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What happens when you eat a lot of sugar

One random sunny day, HoroHoro was colouring his pony book. Hao appeared out of nowhere and started singing the Barney song. "I love you, you love me we're a happy family!" HoroHoro stared at Hao. He then kept colouring in his pony book.

Hao snatched HoroHoro's pony book. "I will conquer the world with colouring pencils and UNICORNS!Mwhahahahahahaha!"

HoroHoro was about to kill Hao for stealing his pony book, when Yoh appeared.Holding a bunch of flowers. "Lalalalala, I was skipping through a field of butter!" "No you weren't because I will put buttersnacks as the queen of England!" Hao said getting angry. "Butterflys are pretty!" HoroHoro said with twinkles in his eyes.

We will now go to Anna, Opacho, and Pilica

"You put too much sugar in Hao's coffee too" Pilica said to Opacho. "Yes, Master Hao requested for some coffee."Opacho said sadly. "Our first fault was that we gave them coffee!" Anna said calmly. "Yes and now HoroHoro ran away yelling "Ponies, I will free you from torture!" Pilica said trying her best to copy HoroHoro's voice. "Really, Yoh ran away yelling, butter fields here I come!" Anna said rarely trying to copy Yoh's voice. "Hao ran away singing the barney song…" Chocolove said. " We have to find them before they try to take over the world!" Anna said seriously. "Okay!" Opacho and Pilica both said together.

"Hee hee hee, I pee my pants!" Yoh said. "No you didn't you never sang the Barney song!" Hao said matter-o-factly. "Let's go to the garbage dump." HoroHoro said happily. They walked away, not thinking why they were going to the garbage dump and what they will do there.

"I'll train Yoh so hard when I get him!" Anna said angrily. "HoroHoro will run ten laps around the world!" Pilica said. " I will never give Master Hao coffee again."Opacho said trying to sound angry. Anna and Pilica stopped in there tracks and looked at Opacho. "That's not a evil…" Anna said looking at Chocolove. "Oh well, let's go find them!"

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