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Lost but Found

Returning Home

Kagome sat in bed as she diligently caught up on her work. She had been home for 2 months and had managed to catch up in all her school work, not only that but she was passing! Inuyasha had tried to take her back, but her mother just couldn't let him. Who knew the normally pacifist woman could make a demon run for cover.

As she finished her work, she stared out the window into the dark night and sighed.

"You miss him don't you?" Inuyasha asked, leaning against the wall under her window.

"Yeah, I really do"

"We can go back soon right?"

"Yup, tomorrow is the last day of school this year."

"It's about t9ime, we have shards to hunt. I'm gonna go back and check on everyone. You'll be alright alone?"

"I'm not alone. My family is here"

"You know what I mean"

"I'm fine. You and Sesshomaru trained me after all."

"Alright, I'll be waiting for you at the well tomorrow."

"You remember your promise?"

"I won't come get you. I promise. Just make sure to get there on your own"

"Gotcha! I'll be on time. I swear"


Inuyasha stood and leapt out the window towards the well hut.

"You're going back tomorrow?" Kagome's mother asked, standing in the doorway.

"I have to"

"What if another demon comes through the well?"

"Miroku and Kaede have devising a way to block the well from demons"

"What about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru?"

"The spell is temporary. We set it when we're gone and remove it when we return"

"Very well, Promise me you'll be careful?"

"Of course"

Inuyasha stepped into the hut as everyone turned to look at him.

"Is she coming back?" Sango asked

"Tomorrow" Inuyasha replied, sitting down.

"Good, Lady Kaede and I finished the spell today" Miroku stated.

"She said she'd come tomorrow?" Shippo asked jumping up

"Yes, She'll be back tomorrow runt!"


"So, what happened while I was gone?"

"Kagura came to see us" Sango started "We claimed another jewel shard form her and she said she'd come again in a few days"

"Something's up"
"Let's home it'll be over son" Miroku stated, eyeing his hand

"We won't lose you Miroku" Sango comforted as Inuyasha stared off.

Sesshomaru, I hope we have a chance to get you here to help us. We'll need the both of us to win this battle.

"Jaken!" Sesshomaru roared.

Ye-yes Milord" Jaken stuttered.

"Call the council now!"

"But Milord, what for?"

"You dare question THIS Sesshomaru!"

"Of course not milord. Right away" and with that Jaken scurried off.

"You shouldn't be so harsh on him." Naoki murmured from the doorway "He's just a toad after all."

"He should not oppose my orders"

"He was right to ask"

"I will find the traitors and eliminate them"

"Do not appear weak"

"Of course not. Kagome is mine and anyone that dares question or threaten that will pay."

"You've been searching for months"

"And I will continue until I am certain she is safe."

"Just don't do anything stupid. I'll go meet the council" Naoki replied as she disappeared into the shadows beyond the door.

Kagome, I swear to keep you and your family safe, forever.

"Kagura, Kanna" A cold voice murmured.

"Yes, Lord Naraku" Kagura replied

"The time is near. We will rid ourselves of that pesky Inuyasha and I will become full demon with the power of the jewel" Naraku replied, eyeing his large portion of the jewel rolling between his fingers.

"You are supreme my lord" Kagura added, scowling in her mind.

You may think you'll win, but just wait and see who'll have the last laugh. At last the time is near for Kanna and I to be free.

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