Tsubasa Valentine's Day Contest Fan fiction!

Sakura stared blankly at the treats that had just been transported from Yuuko-san's world to Syaoran-tachi's current location.

"…Valentine's day gift?" She blinked and shot Fai a look that seeped confusion from every pore on her face.

"That's right, Sakura-chan!" Fai sang and pranced over to Sakura's seat on the couch, "Why, even in my world we have Valentines day! Doesn't your world have something like it?"

Thinking carefully, Sakura gazed into the carpet between her feet. "…Well, Fai-san, seeing as I don't know what Valentine's Day is, I couldn't really tell you." She smiled that terribly innocent smile she was so very good at conjuring up, and laughed thoughtlessly.

Fai laughed as well and rested his chin in his hand. "Well, to put it simply, Valentine's day is the day you give the person you like more than anything in the world, something special, so they know how you feel."

Awe entered the look in Sakura's face and she jumped up, causing Fai's grin to spread even further.

"You mean to say, it's a chance to tell your special person your feelings?" The excitement was just too much for Sakura to bear.

"Exactly!" Fai laughed and got up as well. "Are you going to make something for Syaoran-kun?"

Sakura, blushing as red as a cherry, looked down in embarrassment and nodded meekly. Fai patted her on the head in an older-brotherly way. "I'm sure he'll love anything you make him."

Sakura smiled happily up at Fai and rushed into the kitchen of their café to get her rear in gear. Her gift just had to be ready by the time Syaoran and Kurogane got back from running errands for Fai.


"Ah…! Kurogane-san! There are still more things on the list Fai-san gave us…" Syaoran mumbled to Kurogane's retreating form, waving the list hopelessly towards him.

"Why should I care? He can't just start ordering me around anyway! That punk! And on top of it all he keeps coming up with such ridiculous nicknames, it drives me crazy--"

Syaoran sighed and followed Kurogane back to the café, carrying the bag of groceries and goods that Fai has requested.

His thoughts soon drifted back to the unexpected and in no way purely intended gift from Yuuko-san. He had been so busy collecting Sakura's memories that he hadn't even realized February 14 was around the corner. His thoughts drifted even farther back to the last Valentine's Day he could remember…


A loud knocking sounded all through Syaoran's small home. Scooting his chair back, he got up from his desk and walked quickly to the door, not wanting to keep his visitor waiting.


A body collided into his chest, and soon both were lying on the floor, one on top of the other.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Syaoran!" Sakura chirped, happily straddling the taller boy. Slung on her shoulder was a small, mysterious bag Syaoran had never seen before – not that he was really caring that Sakura had a bag with her, he was too busy trying to breathe.

"P-Princess, I can't breathe…"

"Ack! I'm sorry Syaoran!" Sakura hopped off of the boy and helped him up, "I didn't realize! Are you alright!"

Laughing and regaining one's breath is an unusually difficult thing to do at once, and something Syaoran hadn't yet mastered.

"I'm fine… Princess, hehe…" after a few seconds, however, Syaoran was perfectly fine. "What're you doing here, Princess? Does the King know you're here?"

Poofing out her lower lip, Sakura mock-glared at her favorite architect. "Do you not know what day it is!"

Syaoran blinked. "…what day is it?"

"VALENTINE'S DAY!" Sakura grabbed Syaoran's hand and dragged him over to the one chair that resided in his home and pushed him down. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a neatly wrapped, pink box topped off with a sparkling pink bow. It screamed "SAKURA!" in every way and angle one could look at it. Syaoran, still in shock from being dragged and pushed into a chair, stared blankly at the box before something clicked in his brain that told him the box was indeed a present from Sakura for him. Hesitantly, he grabbed the box, no longer worrying if the King knew where the Princess was, and carefully opened the box.

Inside it sat a small cup-cake with the words "Happy Valentine's Day!" written along the frosting. He picked it up and turned it around to examine it. The lettering was red, and the frosting was pink. Sakura had even managed to dye the dough pink too.

Syaoran, to say the very least, was touched.

He looked back up at Sakura to see her gazing down at him with a mix of fear, excitement, hope, and anxiety as to what he thought of the small token of her affection.

"Princess… did you make this just for me?"

"Uh huh! I didn't make anyone else a cup-cake like this one! Do you… do you like it?" Her brow furrowed in worry.

Syaoran, finding this adorable in everyway possible, smiled lovingly at her, and nodded.


Kurogane and Syaoran arrived back at the café a good 2-3 hours later. Kurogane, not wanting to return so soon after all, begrudgingly decided to finish looking for the rest of the items on the grocery list. They had been unusually difficult to find, and had left Kurogane in a bad mood. Not that this was uncommon.

They both walked into the café around 11:30 at night.

"Why'd you have to pick such hard crap to find?" Kurogane demanded while Syaoran set the bags down.

Fai smiled sweetly and pranced over to the larger man. "Because, Kuro-chin! You're so fun to annoy!"

"Syaoran!" Mokona chirped as it perched itself happily on top of Syaoran's head, ignoring Kurogane's yelling and complaining, "Guess what!"

"What?" Syaoran asked, resisting a yawn.

"Sakura made something for you!"

Syaoran froze. Sakura made something… for him? He turned immediately and found a terribly red Sakura covered in flower and frosting.

"She slaved over a hot stove and almost burned the building down just for you!" Mokona laughed, obviously exaggerating the events.

Sakura's complexion darkened even further at Mokona's comment.

"I… I hope you like it…" Was all she said before turning around.

Syaoran was too busy wondering what she'd made him and why to think of anything intelligent to say. Sure Sakura could've had feelings for him in their world but… she'd lost her memory, there was no way she could still have those feelings…

Sakura turned around again and walked over to the counter Syaoran and Mokona were hovering at and set in front of them a large, pink cake. The word's "Happy Valentine's Day!" rested atop the bright pink frosting in bold, awkwardly written red letters, and Syaoran had a hunch that the dough was pink as well.

"Happy Valentine's Day…" Sakura mumbled to her feet. Her hands were clenched worriedly in front of her chest, and she was still blushing terribly. "Do you… do you like it?"

Syaoran was speechless. Did he like it? He loved it! Before Syaoran had even realized he had gotten up, he'd pulled Sakura into a hug. He could tell she was startled by the gesture of thanks, but at that moment all he wanted was Sakura close to him. After a moment, Sakura encircled her arms around his waist and rested her head against his chest. Syaoran pulled away, smiled lovingly at Sakura, and planted a small kiss on her forehead.

"I love it, Princess. Thank you."