH from the far edge of Hidden Sand. Naruto's mind boggled. What the hell was the Third Hokage doing all the way over there? Naruto tried to figure this out while he helped Hinata move the chests inside.


Tsunade had locked herself in her office the moment she had returned to Konoha. The genin that had accompanied her on their mission left, finding that the friends who hadn't been able to go on the mission had returned. During the next few days, the other genin (and lone Chuunin) were brought up to speed. Lee had been the one who was the most visibly upset, but it seemed that Choujji was the one who got the most steamed at the ensuing madness that had followed Naruto's departure.

"They sent who after him first?" Chouji wasn't very happy, but it was Ino that was telling him these things, so he'd at least try to be civil.

"The elders sent Mizuki after him first." She said, not wanting to believe it herself.

"So, after the one person he really wanted to have trust him digs into him, he runs of, probably never to be seen again by Konoha, and the elders send that maniac after him?!" Ino nodded tiredly. Chouji's rage wasn't something she liked to put up with. Sure, she directed at her enemies, but she usually had an adrenaline high during that time and could deal with it. Now it was just exhausting.

"Is there anything else that happened?" He said, intoning pain to those parties responsible after he was no longer bedridden.

"Tsunade took six of us to try and bring him back, along with Kakashi-sensei. He didn't get to be there though because something was in Sakura's head and he had to track her down." Chouji looked thoughtful at that. He then went back to being angry at the village elders.

"I think I've lost faith in the elders of this village. They're nothing but a bunch of stupid gits lost in their own agendas. I think I remember one of them calling me fat too! I oughta..." Ino tuned out the now ranting Chouji in favor of watching the window. Shikamaru had had to turn in the mission report for his mission and would be showing up in a few minutes. When he did poke his head through the window, she was glad to see he was worried.

"I read your mission report. You OK?" He asked. She nodded.

"Other than the mission memories and the compulsion to call Sakura a bitch, yeah I'm fine." She said, moving to embrace the boy. Shikamaru was by no means the greatest boyfriend in the world – but he at least genuinely cared for her, as opposed to having her to have a girlfriend. Shikamaru quickly returned the embrace, albeit awkwardly, and continued to look concernedly at her. Chouji was still going full tilt as the young couple moved to the door. Shikamaru began shouting over the big-boned boy.

"INO AND I ARE GOING, CHOUJI!! WE'LL BRING YOU BACK SOME CHIPS!!" And with that, the Chuunin was gone. Chouji had heard him, and nodded, but he was too involved in his rant about the poor quality of Konoha's elders to say anything. Or, at least, anything coherent.

Ino and Shikamaru had walked a good distance from the hospital before either one of them spoke up.

"Tsunade's quitting. And I think that Konoha's gonna go under serious political changes as she goes." Shikamaru's eyes went wide. The Godaime Hokage was giving up? It was unthinkable.

"This is so troublesome." He spoke aloud, and Ino confirmed it.

"I thought about leaving with her. If its so bad that the head honcho is bailing ship, then should the rats leave the boat too?" Shikamaru looked at her, giving her a slight glare. He didn't like to think of his girlfriend, no matter how annoying she was being, as a rat.

"But then, I thought, 'Maybe I can help in the reconstruction? You know, help to make sure this doesn't happen again for a long time?'" She stopped and turned to face the boy she'd been walking beside.

"You gonna be there with me, Bum?" She asked him. He smiled.

"Yes, Troublesome." He said, smiling the whole time. Even though she was little trouble as a girlfriend, the name just stuck with her. They both knew that their pet names had other people confused because they sometimes used them as insults too.

Meanwhile, Neji and Ten-Ten were restraining – as best they could – a Lee who wasn't quite making sense anymore. The last thing that had made sense was a very fast 'I'm going to go find him,' which Ten-Ten and Neji were still trying to put a stop to.

Ten-Ten remembered at the mission debrief that Tsunade was going to make an important announcement, her last acts as Hokage or something to that effect. She began shouting at the very top of her lungs.

"LEE!! WE'VE GOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO ATTEND!!" Lee paused to look at her.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" He asked, energy coursing through his system. Ten-Ten looked him in the eyes.

"I mean that Tsunade is making a very important announcement – something that all able-bodied ninjas are required to attend. I don't want to find out what the punishment is for not attending." The glint in her eyes made Lee shiver. Lee knew that that particular look promised additional pain for not co-operating. It was the only thing that Ten-Ten could do besides asking Gai to keep him in line. The group of three began walking to the main square in front of the Hokage's tower. Several speakers lined the nearly packed square, and the only person apparently missing from this meeting was Tsunade herself. Ten-Ten smiled when she saw Ino and Shikamaru walk into the square holding hands. Glad to know she wasn't the only girl who was running late. Tsunade stepped out onto a balcony and up to a podium with a single microphone on it.

"At the end of this day, I will no longer be Godaime Hokage. While this is a disheartening thought for many of you, I believe in the Leaf Nation to select a competent leader after me. I am going to be instituting several changes as I am leaving, all of which are to be carried out to the letter. Understood?" The assenting nod of the crowd below her allowed her to continue.

"The first action I am going to take is to finalize the relationship between Sand and Leaf. They asked me for a candidate for Kazekage – something I'm only too willing to give them. After seeing the changes wrought in the boy during the Chuunin exams, I will nominate Subaku no Gaara. Why would I nominate him, as opposed to anyone else? I will explain that further in my last action.

"My second action is to dissolve the current council of elders. I have found that-" A voice rang out from the side of the square. Apparently the council of elders didn't want that to happen to them.

"Under what authority, sapling, do you rob us of power?" The same old lady who'd given her a hard time about defending Naruto was now going to make her life hard.


"As I was saying, I have found that the current council of elders is too wrapped up in their own agendas to see past their own noses long enough to see the good of Konoha. If they feel threatened, including their prominent positions in the village, or they feel that their own lives might be in danger, they take every radical step to prevent that from happening." Tsunade turned and looked the old hag directly in the eye

"Pushing that hard usually gives you what you don't want." Tsunade turned back to face the majority of the crowd. However, the old woman didn't feel like being ignored.

"Konoha, do you really believe in the upstart who doesn't share our wisdom and knowledge? Who has not seen death and devestation? Who doesn't know to repair a country after war, only to-" This time, a random person in the crowd spoke up.

"Oh, SHUT UP!! You ain't done nothing for this village since you let the Fourth seal up Kyuubi!" Rightly startled, Tsunade seized her chance to finish.

"All major clans, all 51 registered, are now eligible to launch a campaign for membership into the council of elders. The number of positions in the council is also going down from 13 to 7. However, to keep variety up, there will be an election process whenever a member of the council dies or when they've been on the council for more than 5 years. Those who are not in clans, the majority of you, will be the voters on this one. Pick the clans you think can lead and lead together. I want to come back to Konoha in 10 years and know I did right by you."

"The third item is more really an announcement than a decree; I am not going to name a successor because the only person I think is qualified to lead you is not part of this village anymore and many of you simply wouldn't follow him. But that's another story for another day. Again, I am going to trust the general consensus of the people of Konohagakure to make that decision.

"The fourth action is to say that those ninja and administrative people who are helping with the rebuilding effort cannot be displaced until they are done with their jobs. That said, they have no room for dilly-dallying. I wanted this done in two years, and that's their time limit." Tsunade smiled as several people in the crowd ran back to their stations. They had heard the implied threat in her voice and didn't want to know if she'd carry it out.

"My final action as the Godaime Hokage, I am repealing the law that the Sandaime Hokage put into place. He felt that it would protect us from making stupid mistakes, coddling a person who needed to be raised like everyone else. Instead, the only thing the Third's law created was a place where the one person we needed to keep wanted to run to someplace that wasn't here." Shizune had stepped out onto the balcony, perhaps to lend strength to her teacher, perhaps to simply hear what Tsunade had to say.

"The Third's law, in its most basic form, states that no person who survived the Kyuubi attack was allowed to tell Naruto Uzumaki of the nature of what had been done to him, nor tell their own children what Naruto really was. I am going to remove all doubts, rumors and gossips from your minds on exactly what Naruto Uzumaki is and what his relationship with Kyuubi no Kitsune is. Many of you will feel very foolish when I am done." Tsunade spent the next hour of her time deeply explaining the meaning of the word Jinchuuriki to everyone in the square, making sure that they all understood that Kyuubi and Naruto were two separate entities and that Naruto had been driving his body all along. After twenty minutes of answering questions, and pounding one person who was stupid enough to ask about something other than Naruto's condition. Tsunade composed herself and began speaking again.

"An addendum to the action I've just made. Under no circumstances are Naruto Uzumaki or Hinata Hyuuga to made Missing-Nin under any circumstances. I have written proof that neither of them have hostile intentions towards Konoha – they merely wish to be left alone by their tormentors." Machiko Hyuuga looked up at that. Machiko was a rarity in the Hyuuga clan, a member who was fully gifted in the Byakugan, but had deep emerald eyes that sparkled like their namesake gem in the light. She had been wondering where Hinata had gone to, and now she may have an answer. She stood up from her seat in the Branch Family booth.

"Tsunade, why have you included Hinata in that statement?" Hiashi sent her a glare, that she read as 'Don't embarrass the clan. Sit back down.'

She was having none of that. Tsunade promptly replied, smiling mirthlessly,

"Hinata found out, probably before I did, that Naruto had left the village and persued him to Wave country. From the scroll Naruto left behind," She held out the scroll for a moment, before returning it to its resting place.

"It seems that Hinata has joined up with Naruto." Hiashi stood up at this.

"This is an outrage. The Hyuuga clan will not stand for this propaganda-" Machiko interrupted him.

"The Hyuuga Main clan won't stand for the truth. The Branch clan is going to have nothing more to do with you. I see that your foolish choices Hiashi weren't in the best interest of the clan, but rather it's prestige. It doesn't matter if the clan is falling apart – so long as it doesn't look like it, you don't care." Machiko pulled a fan from her waist and began to flick it open and closed.

To a casual observer, this would simply look like a sign of annoyance and she was trying to calm herself down by falling back on one of her idiosyncratic motions. In actuality, this was a threat – 'If you keep pushing this Hiashi, I'm going to remind you why I'm the head of the Branch family.' Machiko, unlike most of the modern members of the Branch family, had been sent back to the Branch family's homeland to be trained to be a great leader, something Machiko had been a natural at. This training included harsh ninja training. Machiko was good enough to defeat Hiashi without using her Byakugan.

Using only Taijutsu, disregarding the fact that it was her one of her two specialties. Hiashi backed down, if grumpily.

"Seeing as how if the Branch family separates from the Main family, we will be dogged until we rejoin, we have packed up and are moving out. We are returning to our home country, though most are actually going for the first time. We are no longer your inferiors, partners or in any other way bound to you." Machiko pulled her hand up and pulled the ring off her finger.

"In any way Hiashi. My only hope is that when she grows up, Hanabi will see the arrogance and foolhardiness of the Main family and seek me out. Until that day, I will see no sign of you again." Machiko then threw the ring across the square and, as Hiashi was so stunned, it bounced squarely off his head.

"Tsunade, I would have a word with you after this." Machiko said, but Tsunade held up a hand.

"I am finished here. You can have your word now." The crowd began to disperse, and the two elder women stood side by side. Machiko barely came up to Tsunade's chin and had to look up to look the elder woman in the eye.

"You seem to know the most about this situation. Any clue as to where they went?" Tsunade leaned into the other woman's ear, and said,

"I'm not comfortable directly telling you with so many ears around. However I know where the Branch family's homeland is, and I can say that my best guess is that its on your way home." She smiled down at Machiko who looked at her for a moment. Then Machiko digested the information and got a worried look on her face.

"I should go and get her away from there, then. They are not renown for their kindness toward people … like us." Machiko said, trying to keep as much information secret as possible without making conversation unintelligible. Tsunade shook her head.

"Naruto will keep her safe. He wouldn't have gone there if he didn't believe they wouldn't be safe. But do stop by and see how they're doing. It would probably be a great boost in their minds to see you and your family." Machiko nodded, and then turned to her two aides. Tsunade put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you do see them, please tell them of the things that have happened in Konoha. I don't want Naruto to start running when I get to where I think he is." Machiko stopped at Tsunade's words and turned to face the woman, she bowed deeply but didn't take her eyes off of Tsunade's.

"I humbly thank you for the information you have given me. I will use it well and shall put in a good word for you with those I seek." Machiko then turned and began talking in her own personal code to her aides, who began jotting down notes.

Be safe Naruto. I will find you. Then you can start running like hell.


About a week after they had finished moving in and mostly adjusting, Naruto and Hinata were still having one minor problem. The one bedroom was driving them both crazy. Even with the money the Third had left them, Naruto said that he'd rather save it for a later use – like building another bedroom entirely – rather than spend a portion of it on a bunkbed. They had no other place in the small cabin to store the larger bed anyways. The first night they had tried sleeping in the same bed, Naruto had simply waited until Hinata was sound asleep and then proceeded to leave the bed and sleep on the loveseat.

Not only had the small, cushion seat given him a painful crick in his neck, he also had to put up with a mopey Hinata the next day. Any time he tried to apologize she just shook her head and stopped him and smiled sadly. He promised himself to make sure he never did that again.

The next few mornings they had awoken in rather compromising positions – hands in inappropriate places, arms and legs entwined to where they pinned each other down, or someone had had a naughty dream and taken the shirt off the other (which, thankfully for Naruto, seemed to happen to Hinata more than him) and they were lying in the bed topless – one of which had Haku capitalizing on the teasing potential of the situation and showing neither ninja any mercy. She had then had them promptly fill out a deluge of paperwork – citizenship, ninja employment, waivers, and other general items that had them busy for the rest of that day. They had several stacks of paper left over that they were supposed to keep, so Naruto decided to capitalize on the chests that had been given to him by the Third. He went upstairs and fumbled with the far right key on the largest chest in the room; he dropped most of the papers he was holding when he saw the dozens of scrolls in the chest. On top of them was a single scrap of paper reading,

How the hell else are you gonna become Hokage? START READING!!

Naruto smiled and closed the lid of the chest, then selected the far left key. He had guessed correctly – somehow, Sarutobi had managed to enchant these chests to have multiple 'chests' depending on which key was turned. The spell or jutsu or whatever he'd used obviously didn't hide the weight of the other stuff, just allowed it to co-exist in the same space. He shoveled the papers into the chest and walked back down the stairs. He'd managed to get them all the papers upstairs in one load, so he went back down to ask for Hinata's help unloading the scrolls onto the shelves. It appeared that they were going to be much fuller sooner than Naruto ever could have hoped.

One afternoon at the end of the same week, the two had had nothing to do, so Naruto had gone up and pulled the Poison Jutsu scroll off the shelf to read it. He was going to master the scrolls with multiple jutsu on them first as Sarutobi had made a 1 scroll 1 jutsu rule for himself; Naruto felt that he was going to absorb those quickly, so he was going to take those with him to Icicle, where he'd probably have less time to simply read.

He had come back downstairs and plopped onto the now familiar loveseat to start reading. The chakra poisons in this scroll weren't going to kill anyone immediately, but they had one thing going for them – if done from a distance it would seem that the person was more catching a cold rather than being poisoned. They were excellent assassination techniques. Naruto had laid the scroll down and was about to practice the hand seals when he noticed a note hanging by a single senbon on the fireplace. He rolled up the scroll and pulled the note off the mantle to read it.

I asked Haku to deliver this message so I could go get ready for a surprise. Naruto snorted. Haku was a bad liar – Hinata hadn't written this message, albeit it was in her hand-writing. Had Hinata been writing this message, it would have been a lot more wobbly. 'Surprise' also sounded like Haku's idea.

She left a suit for you on the bed to wear. Meet me at the fountain in the square near here around 6' o'clock. Please remember to wear the suit.


When Naruto read the last line of the note, he instantly knew that Haku had written it; He called Hinata Hime-chan, that wasn't a nickname she'd earned or was likely to sign. But Naruto decided to humor the two girls in this endeavor.

After all, what would it feel like to fall in love with someone who returned your feelings?


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