Illusion by The Lady Arianrod

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A/N: Dark introspection. Takes place in the future. Is Dark a person or an illusion…?


"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself /Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years/But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth/ Unhurt amidst the wars of elements/The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds."
Joseph Addison

He lounges lazily in the corner of someone's mind. He is inhabiting a Niwa again, most likely, though he cannot remember the kid's name…

It's been eons since Daisuke was around. This kid is Dai's great great great grandson and Dark could care less. He stares into the mirror like a reluctant Narcissus, gazing boredly into deep violet eyes that shine like a dirty lake. He's empty, reluctant, jaded, old

No. The Phantom Thief does not age. Other people do... and they die. Stupid humans. Dark doesn't feel like stealing that much anymore even though it's the reason for his existence… He isn't even a person. Sure, he has his joys and failures and disappointments, but he was originally formed because of a genetic condition. He is a mutation, not a man. Dark sighs inside the poor kid's cerebrum for the fiftieth time, cursing Krad and the Hikaris and whoever caused this whole damn mess.

I love women, he reminds himself, and women love me. If I am liked, don't I exist?

He feels the cage of the young Niwa's skeleton looming around him once more. The women he's loved can never love him. He isn't real.

His very title suggests that—the phantom thief. He is a legend, a family secret, an ancient living legend with all the vivacity of a normal guy.

Human life is like a vapor. Unfortunately, Dark is doomed to be a vapor forever. He exists in people's lives for a short time, bewitching women and dazzling the media-hungry public. After that, he quietly fades away into the adenines and guanines of the Niwa family, preparing to enter the mind of the next successor.

Dark rarely thinks about death. He doesn't think of time as a beginning and an end—only a cycle. However, he wonders… what would happen if the Niwas died off? Would he too become a story that would be forgotten in a thousand years?

In times like these, Dark simply gets rid of those thoughts. He doesn't have any reason to dwell on the frailty of time or the brevity of human life. Philosophic nonsense isn't nearly as fun as thievery and beautiful girls.

Dark doesn't understand everything, but he certainly does what he was born to. His midnight wings carry him over yet another new city in search of the latest Hikari treasure….