Return of Revan

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A/N- This story came to mind when I had wondered what it would be like if Revan were to return after the ESB. It would make for something interesting I think..


Revan had woke up ignorant to where he really was. Everywhere he looked there was darkness, it felt as if he were lost in space. Yet he felt like he was alive, was he alive?

His head rose off of the ground, he looked around hoping to find light, yet he only saw darkness. He took his right hand and searched for his left, he finally found it in the pitch dark and took off the glove. With his bare hands he started to feel the ground.

The ground was smooth, like some type of metal. Where was he? The last thing that ran through his mind was Bastilla... yes...Bastilla. He and her had run their own Sith Empire along with various Sith Lords and Apprentices. He wondered what had happened to him...he crashed on a planet... But was this the planet?

Light from the ceiling suddenly popped up and the room he was in came into picture.

The floor was made of some type of metal, it felt weird to him. In fact the whole room was made of this type of metal, but he noticed these lizard like creatues in cages on branches like pets. But more importantly, seperate tanks surrounded the circular room. Each with a body in them...he noticed the bodies immediatly as the Sith Lords that were in his empire. At that time the Sith had various Lords. He wondered now why he was the only one out of the tank, and why was the force gone to him?

Suddenly a door in front of him opened and out of it two Royal Guards stepped through and halted their sticks to the ground with force. Behind them a beautiful young women with Red hair had come and she casually stood to the side, leaning on one of the tanks. Then an old man, his face was white and destroyed with wrinkles, he was covered with his black robe and a stick aided his walk. He walked past the guard and now stood directly in front of Revan.

"Well, one has survived." The old man said while looking at all the other limp bodies floating in the tanks.

"At least it was you Revan who passed the various test, if it had been one of those other weak fools under you, they would surely not survive in this age." He continued and wanted to go on but Revan cut him off.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Revan asked.

"I am your master, call me Emperor Palpatine...or a name more familiar to you might be Darth Sidious." Palpatine corrected him and a smile crept over his face.

"You are at Korriban my friend, I guess you are familiar with that place." Palpatine went on and suddenly Palpatine's smile turned wicked.

"What do you want from me?" Revan asked with his face covered in surprise because of his mask.

"You ask yourself that question Lord Revan. Ask yourself if it is you who do not want various things at this time. You were once a Sith Lord, wouldn't you seek that out again?"

"How do you know me?"

"Questions, questions. In time you will learn. You were a legend in Sith Culture Revan, my master Darth Plaguieus had taught me as much as he could about you. But he failed and only told me that you had acheived victory against the Mandalorians, and that you had many followers. Not much is known about you, it was even in question if you were a boy or a girl. The force is strong with you Revan, you still prove useful." Each word of of Palpatine's crept out slowly and it seemed to cause the guards to move a lot as if they were nervous.

"If I am strong in the force then why do I feel blind to it now?"

"The Ysalamari is pushing the force back. A Chiss commander had tipped me off to them." Palpatine replied quickly.

Revan looked around and thought Palapatine was talking about the lizard creatures in the cage.

"Also, the metal is made of Cortosis-Ore. I think you will find that your lightsaber is ineffective to it." Palpatine continued.

"But let me continue on why you are here. There is a Alliance trying to take down my glorious Empire. I had forseen awhile ago that they will lose, Young Skywalker will replace Vader, and they will all be destroyed above the Endor skies." His eyes closed now as if he were trying to recall something.

"But just a week ago, I had another vision... in this one Skywalker refused to turn to the darkside, his father, known as the traitor, had thrown me off to my death. Then the Rebels raced in and destroyed the 2nd Deathstar...So with you Revan, there is no way things could go wrong.. These guards will escort you onto the Deathstar II...unless you change your mind." and with that Palaptine walked out and the young lady followed behind him.

In Revan's mind nothing had changed since he was last awake, now the Galaxy depends on his one decision...again.

Once outside the yound lady strode behind her master and he walked as if he were depressed. Head looking towards the ground and using his stick as a aid.

"I want Skywalker soon my not disappoint me. Go get him..." She walked off and entered her ship. Palpatine was greeted by 2 more Royal guards, who accompanied him into the Imperial Shuttle.

A/N- Suspect short chapters, this is so I can get them out quicker and so you don't have to sit here and stay on one chapter, but move quickly through it.