Hello again I'm so sorry I didn't update for a really long time! I'm really lazy! Anyway time to answer the reviews while killing a donkey!(I'm joking so all the donkey fans out there don't hunt me down and kill me!)

OtakuNekoGirl: Thanks for the info I was wondering what he/she was oh well I already wrote him/her as a boy…

Tigersmt.334 X Assassin's core: wow…long name and I'm really not sure why he thinks Hao's his mom… (Random people: Aren't you the one who wrote the story) I could have or it could have been…MY EVIL TWIN! (Random people: idiot….)

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Anyway on with the story!

I can't think of a title….

Yoh spotted some coffee near a counter he ran up to it and gulped down the whole thing. HoroHoro looked at Yoh with puppy dog eyes and said "I never got any!" Yoh patted HoroHoro on the head and said "sorry kid, but coffee are for adults…" "Aren't we the same age?" HoroHoro asked squeakily. "We could be…" Yoh said slowly. Hao lay on the ground still knocked out. Yoh ran over to Hao and said "someone needs to save my mom before she drowns!" HoroHoro ran over with a doctor suit on he got out a pickle and said "This will cure her!" He stuck the pickle in Hao's nose. Hao twitched his nose and got up and started to munch on the pickle he stated "mmmmm….pickle…."

Back to Anna Opacho and Pilica

They were all at the store holding dozens of shopping bags. Opacho (behind a bunch of bags) muffled "why are we at the store?" "Because, I need a new outfit it was kind of embarrassing when that man screamed and exploded when he saw my outfit!" Anna yelled blushing slightly. Jean appeared in gangster clothes and walked over to Anna and said "yo!" Anna's eyes widened and said "where?" Pilica ran over to where they were and handed Opacho another bag to carry he couldn't handle the weight and fell down. "Waz wrong bitch, lost sometin'?" Jean said in this weird language Anna couldn't understand. "What?" Pilica asked getting included in the conversation in some strange way. "You got stuffin' in your ear or are you just gay?" Jean practically yelled. Marco ran up still in a dress and exclaimed "I lost my favourite purse in the girl's washroom!" he sobbed sitting down on the floor. A lady threw a toilet at his head and said "pervert!" Lyserg ran up still in a maid's dress and handed Marco a tissue he calmly said "please don't cry princess." "How can I stop crying when I lost my favourite purse!" he yelled getting a temper tantrum.

My head isn't working at the moment sorry it's so short! Let's hope that I update sooner!