A Second Chance

By: Ryu

Rated: R

Disclaimer: I don't own sailor moon so don't sue, I'm broke.

AN: I have no idea why I don't just let this fanfic die, however that is not my style but I am no longer able to further this story as is so I am attempting a full re-haul. In essence it will be the same plot but I suspect it will flow differently.

Chapter 1

Violet eyes narrowed in concern as they fell upon the forlorn woman seated at the nearby fountain. With a sigh the brunette walked over to the lonely figure, not daring to touch her but drifting close enough so that her presence could be felt. "Hello, Seiya." For a moment the brunette wasn't sure that the seated woman heard her, until a mumbled greeting reached her ears. "Maker. And please haven't I asked you not to call me that?" The dark haired woman questioned dryly, though her pain filled, soulful eyes penetrated the heart of her companion like daggers.

"Just as I've asked you not to call me Maker, besides Seiya is your name."

"It's his name." The dark haired woman spat out vehemently, even though her voice had not raised in pitch. Maker sighed, again her fathomless mauve eyes wavering in silent pain at the memories Seiya's words stirred up. It was times like this that she wished that she had taken the chance that her 'sister' and leader did. Not that her duty meant any less to her but she learned in the four years that they'd been on the revitalized Kinmoku that duty was a poor substitute for love. While she'd kept silent, falling back to an overcompensated form of her naturally reserved demeanor, burying her longings and regrets deep in her heart, she found herself thinking more and more about the woman who'd unwittingly stole her heart.

Even after seeing the consuming pain that rejection had caused in her sister, Maker still wished that her love had at least known that she'd cared. Maybe then she could at least feel that her love was justified. Instead she'd retreated to the sanctuary of her books, of her duty and ignored the flames ignited by one woman, whose lonely azure gaze filled with such passion as she defended love's virtue, though she'd never felt its embrace.

There was no point in brooding, Maker had made her choice. Old habits however, are the most difficult to rid oneself of. With a sigh the brunette placed a gentle hand upon her companion's shoulder. "Seiya…" The brunette began only to fall silent as the dark haired woman pulled herself away forcibly, glaring daggers at her would be comforter.

"Damn you Maker! I don't want to talk, I don't want to forget, and I don't want your pity! So why don't you just go bother someone else for a change? You don't hear me pestering you about Mizuno-san do you?"

"First of all this has nothing to do with Am-Mizuno-san! You arrogant selfish little… bitch! You think this is all about you don't you? First the universe is out to get you by causing you to love a woman you can not have and now you think I pity you!" the brunette yelled, steadily bristling every passing moment. With a deep breath she visibly calmed herself down. Locking cold, analytical amethyst with sapphire infernos, Maker made a soft noise of disgust in the back of her throat.

"You aren't even worthy of pity, Fighter. You wallow in self loathing hoping that the world around you will be empathetic to your plight. What happened to my sister in arms, what happened to my leader? When did you decide to stop living up to your name?"

Shaking her head sadly the brunette turned and walked away as silently as she'd come.

'Stars, she's right. What's happened to me? Rather than let my love for Odango strengthen me I've let it fester like a wound, eating away at my soul. That's not love…. Hell I don't know what it is but it's not what she would have wanted for me.'

"And it's not what I want for me either." The blue eyed woman stood up, an old spark flaring back to life within those azure depths.

"Taiki! Taiki I-"

The brunette was gone, but she'd made her point quite clearly. Now it was up to Seiya to decide what she'd do with it.

She was beginning to hate flowers, especially ones of that color. It was the height of the spring season of Kinmoku so the abundance of flowers was to be expected, but why did they have to be that color? Slender fingers reached out and grasped one and brought it to a delicate nose to partake of its scent. A wistful smile sprang unbidden to her lips. 'They even smell like…' Pained emerald eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she strangled the life from that thought.

"No!… I made my choice, and I…. can't … I won't go back on that. Because if I do…. I'll drown in it… who wouldn't, considering your power." She let the flower fall from her fingers as she blinked away the tears as walked out of the room, the flower being crushed in her departure. She never looked back as the flower's golden crumpled petals sparkled forlornly in the now empty room.


Darkness surrounded him like a cloak. It's murky depths gripped him with hands as cold as death. Even as he could not see he knew that destiny was being torn apart all around him. It did not matter. He was here to save her, not destiny. He would create a new one for the both of them. He pressed on knowing that she was close, he could feel her light calling him.

"Princess! Can you hear me?" He called out. "My Love... is that you?" The light answered back. The light lived! She waited for him! He could already feel his destiny being recreated. "Hang on! I'm coming!" He ran towards the voice, every step cementing his new future. Their future. A young man with midnight blue eyes and a long black ponytail streaming down his back, emerged from the thick fog.

"Oh, Seiya I was so worried!" The light confessed as she ran to his arms. "Shh..Usagi I'm here. He breathed in her fragrant hair, reveling in the sense of perfection their bond created. Their union was ordained by their souls. It could not be denied… not again. In the distance, destiny howled his displeasure at this union. "You know I'll always be here for you Odango! What… losing faith in me already?" He smirked, yet his eyes shone with emotion at her concern. Rolling her eyes, the light started to say something in response. The starlight however had different plans. "Well, for your informa-" The Light gasped slightly when the starlight kissed her. He was content in this… nothing would separate them again, he swore it.

Unfortunately, the two lovers didn't notice they were being watched. Destiny would never see the Light taken from him. He would destroy existence first, or the Light. An object flew from the intruder's hand, headed straight for her. The starlight looked down when he felt her go limp in his arms.

"Odango?" Stepping back a little to see what was wrong, Seiya gasped in horror when he saw the blood... However one thing caught his eye- a rose, a red rose was embedded in her chest. "Aww.. Seiya-kun daijobu?" Seiya turned towards the voice. A man wearing a tuxedo stepped out of the shadows. "H-how dare you ask me that! How could you kill the woman you loved!" The young starlight screamed. Cobalt eyes simmered to a chilling onyx behind a mask as the prince of earth glowered at his rival "How could I! Do you think you can steal her away from me!" Tuxedo Kamen yelled back just as angry. Seiya could see Tuxedo Kamen's cobalt eyes narrow as he continued. "Listen to me Seiya, and listen good. I have come with a warning: Stay away from Usako. She is mine, we were soul mates long before you were even born. We are destined to rule Crystal Tokyo together and she is the mother of my child."

"No…" Seiya's gasp was small, but Tuxedo Kamen heard it. "Oh yes it's true." He chuckled, and with a wave of his hand images of Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion together, and Chibi-Usa appeared before the starlight, taunting him. Seiya rallied his courage, his love for the princess who lived on outside of this hell strengthening him. "You are losing your hold Endyminion! Look around you! Your destiny is dying! She calls for me, not you. Unless you repeat this little trick, you can't stop me--it's her choice." Tuxedo Kamen eyes burned with cobalt fire as he considered the starlight's challenge. "True, but if you do come near her I'll make your life a living hell." Kamen spat out.

"You don't have that kind of power." Seiya hissed with vehemence.

"You may be her... friend, but don't think I won't hesitate to kill you. I will not be defeated by you! I AM DESTINY!" Tuxedo Kamen roared. Then a small smile graced his face. "Besides, do you think she can love what you really are! You are a male here Fighter! She will not accept your true form, and you can't play act forever!" Destiny's avatar taunted. The truth of his words hammered at the starlight unrelentingly. Seiya fell to his knees in pain as the world shattered around him.

"No! NO!"

"Oof!" She landed on the floor entangled in covers. Her entire body trembled in remembered pain. Blue eyes rapidly blinked back tears and she knew what she had to do. She at least had to try. "Stars above. O-only a dream- more like a nightmare. Odango, I'm coming." Despite her sweating she was cold, so she pulled the covers tighter around her. Closing her eyes against visions of her nightmare Seiya felt some semblance of her control returning. Slightly startled she looked up when she heard her two sisters break down the door.

"Seiya! Are you ok? Taiki's concerned cry filled the small room. They were in senshi form. "We-we heard you scream!" Healer replied. The leader of the starlights raised and eyebrow. 'I hadn't realized that I had been so loud.' Then again Yaten and Taiki had treated her with kid gloves since they'd returned to Kinmoku. Most likely they had been hovering outside of her room making sure she slept the entire night through. Taiki especially.

"No I'm fine...just a bad dream." Seiya reassured them. "You want to talk about it?" Taiki asked while she powered down. Taiki knew that Seiya had not been sleeping well since they'd returned from Earth as she shared in her sister's symptoms. 'Now I suppose things have come to a head.' The tall starlight mused darkly. "Not really, but I think the dream means something." "Really? What?" The tallest starlight's curiosity got the best of her, even though she was sure she didn't want to know the answer. "We must go back." Seiya stated. "Back where?" Yaten questioned clearly confused.

Taiki glanced over at her shorter sibling. Yaten, being an empath, normally had the hardest time of the three of them concealing her emotions. Being on Earth, being constantly surrounded by a species that radiated carnality in terms of their emotions, brought out the worst in the shortest starlight. Yaten normally possessed a cheerful outgoing disposition tempered by a slight hint of melancholia, but the undisciplined and varied emotions of humanity had constantly set her on edge. Taiki now envied the silver haired woman. If she had any of the problems that plagued both Taiki and Seiya, she hid it well. Seiya had not answered her sister's question, instead letting her eyes meet her sister's green orbs. Taiki gasped softly once she realized what Seiya was implying and Yaten jerked as if she had been struck. "You mean Earth!" Yaten asked incredulously. "Yes, Earth. First thing tomorrow morning." Seiya said, determination set on her face.

Taiki turned and walked out of the room dreading the implications of such a return. She knew that she would follow her sisters anywhere but even the very thought of the distant sapphire of the Sol galaxy conjured up emotions that the starlight really didn't what to deal with. While Yaten began making token complaints about not wanting to return to "that barbaric lump of rock" as she went to her room, Seiya muddled over her dream. The dream that had just made the decision that she'd spent four years trying to find the courage to make. 'I don't understand… why now? My nightmares had never been this vivid before… and I was in male form in my dream, why?' Seiya asked herself over and over as trepidation bogged her down with its weight. 'Besides, do you think she can love what you really are!' The dark haired woman cringed as the pain of those words stabbed at her soul. "Odango, I vow I'll protect you with all my heart and soul no matter what, this I swear." Her tears were the only witness to this promise.