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The weeks flew by, and soon Christmas break was approaching. Harry was in a frenzy about what to get Ginny. He knew he wanted to marry Ginny, and wanted her to know that before the final battle, but knew they were still a little young, even though in the wizarding world, most people were married as soon as they got out of Hogwarts.

He talked to Tonks about this when he had a spare moment. "A promise ring, Harry!" she exclaimed. "It will let her know your intentions, but wont be a real engagement!" Harry looked up at her , surprised.

"It's perfect, Tonks! Thanks!" he jumped up, kissed her quickly on the cheek, and ran out of the room.

The last Hogsmede trip before Christmas break was that day, and Harry asked Hermione to distract Ginny for a while, while he bought the ring. He asked Ron and Neville along to help pick it out.

"Well, I need your help choosing a present for Ginny. It's kind of important. I'm err- I think I'm going to get her a promise ring." he told them.

Ron paled considerably. Neville's jaw dropped. They both quickly recovered. "Of course, mate." Ron said, but still turned a lovely shade of green. Neville nodded eagerly. "I'm honored that you would let me help, Harry." he said quietly.

Hermione took Ginny shopping, while the boys went into a jewelry shop. Harry decided to morph into someone else, so it wouldn't be all over the news. He was same height, but with brown eyes and hair.

"Err- excuse me." he said to the person behind the counter. "I'm looking for a ring for my girlfriend." he said, blushing slightly.

"Ohh- of course. What is your price range?" he asked. Harry shrugged. "As much as it takes to get the perfect ring." he said.

After about an hour, they still hadn't found anything. Harry gave up, and decided he would look for something later. Nothing in there was special enough for Ginny.

Harry decided to also buy Ginny another present incase he didn't find a ring on time. He bought a set of very fine dress robes of a light green, that he thought she would enjoy.

When it came time to return to the burrow for the holidays, Harry saw that Remus was there as well.

"Remus, can I talk to you for a second?" he asked, as he pulled the older man over to the side. "I'm looking for a ring for Ginny, and I cant seem to find one." Remus's eyebrows shot up. "Just a promise ring!" Harry quickly assured him.

"I know just the place. Dumbledore thought it best to keep it a secret, but now, it's time you knew." Harry looked confused.

"Just like the Black family had a separate vault, so did the potter family. Your parents, being the last of the potters besides you, kept their things in there. Just come, Harry." Remus said, pulling him towards the fire place.

"The leaky Cauldron," he yelled, and Harry followed suit. Soon, they found themselves at Gringotts. Remus spoke to a goblin, who ushered them both into a cart. Soon, they were going deep underneath Gringotts, deeper than Harry had ever gone before. Finally, the cart came to a screeching halt.

The goblin told him to put his hand in the middle of the door, where there was a hand-shaped impression. Harry did as he was told, and the door came crashing open. Harry was shocked.

Inside the vault was, not only gold, but furniture, paintings, and other family belongings. Harry knew they would be there for a very long time.

He began looking through some jewelry boxes, and other things. Soon, he found a very nice looking wooden box with a large J and L on it. He opened it, only to find 4 rings. One was a large beautifully cut diamond, with small emeralds and rubies placed around it, on a gold band.

Another was a gorgeous jade and diamond mix on a silver band, and the last two were very simple, yet breathtaking, one much larger than the other. "Their wedding bands." Remus whispered behind him. Harry felt tears in his eyes. They were his parents wedding rings, and the ones he wanted to use for his and Ginny's wedding someday.

"That jade and diamond one was Lily's promise ring. I think Ginny would be delighted and honored to wear it." Remus said. Harry knew that was the ring for her. He brought the whole box with him, but on his way out, saw a blur of red and black out of the corner of his eye.

It was a portrait; of his parents. It looked as if they were already happily married, and about 20 years old. Harry figured he had already been born by that time. "Remus .. Can portraits of dead people talk?" Harry asked him, cautiously, not wanting to get his hopes up.

"Yes, Harry. Why?" Harry just pointed to the portrait. Remus looked, then about fainted. "James? Lily?" he said, running over to the portrait.

"Remus?" Lily said. "Is that you, old friend?" Remus nodded and began crying.

"I never knew you had a portrait made!" he exclaimed. Harry stood back, wondering if they would recognize him.

James spoke. "Is that me?" he said gesturing to Harry. "Well I sure do look young." he said. Harry could feel the tears in his eyes. " No I'm- I'm your son. Harry." he managed to say. He saw the looks on his parent's face, and nearly laughed. Both were staring, open-mouthed. "What a fine young man you've grown up to be!" Lily exclaimed.

"Harry we can't linger down here. Let's take the portrait with us." Harry agreed. He had a lot to tell his parents about.

Back at the burrow, he locked himself in his room with the portrait. He wanted to tell them everything about his life up until that moment. Just as he was about to begin, Ginny came in. Some how, she had broken through the lock. "Is that you, Lily?" James said. Ginny shook her head. "I'm Ginny Weasley. Arthur Weasley's youngest child and only daughter."

"Ahh- good man." he said. Over the next couple of hours, Harry told them about his life, with Ginny helping a little. Soon, Mrs. Weasley called Ginny down to help with dinner. "So," Harry's father began, " You like Ginny Weasley a lot?" Harry nodded.

"I plan on marrying her if I survive the war. I'm err- giving her a promise ring for Christmas." he said, kind of embarrassed. He could see his mother with tears in her eyes.

"You're already so grown up. I'm sorry we couldn't be there to help you." she said. She dissolved into tears and buried her head in her hands. Harry left the room to go down to dinner.

Having his parents back was such a strange feeling. Of course, his mother couldn't hug him of give him birthday parties. His father still couldn't play quidditch with him, or help him pull pranks. But it was nice to have someone to talk to, and it was nice to know that he had been loved by his parents.

Christmas morning approached and Harry was getting nervous. The night before, he had talked to Mr. Weasley about it and had asked for his blessing, which he had been readily given.

Everyone began opening presents, and Ginny squealed with pleasure when she saw the robes that Harry had given her. Finally, when all the presents had been opened, Harry knew it was time to give her the final present. "Ginny." he said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "You're my entire life right now, and with the war approaching, I need to tell you some things or I might not ever get the chance." He could see Ginny tearing up already.

Everyone in the room was focused on them by that time. Harry went on. "I love you more than anything in this world and I would do anything for you. I know that right now, were too young to get married, but-" he took the velvet box out of his pocket, "I want to give you this promise ring, so that you, and everyone else will know that I am completely in love with you and have every intention of marrying you."

He heard a couple of gasps, a couple of sobs, and a few cheers. Ginny leapt onto him in a big hug, before allowing him to put the ring on her finger. She was crying, but Harry found that, despite that, he didn't mind kissing her at all.

He could see Hermione on the couch next to Ron, with Happy tears running down her face. Mrs. Weasley, who hadn't know about it, came running up to him and caught him in a bone-crushing hug.

Harry couldn't have been happier with the outcome, and spent the rest of the night by Ginny's side; the love of his life. He hoped his parent had been as happy as he and Ginny were now.

By the time they returned back to Hogwarts, all of the girls were "Ooh-ing and Ahhh-ing" over Ginny's ring. She was happily showing off her ring, but more importantly Harry. All the girls had heard of what he had done and all agreed that he was more romantic that all of their boyfriends.

Harry was just happy that he had Ginny. It was all he wanted. She was the hope that he needed to live a happy and long life, surrounded by the Weasleys, Remus, Tonks, and Hermione; his real family.

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