The Light Fades

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Chapter 5: The Light Fades

Luke opened his least that is what he thought, he was not sure though. It was so dark where ever he was he could not tell if his eyes were closed. He stood up and his body protested in pain. He had remembered what Palpatine had done to him...but why did no one help? He had searched the room a bit with the force and looked for something to rest on, but unfortunately he had found nothing. He leaned against a corner awaiting what was to happen to him.

Everyone aboard Dinek's ship had been escorted to Revan's private quaters. They had been escorted with Royalty, by stormtroopes and Royal Guards. Although it was only 3 of them. Forwye, Dinek, and Mala. Once they had Arrived a figure looking out a glorius viewport turned around and showed his mask. Mala had immediately gasped at the sight of Revan and kneeled before him as he walk towards the trio.

As he reeched the Mala that kneeled before him he told her to rise and he had stared at the other two who had not done so.

"Do you know who I am?" Revan said sternly as Mala had now stood behind him.

"I would, but you have a mask..." he was cut off as he started to grasp at his throat.

The Bothan noticed what was happening and he bought out his blaster and aimed at Revan but the shot was intercepted by Mala's lightsaber. He then aimed at her and shot 3 more times to find each shot deflected. She then swiped at his head and decapitated him. Locus had let his grip on Dinke go, as he would watch the man mourn for his satisfaction.

Dinek had looked up to Mala with a hint of Rage in his eyes and she returned it with a smirk.

"Leave him...he will soon learn...Follow me." Revan said as they both walked out of the room .

Luke had opened his eyes at the sight of light entering the room through a open door. He felt hope beam through him, but it was sso n shot down with Palpatine's figure walk through.

Luke Stood now face to face with Palpatine as Palpatine cackled.

"Boy no one can save you now." Palpatine said

"Obi-wan will avenge me..."

"Obi-wan has failed the order and now he has failed you."

Luke's feeling was shot down by the thought as Palpatine continued.

"No one will save you...not your mother...not your sister...not your father..."

"Yoda will save me..."

Palpatine stopped in his tracks at the name. He froze and pondered for awhile...Yoda...

"Foolish Jedi...Yoda had died, along with Windu, along with Obi-Wan, along with the Jedi."

"You are mistaken, he is very much for"

Palpatine looked at the boy for a second and closed his eyes. He had searched for any hints of the lightside, since Luke was the last it would be easy to find Yoda. was was Yoda... he had been in hiding and now he was out? Palpatine had not forseen him and he became frustrated.

His hands rised and struck Luke down to the floor. When he was done he turned around and left Luke there again in the dark.

It mattered not if Yoda was alive. He had Vader, Revan, and now Luke. There was no stopping him now.

Mala had sat in meditation until she was interrupted by Dinek. Dinek had not been a prisoner surprisingly. He was a force-user and had not known it yet. Revan would use him and show him the ropes. He was still unaware of his powers, she had known but if it was up to her, he would never know.

"So...why?" he said

She stood up and faced him and he continued.

"Why did you kill him?"

" was not my fault, he should have stayed put and he would be alive right now. It wasn't in Revan's plans to kill him." She had to keep her relationship with him, if he was strong in the force Revan could be overthrowed when the time came.

"It was your Fault! You could have pushed him or stunned him or something!." He said moving closer in a attack position, holding the hilt of his blaster.

"Death comes in life, it was his destiny." She said as Dinek let out a growl and she moved closer in a seductive motion to calm him down. She ran her hand across his cheek and lowered her voice. "Besides, you are unaware of the power you have." Her lekku lightly layed on top of his shoulder and then when he tried to bring her closer she pulled back and walked out the room leaving him to think.

Mon Mothma stood above the Pilots at the briefing of Death Star II. She had went on about how it was unfinished until something clicked in the back of Ackbar's head. This was a set-up...something had told him, almost like a little green man was over his shoulder telling him to cancel the Attack. The pilots looked bored until Ackbar stood up and interrupted the plans.

"It is a trap!" He said to Mothma.

" is hard to believe that such a trap could be planned so well."

"Yes...but over the years of which I have lived I have learned that the unbelievable happens." he said now looking at each one of the Pilots.

"Please Mon... Trust me on this..."

"You know I would Admiral, but you have no proof." she told him in a sad tone.

"Why would the Empire leave us such a big target after the destruction of the original Deathstar?" Mothma wanted to speak but was cut off. "No...we have no time for a debate...they are ahead of matter what we do...they are always ahead of us..."

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