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All in All

By Aamon

All in all, he could say that things had been going pretty good lately. First he earns redemption, consequently saving the world at the same time. Then he gets a new lease on life; despite the fact that it was the biggest fuck you Satan had ever given to anyone short of Eve, it was a good thing for him. And then, after all that, he begins the first real meaningful romantic relationship of his life.

Figures something would screw that up. All it took were four words.

"Could you say that again?" he asked Angela, not quite believing what she had just said, or rather had just asked him. Angels, Demons, even Papa Midnight he could figure out, but it looked as if Angela had just handed him one he just could not quite comprehend.

"I said, 'will you marry me?'" she asked again, leaning toward him. They were in one of the nicer Chinese Restaurants in town, one that just so happened to be run by a half-breed Angel who specialized in protection inscriptions, which were carved on just about everything in the restaurant, even the chopsticks. No Demon half-breed could set foot within half a mile of this place, which is why they chose to eat there most of the time. That, and they only charged Exorcists half price on Sundays.

He blinked a few times, still too stunned by the words to really think up anything good to say, except, "Isn't that my line?"

Angela raised one eyebrow, slowly, something that made her glare seem all the more intense.

"That depends on whether or not you'd ever have asked me," she said.

"Wow," he said, leaning back a little. "Never thought anyone would ever want to marry me." He looked away for a moment, then looked back with a questioning gaze. "You sure you want to marry me? Me? And remember who me is. Me is…me."

She smirked, another expression that seemed to change the tone of her eyes and lighten up her entire face. Sometimes he thought that her face glowed when she looked at him like that. "That's what I love about you Constantine."

"I don't follow." And he didn't. Not only could he not fathom why anyone would ever want to marry him, but he didn't understand what she meant.

"Do you love me?" she asked, her lower lip turned just a bit downward on one side, her sign of nervousness. His heart began to beat a little faster, a little harder without his understanding why.


Her eyes narrowed again. "Care to say it romantically?"

"What qualifies as romantic?" he asked.

"Honesty," she said, a little anger radiating off her. Thought his mental shields were in place, mostly on account of the Angel half-breeds in the place, he could sense her clearly; and she him, he would guess. Despite their shields, since he helped her to See, they shared a connection.

"Well I do love you. That's about as honest as I can get," he said, feeling rather awkward all of a sudden. "Are you sure you want to marry me? I'm not…marriage material. Am I?"

She smiled at him again, and he got the feeling that if she hadn't already said 'that's what I love about you,' then this would be another time she'd say it.

She reached across the table and grasped his hand. "I love you too John."

He felt himself grinning before he realized that he was happy. Genuinely happy. He didn't remember being happy before…at least not like this. The last seven months had been wonderful, and he felt that he had been happy in that time. But right now, at this moment, he really felt happy.

"Will you marry me Angela?" he asked her. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. She honestly had not thought that he would ever ask her that question, even with prompting. It just wasn't something she'd ever expected from him. She knew his feelings for her well enough. It was hard to miss whenever they were together. The little glances and looks, their hands brushing as they walked side by side, the way his hand hovered over the small of her back when he opened a door for her. He had been doing that more and more lately.

"I believe I asked you first," she said with a stunning smile, the kind that made him giddy with anticipation. Of what he didn't have a clue, but he liked the feeling.

"And I believe you wanted me to ask. I think my question is my answer," he said with a playful grin. She was smiling and trying to glare at him at the same time, failing the glare more than the smile. He finally decided to take pity on her. "Yes."

"Yes." She said just after he had given his reply.

The rest of the restaurant had gone silent. No Angel half-breed had ever thought the day would come, even after recent events, when John Constantine would ever get engaged. Most of them thought it more likely that Satan would appear in a tutu and dance Swan Lake. But if a man could redeem himself, save the world, and get a second chance at life all at the same time, getting engaged seemed only a little bit more impossible. The impossible, it seemed, was John Constantine's true Specialty.