-Believe Me, It's True-

Summary: Sasuke has always hid his innermost feelings for as long as he can remember. But at age sixteen, he can't afford to hide those feelings anymore. But what if the one he loves hates him for past misunderstandings? SasuxSaku

A Love That Always Lasts

"Hinata! Where are you?" Naruto cried, trying desperately to fix his tie. "We are going to be late!"

"I'm coming!" she said, putting on her earrings as she cam down the stairs. She fixed Naruto's tie and said hastily, "Okay, let's go! She would kill me for being late to her wedding!"

He grabbed her left hand – a shiny golden ring with a huge diamond shone on her ring finger – and kissed it gingerly. "Honey, relax. Remember our wedding?"

Hinata blushed and said, "Naruto! If we are late I swear you will be dead before our one year anniversary!"

"I'm going!" Naruto said hurriedly, closing the door behind him. He quickly opened the door again and grabbed the box on the table.

"Naruto!" she cried, her now long hair swaying behind her.

"Wait!" he slammed the door shut.

"We are so late!" Hinata said, rushing to the building.

"No we are not!" Naruto answered back, running a hand through his really spiky hair. "Sasuke would be later than us!"

"CONGRATULATIONS!" the crowd cheered – Naruto and Hinata included – as the newly married couple entered the reception room.

The bride blushed and said cheerfully, "You guys are the greatest! Thank you for coming here to enjoy our wedding! Neji and I are really grateful, honestly!"

Neji nodded and the crowd cheered even louder.

Hinata went through the crowd and made her way to her friend. "Tenten! Congrats! How does it feel to be married to Neji?"

Tenten sighed, "Feels way better than being hitched to Naruto!"

The girls laughed before spotting something pink appear right next to them. "Sakura!" the girls said in unison.

"Hey guys," she said, smiling at them. She drank deeply from her glass of water.

"Sakura! I'm glad you could make it!" Tenten said, pulling her into a hug. "I thought the mission that Lady Tsunade gave you would drag on longer."

"Nope, I tried to accomplish it as fast as I could! I swear! I wouldn't miss my best friend's wedding for anything!"

Hinata beamed, "But for my wedding, I literally had to beg The Hokage to not give you a mission! The Maid of Honor was needed at my wedding."

Sakura blushed.

"So, Sakura, where is your boy tonight?" Tenten asked in a singsong voice, leaning in closer to the young Medic Nin.

Hinata giggled and pointed over to Neji. Next to the groom were Naruto and a very handsome Anbu commander. "Like I said before, Sasuke looks pretty good in a tuxedo."

Sakura nodded and grinned at her friends.

"I caught it! I caught it!" Ino screamed, holding the bouquet in the air. "Shikamaru! I caught it!"

"How troublesome…" he said, as his girlfriend walked up to him, smiling like crazy while holding the flowers.

"Shikamaru…when are you going to propose?"

Sakura laughed at her former rival but stoppedas she saw Sasuke and Naruto engaged in a 'friendly' conversation. Only if you definition for friendly included Sasuke and Naruto glaring daggers at each other. She shook her head and stood up and whispered something in the raven-haired man's ear. He blushed as she walked away.

"Sasuke! You naughty boy!" Naruto exclaimed to receive only a huge bruise on his head.

Tenten smiled as she stood next to her husband. Tsunade stood up and raised her champagne glass in the air.

"A toast! To the newly wedded couple!"


The laughter grew quieter and quieter as Sakura walked to the balcony. The night breeze of spring welcomed her as she leaned against the railing, staring at the cherry blossom trees. The night sky glistened above with the crystal stars as Sakura thought of her beloved.

Sasuke really is like the night…so suave and mysterious…and so wonderful too.

"Sasuke…I know you're watching me," she said, smiling. She turned around and sure enough, Uchiha Sasuke was standing there.

"I couldn't help it…" Sasuke said, taking her hand, "when you look so peaceful like that I can't help but just watch you."

Sakura blushed and wrapped her arms around him. "You know Sasuke, you really are something."

Sasuke smiled at her and planted a quick kiss on her lips before pulling away from her sweet embrace. "Sakura…there is something I wanted to ask you…"

Sakura looked at him, puzzled. "What? Are you going to propose to me again? Because we are engaged already…" she flashed him her ring, a simple silver band with three diamonds adorning it, the middle one pink in color.

"No…that's not it…"

"Then what?" Sakura asked, taking his hand.

Sasuke pulled her into a deep kiss. He pulled away and whispered, "Forget about it…"

She pouted. "Not fair! I want to know…"

Sasuke looked amused and asked, "Why are you such a child?"

"A child? Me? Could a child do this?" she asked back, kissing him. She enclosed him into another embrace and squealed when he tickled her, his lips still occupied with hers.

"Cheater, you can't answer a question with a question," he whispered huskily, his lips barely touching hers.

"I can to," she whispered back, capturing his lips once more.

He pulled away and placed his forehead on hers. Sasuke looked deep into her emerald eyes. "My little cherry blossom…"

Silence engulfed them, but neither cared, for moments like these are cherished in their minds forever.

"Sakura…I can't wait anymore."

"Can't wait for what?"

"Sakura, let's get married tomorrow. I can't wait months for it to happen. I need it to happen right away."

Sakura giggled lightly and said, "Sasuke, so impatient!"

"But I love you too much; I need you to be mine now."

"Stupid Sasuke," Sakura said, "you've always had me."

Sasuke smiled at her and leaned in for anther kiss. He stopped himself and whispered in her ear, "I love you Sakura…"

Before she could reply his lips covered hers, his arms wrapped around her fragile body, pulling Sakura closer to him.

I love you too Sasuke…but you already know that…just please, don't let me go.

The spring breeze rushed around them as beautiful cherry blossom petals mingled with the wonderful night sky.

The End

-Author's note: Yayers! Epilogue completed! Sorry if it's so short… . I couldn't really decide how to do this! Heehee…hope you enjoyed the story! Thank you again you wonderful people who read this! YOU GUYS ROOOOCK!


Question: What about that Ino threatening Sasuke thing? What happened?

Answer: Ahahaha…to be completely honest…I forgot. I had this all planned out…I really was going to make a whole chapter (or a whole huge section in a chapter…) about that…ahaha…I guess I was caught up in the sasusaku moment I kinda forgot…ahaha….okay I feel lame now. (DARN YOU SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!)

Question: SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL! Are you going to make a sequel?

Answer: Hm…I'm still thinking about that!