SIR KAKASHI'S IN LOVE? By Sutefani-chan



Flashback – 3 days ago before their arrival in the early Konoha

Slowly blowing smoke from his pipe, he stared at the army of ninjas in front of him. He had been expecting them. Of course! He was the one who had them summoned. Jounins and chuunins filled the hall with enthusiasm and excitement as they waited for him to speak. And so, he wouldn't waste time.

He lifted his hand. Immediately, silence fell upon them.

He started, "I assume most of you already know the reason why I had you all sent here?"

A few murmurs filled the room.

He continued, "A few weeks from now, a very important and special event will take place here, in Konoha."

"What is it?" one of the ninjas asked.

"The Chuunin Selection Exam."

Upon hearing it, murmurs started to fill the hall once more.

The Hokage cleared his throat.


He started, "This is a very important event that will strengthen and foster our relationship with other countries. And so, even though we do this twice a year, I still ask your full cooperation, all of you, in preparing the gennins and the venues to be used for the exams."

"When will this take place, Hokage-sama?"

Sandaime paused for a moment, then said, "A week after this."

The crowd became restless. A week of preparation for them wasn't enough, especially since a lot of missions suddenly flocked in and they kept on coming.

"Yes, you have a week to prepare. The Council has decided on whom the proctors are going to be for each part of the exam. Your names will be called so as you will be recognized. After this meeting, you are required to stay to discuss further what you are supposed to do and about which part of the exam you are assigned to. As for the jounins who are assigned to each team, your task is to present to me selected gennins from your team whom you think, based on your observations and experiences, are worthy and ready to take the Chuunin exam," explained the Hokage, and then nodded to his assistant chuunin to take over. The blonde-haired chuunin took a scroll from the pocket of his vest and unrolled it. He spoke, "Once I call your name, you are to present the gennins through stating their full names as Souchirou writes them down." The blonde-haired chuunin pointed at his fellow chuunin in his right. Upon hearing his name, Souchirou waved his hand, a pen tucked in between his index finger and his middle finger.

The blonde-haired chuunin returned his gaze to the scroll, and, clearing his throat, started to read the first name written on his scroll.

"Iizuka Koji."

A tall man with a bonnet bearing the sign of Konoha on his forehead went in front of the Hokage and presented his students' names.

"I present to you my candidates for this year's Chuunin Exams: Sarutobi Asuma, Uchiha Nika and Mido Takeshi." Said Koji. As soon as he was finished, the blonde-haired chuunin continued and read the second name aloud, waiting for them to present their students before going on with the next names.

"Takani Aya…"

"Yamaino Enishi…"

"Takani Hideki…"

When Hideki's name was called, the jounin was immediately in front of the blonde-haired chuunin. The chuunin was surprised, and was furthermore surprised when Team 8's sensei presented to the blonde-haired chuunin a scroll containing the names of his students. Then, Hideki turned to the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, I present to you my candidates, my students, for this year's Chuunin Exams," exclaimed Hideki with dignity.

"Oh brother!" murmured Aya scathingly.

Hideki continued, "Umino Iruka…Sasaki Ashuri…Suzuhara Yoichi."

As soon as he was finished, he backed a little.

"Erm…that was, erm, prepared of you, Takani-san…" said the blonde-haired chuunin. As soon as everyone was called (and that everyone had presented their students), the Hokage spoke.

"Now that you've finished presenting your students, I expect you to hand out the forms to them during your training. Now remember, neighboring countries will be participating. This event's purpose is not about seeing who's more powerful; rather its goal is to strengthen our allegiance to other countries. Its purpose also is to hone the skills of our aspiring gennins, and also to recognize the potentials in each and every one of them. I expect this year's event to turn out to be a peaceful and successful one. Forms and guidelines of the exam will be given out as you exit the room. Of there are no more questions, them I call this meeting adjourned.'

End of flashback
Present day – two days after their arrival in Konoha.

"Aww…anou, can you please lower the price of the carrots? Onegai?" pleaded Naruto to the shopkeeper.


"But it's too expensive!"

"I told you, no!"

It was two days after their fateful encounter with their young sensei. Apparently, the three (Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto) were busy doing the grocery in the supermarket. Was it voluntarily done? Well, thanks to Sakura, each of them were now carrying baskets, running here and there, completing the list Iruka had given them. According to Naruto, instead of wasting their time buying fruits and the like, looking like a bunch of weirdos while carrying baskets, they should be hanging out with their teenage Iruka-sensei. According to Sakura, it was only proper of them to do the chore for their Iruka-sensei since the deed already serves as a token of gratitude to Iruka. According to Sasuke…well, he didn't really care much.

"Ayyyyyyyyeeeeeee! I'll give you two –ACK!" Sakura suddenly cut off Naruto as the pink-haired kunoichi smacked Naruto in the head with her basket.

"Hehe, gomen nasai. Just ignore this annoying stranger, sir, hehe..." Sakura apologized to the shopkeeper and she dragged Naruto away from the stall.

As soon as they were away from the market, she screamed at Naruto.

"What were you thinking?"

"Nani? I was just trying to haggle and lower the price!"

"You weren't! You were trying to kill us all! Kill us of embarrassment!"

"Ne, Sakura-chaaaaaaaaaan…."

"Pathetic," murmured Sasuke.

"Shut up, Sasuke-baka!" shot Naruto at Sasuke. Upon hearing this, Sakura smacked Naruto with her basket full of hard radishes right on his face. "Wah! Don't you dare call him like that, you wart!"

"Wah…that hurts…"

"Served you right."

"Ne, kiddos, how's it going?"

Suddenly, the two stopped and the three of them turned. Ashuri was there in front of them, smiling with her hands on her hips.

"Ohayo, Ashuri-sempai!" waved Sakura.

"Uh, hi, Ashuri-chan…" grinned Naruto sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Ohayo, Sasuke-chan, Sakura-kun! Ohayo, Naruto-kun!" smiled Ashuri at the real Sasuke after greeting the two. Sasuke just gave a "hmph" and the stared away.

Should have known, thought Ashuri grimly. (A/N: remember, the three swapped names.) Then, she turned her attention towards the two.

She bent slightly and peered at their baskets.

"Hmm…lemme' guess. Shopping, eh?"

"For Iruka-sen – err…Iruka-sempai," said Sakura.

Ashuri pointed her finger at Sakura, "Don't tell me you're running errands for him?"

"Ahehe…it's the least we can do for thanking him for letting us stay in his apartment," grinned Sakura.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be training for the upcoming Chuunin exams?" asked Ashuri.

"The-what?" asked Naruto, confused.

"The Chuunin exams, you dimwit," hissed Sakura.

"Oh that! I knew that, of course!" lied Naruto, crossing his arms.

"As if," said Sasuke. Naruto stuck out his tongue at Sasuke.

"Uhm, are we allowed to? You know…join?" asked Sakura.

"I believe every gennin has the right to become a chuunin and so I think there's no reason for you not to join. All you need is a recommendation from your sensei and that you must be a registered gennin. That's it. Well, of course, you've got to be prepared also…" shrugged Ashuri.

"Ah, that's easy. We've got it all taken care of…" lied Sakura. Gah! Where on earth will we find a teacher?

"So, you've found yourself a sensei? Who? Who?" Ashuri's eyes brightened.


"Of course we have a sensei! And it's none other than Kakashi-sensei, duh!" bragged Naruto.

Sakura and Sasuke suddenly turned to Naruto, mortified.

Gah! Curse you, Naruto! – Inner Sakura.

"Kakashi's...your…sensei?" asked Ashuri bluntly.

"Ah…hehe, um, we can explain?" grinned Sakura.


"Bwahahahahahaha! That white-haired freak's your sensei? The scarecrow's your sensei? Like what does he teach you, dog tricks?" laughed Ashuri.

"And what if I really do teach them dog tricks? What's wrong with that?" Suddenly, a voice came out. Kakashi was walking towards them.

"Aww…look who came! Did you just finish cleaning dog poop? That was very nice of you. Okay, bye now," said Ashuri sarcastically.

"And what's wrong if I teach them?"

"Well, I was just being considerate on this kids. I don't want their minds to get 'polluted', you know what I mean?"

"Well, at least I know I can teach better dog tricks than you do, Ash-chan."

Oh boy, here we go again, Sakura thought.

Suddenly, electric sparks were seen flying and then the background suddenly turned frighteningly dark.

"Anou…why is it night already?" wondered Naruto.

"Bakeru! Why do you have to ask always?" Argh!" hissed Sakura at Naruto as she hit him hard on the head with her elbow.


Ashuri cut her glare at Kakashi and then heaved a sigh. "There's no use wasting my time on you. If you would excuse me, I need to find Hideki-sensei and so we could start our training."

"How very teacher's pet of you."

"What's that you said, dog face!"

"You haven't even seen my face!"

"You're such a freak."

"At least I know I'm good-looking, Goth pig."

"Why...you! Argh! Curse you to the eighteen gates of a pig's den! You're the pig! Oh yeah, men are not pigs. Pigs are sensitive and thoughtful creatures. You're a bore instead."

"Anou…aren't pigs and bores the same?"

"Shut up, it's nonsense to talk to you further," then Ashuri turned to the three sweetly, "Sumimasen, but I need to go now. Ja ne!" and then she left. After a few minutes, Kakashi left also, saying that he had to go see the Hokage.

"Hmmm…that was very entertaining," said Sakura sarcastically.

"That was immature of them," said Sasuke.

"Anou…I wonder why they're like that…" wondered Naruto. Suddenly, Sakura snapped her fingers and squealed.

"Anou sa…anou sa…ne, Sakura-chan? What is it? Nani desuka? Nani? Nani?"

"Duh! They're in love! That's why they're acting like that is that they have a thing for each other!"

"Ah…huh?" Naruto scratched his head in confusion.

"Hello? That's the concept of the love-hate relationship. 'The more you hate, the more you love.' That's what's happening to them right now. They might be fighting but deep inside they have feelings for each other!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "This is pathetic."

"Well, yeah, it's a bit pathetic," Sakura lied, blushing.

It's pathetic, but this I got to see! Inner Sakura cheered.

"Hey, how about let's spy on them!" Naruto suggested, giving an evil grin.

"NANI? ARE YOU CRAZY?" gasped Sakura. Hai! Hai! Hai! Way to go, Naruto!

"Or are you two just chickens – ACK! Ne, Sakura-chan!" Naruto moaned after he had just received am ultimate mighty blow from the kunoichi.

"And here you start again! Curse you to the eighteen gates of ramen-less world, you ravenous pig!"

"Ramen? Did you just say ramen?"

Sakura delivered another ultimate blow. And Sasuke, well, he couldn't care less.

Sakura gripped her basket tightly and stubbornly sat cross-legged on the ground.

"Well, come to think of it, we can. We can spy on them while finding of a way out of here…WE HAVE TO GET IN THE CHUUNIN EXAMS!

"NANI!" Naruto and Sasuke both exclaimed.

"Well, since Ashuri-sempai and Kakashi-sensei's going to be there, we have to be in there as well! I know Kakashi-sensei doesn't need to take the exams since he's already a jounin, but I'm sure he's gonna be there. We have to be with them at all times."

"Especially when one of them is in the bathroom?" suggested Naruto.

Bakeru, thought Sasuke.

"Uhm, except that, of course," blushed Sakura.

"That's impossible," said Sasuke.

"What's impossible, Sasuke-kun?"

"It's impossible that we ca join the Chuunin exams. First, we're not registered gennins in this time. Second, we don't have a sensei. How on earth can we join the exams when we don't have those two? They can look it up so easily and realize that we're frauds."

"Gah! I haven't thought of that!" gasped Naruto.

"It's because you never think, baka," said Sasuke.

"Well, if we can sneak inside and secretly add our 'registered forms' in the Bingo Book..." wondered Sakura.

"Yatta! That's a great idea, Sakura-chan!" cheered Naruto as he did a 'yes' gesture.

"And how are we going to do that?" said Sasuke.

"Well, we didn't attend ninja school for nothing. Don't you ever think, Sasuke-teme?" smirked Naruto at Sasuke.

Naruto continued, "Later, this lunch break, we're gonna sneak inside the office in the Shinobi Academy and place our registered forms along with the other forms. Then, they'll see it and add it to the Bingo Book. This is gonna be a piece of cake," he grinned evilly while rubbing his palms.