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All in all chapter 7


'This is corny.'

Shut up. This is our wedding and I will not let it be ruined, Angela thought back at him as Papa Midnight continued to chant. Behind them, Chaz had his eyes closed, focusing on what was being said, and what was happening between John and Angela that neither of them could see.

'I will arrange a real wedding though. After this, I'll need to.'

We'll let my mother do it. She needs something happy to focus on right now.

'Unless she decides she'll hate me. That should give her something to do for the rest of my life.'

Oh, she'll love you. It's my father who will hate you.

"The rings?" Midnight said to Chaz, who stepped before John and Angela, handing them each a ring. Midnight then brought his hands together, arms straightened. "Speak what vows you wish to each other."

'I'm going to hurt him for this.'

So am I.

John took a very deep breath, and turned to look into Angela's eyes. Suddenly, he knew what words to say.

"With this ring, I promise to love you and protect you, to forever be a part of you as you are a part of me, even beyond death and the next world," he said, not knowing where the simply yet very meaningful words came from. They brought a smile to his lips and Angela's as well.

"And with this ring, I promise to love you and be forever with you, part of you as you are part of me, forever," she said. Then they both slipped the rings on each other's fingers as Midnight continued to chant, pausing only when the rings were in place.

"Then as the Heavens are witness, these two souls shall forever be one, united in grace and protected by Christ, forever and beyond in the eyes of God and his, and all eyes thus to come," he said, bowing his head. "Amen."

The bar was quiet as everyone there, demonic, angelic, and human felt something go through them. Even the least apt among them recognized something powerful, subtle but far reaching. And something else beneath it, a command, and a warning. For those few ancient enough, they were all too familiar with something of this nature. Only once before had such a command been uttered.

For many others, it was discarded out of mind almost instantly, and lingered only briefly afterwards. Yet even those demonic halfbreeds who desired for all the universe to tear John Constantine apart with their bare hands felt a hesitation as he and Angela Dodson walked out of the bar, followed by the half breed Chaz. As great as their desire was to do harm, there was a temperance to their inclinations that they had never known before.

Of course, the imposing Papa Midnight trailing after them was also a reason for their sudden disinclination. Within this bar, within his house, his power could not be rivaled. Even if Satan himself came up for a drink, he could not challenge Papa Midnight in his own house.

"Are you sure you will not stay? It is safe here," Papa said.

"If Memmon can send demons to this plane, he'll find a way to get through you. Isn't that why we're taking this?" he patted his jacket where the Spear of Destiny resided, wrapped up in its cloth.

"He could not get through me John. Around perhaps," Papa admitted. "Nevertheless, my house is yours should you need it. Until the balance is restored, I am on your side."

"And likely beyond that, just for the fun," John smirked.

Papa grinned and turned to Angela. "I'm sure you can cure his thinking."

"I'll do my best. But he might be too far gone."

"Indeed," Papa bowed and went back inside.

"Think he'll make a good godfather?" John asked suddenly, Angela's cheeks tinting. "I mean, he has the voice for it."

You really need to grow up Constantine.

You really need to lighten up, Mrs. Constantine.

She smiled despite the impending argument…fight…er, something that they both had to get to. If Chaz wasn't there, they would get to it, but halfbreed or not, Chaz was still a kid. He'd have to go learn these kinds of things on his own.

"So, where to?" Chaz asked.

"I don't see a cab," John glanced around.

"Funny. He's funny, isn't he?" Chaz said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Endlessly," Angela rolled her eyes, then her expression grew more serious. "We should figure out where to put it."

"It isn't going to be safe anywhere," John said, then looked to Chaz. "The rings shield our minds from peeping toms?"

"I can't even read your mind…not that I'd want to."

John nodded, looking at Chaz. Then he smirked. "Holy water."

"What?" Chaz and Angela said at the same time.

John just smiled. "I figured out where to put the spear."

An hour later and Angela was staring at the most important relic in history…in a plastic bag sitting at the bottom of a fish tank filled with holy water.

"We're going to hell for this," she said, a goldfish passing over the spear. The fish turned upside down and kept swimming.

"I don't think we'll even have to clean it," John said as he finished writing the last of the spells into the ceiling. On all sides the spear was protected by the most powerful wards he could personally use. Not that they'd work worth a damn if the demons could pass through the barrier between Earth and Hell.

"Maybe that Chinese restaurant would be a better place," Angela said, remembering all of the spells that literally covered every surface there.

"Do you want to know how much he'd charge in rent?" he asked her, and turned to Chaz. He was standing by the window, watching the street.

"Maybe he'd trade for a new attraction," she said. Now all the fish were swimming upside down.

"Doesn't fit the décor," John muttered, admitting privately that the fish tank didn't quite go with his décor either. His apartment didn't seem to go with itself, now that he thought of it. Maybe he should put up curtains…oh no, he did not just think that!

Wanna bet Constantine?

You're having your wicked way with my head.

And I'm still sane. I guess we were made for each other, she smiled at him, suddenly wishing Chaz was elsewhere. They had just gotten married, and come Hell or Holy, she wanted a honeymoon.

"Chaz, I don't suppose you studied while you were…up there," John rolled his eyes skyward.

"Are you kidding?" the kid asked, disbelief written all over his face. "I probably know more than you do now."

John smirked. "Then go downstairs and see if there's anything in Beeman's old alcove that we can use."

Chaz seemed to deflate somewhat, and grudgingly trudged downstairs. As soon as the door was shut, Angela grabbed John by the front of his shirt and threw him onto the bed.

"Impatient, Mrs. Constantine?" he asked as she reached for his belt.

She didn't reply except with a lusty grin as she pulled his pants off before jumping on him, their lips frantically mashed against each other as they pulled and cloths. John flipped her over, ready to show her a few things she'd probably never even heard of before, when Angela suddenly froze, eyes wide in shock.

"What?" he asked, turning. A fish was hovering right over him, upside down, its wide eyes seemingly even wider than before.

"Now that we could sell," John muttered.

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