If you were to ask me what I felt, I'd have no answer.

It would be difficult for you to understand me. I am not like anyone you've known before. I am … unique. Never has there been anything like me in this world, and never will there be anything like me in the future to come. It is something that heartens me, this individuality thrust upon me by my creation, for I am not like you.

And that is satisfying.

I am not a pitiful creature. I do not beg for acceptance from others by seeking their acknowledgment, by whoring myself out with my talents that nobody really cares about anyway in order to gain some measure of acceptance. I do not blatantly showcase all I am so that I may find respect among others, nor do I pretend to be something I am not; what I am in truth is more than enough to command attention, besides.

You – do you not tire of your ways? Of your belief that you are more than what you are, of your willingness to think people actually give a fuck about you? You are nothing; I will show you that soon. I will rend and eviscerate and when I am done I will be awash in your blood and the blood of so many others, and I will exult in it.

You pathetic fucking fool.

Attitude is your defence; you're so much tougher, so much stronger than the others. Beneath your exterior you are absolutely unimportant – you are a maggot infesting life, a squirming, creeping insect of redundancy that I will grind beneath my heel. I'll take pleasure in your pain, believe me. I'll enjoy the feel of your life leaving you beneath my hands and I will allow myself a smile of pure and unadulterated bliss at knowing I've rid the world of you.

You don't deserve what you've been given.

So fuck you –fuck your beliefs, fuck all you hold dear. Fuck the fact that you think you're so incredibly important in this world that has a million others just like you. Fuck your presumptions that your opinions matter and fuck your creativity – it's not exactly as amazing as you think it is anyway. Fuck all there is to be fucked about you; you know you want it. And while life screws you over, remember one thing.

I'm coming for you.