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10:00 p.m. -- Mulholland Drive -- L.A.

A beekeeper was packing up and putting everything away in his pickup truck. He hopped into his truck, started it, and felt a loud bang. A huge flying animal came and swooped him away, leaving his headlights on. As the animal flew with him in its beak, he screamed.

10:00 a.m. -- Beverly Hills High School

The girls and I were walking in the halls of the school. Sam was wearing her plain green shirt and green skirt. Clover was wearing a short yellow dress with a white shirt underneath. Alex was wearing her short pink formal and long blue capri pants. I was wearing my Chevy Trucks Kawasaki T-shirt with Michael Byrne's last name on the back and underneath it was a 26. We were talking to each other.

"Please, I can barely even stay awake reading poetry. I can't believe I have to write a poem for Lit class. I mean what's the big deal about a bunch of rhyming words?" Clover asked.

"The big deal--" I was about to say but Sam cut me off.

"I'll tell her. The big deal is that poetry is like the most romantic way to express yourself. It's the language of love," Sam explained.

"Absolutely. You know, I did some poetry myself, but I haven't done much lately," I said.

"Really?" Sam said surprised.

"For sure," I responded.

We continued walking down the hall until Clover noticed David getting some stuff out of his locker.

"Whoa. Speaking of love, there's a guy who's speaking my language,"

Clover started to blush.

"Clover, sometimes I get the feeling that when David's around, you completely ignore Sam, me and Mathew," Alex said, but Clover didn't listen. She just waltzed up to David.

"Hi, David," Clover said.

"Hey, Clover," David said.

"So, did you write your poem--"

Clover was interrupted by Mandy speaking up.

"Hi, David,"

Mandy noticed Clover and they started making faces at each other.

"So, like I was saying, did you write your poem for Lit class?" Clover asked.

"Oh yeah I did. But I'm kind of afraid to hand it in. I don't know if it's good enough. I love poetry and all, but I'm...just so afraid of rejection," David responded as he got out his poem.

"That's kind of like how I am if I ever wrote a poem to you and you looked at it, Sam," I whispered to Sam's ear.

"Give me one of your best poems and I'll check them out later," Sam whispered back to me.

"Really? What a coincedience! I totally love poetry and I'm afraid of rejection also," Clover said to David.

"Then you must be afraid everytime," Mandy commented snickering. Clover looked at her.

"Hey maybe when you finish your writing, we could probably get together and sort of construct each other's criticism. Kind of like a... study date," David said to Clover.

Clover was speechless.

"Did you say d-d-date?"

"See ya Saturday night," David said and walked away, waving bye to Clover.

Clover sighed in love, but Mandy was pissed off.

"Toodles, Mandy. I'll let you know how our date turns out," Clover snickered to Mandy.

Mandy growled.

"A poetry date? Don't bother. Sounds about as thrilling as watching nail polish dry!"

Mandy stomped away and everyone else cleared way.

"Maybe that's what you and I should do sometime, the study date," I said to Sam.

"Remind me tomorrow," Sam said to me.

"So, what were you saying, Alex?" Clover asked.

"Just that everytime David's around, you completely ignore--" Alex was about to say, but Clover cut her off again.

"Oh that reminds me. I better call my personal shopper," Clover said.

We were totally feeling taken advantage of.

"Who can think about outfits at a time like this," I said to myself as well as Sam and Alex.

Clover tried to press a button on her cell phone, but the battery was pretty much dead.

"Evil cell phone battery. How can you betray me at a time like this?"

"Come on,"

"Clover, I have my phone," I said.

"No thanks," Clover responded.

She grabbed us by our arms and walked to a phone booth. Arnold was inside.

"May I?" Clover said, pulling Arnold out.

"He'll call you back,"

She pressed the end call button, and was stuck on what to do now.

"Okay, so how you use one of these things?"

"It's easy," I said.

"Mathew's right. Just put a quarter inside the--" Sam was about to say, but we were cut off by a sudden WOOHPing.

"I DON'T HAVE TIME TO GET WOOHPED I HAVE AN IMPORTANT CALL TO MAKE!" Clover screamed while we fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels.

We screamed again as we landed in Jerry's office and on a small pink cushion. The receiver was still in Clover's hand.

"Great, now I'll never know how to use a pay phone,"

"You can do it next time, Clover," I said sarcastically.

"Hello, girls, and Mathew as well," Jerry said, standing up from his desk.

"Hi, Jerry," Sam, Alex, and I said.

"Jer, can't you use other WOOHP agents? I have a date with David and--" Clover said, stressed but Jerry cut her off.

We were looking at her while she said her sentences.

"No time, Clover. I need you 4 to investigate a series of mysterious and vile attacks," Jerry explained.

"Fortunately, one attacker managed to escape an attack in his own home,"

"And you want us to find out who's behind all this," Sam assumed.

"Correct," Jerry said.

I gave Sam a pat on her shoulder.

"Oh, and before I forget,"

Jerry handed us some envelopes that contained an invitation.

"You are cordially invited to attend the annual WOOHP company picnic to be held at the Beijing Zoo," Clover read.

Alex gasped in excitement.

"Sounds fun. Hmm. I wonder if it's fine to wear a leopard skin skirt,"

"As long as it's fake, I don't think the leopards would mind," Sam answered.

"I agree," I said.

"By the way, attendance to the picnic is mandatory," Jerry said.

Clover gasped.

"In that case, I'll R.S.V.P. now," Alex said.

"Me too," Sam said.

"Count me in," I said.

"This totally reaks! The picnic is the same day as my date with David!" Clover said.

"There there. Boys come and go, but WOOHP is forever," Jerry said.

"That's sweet, Jerr," I said.

Clover and Alex looked at me, but Sam didn't.

"What? What'd I say?" I said.

"Never mind them, Mathew. For now, here are your gadgets: tortishelled magnifying shades, faux snakeskin parachute purse and handbag, net blaster mascara brush and hairbrush, scanner watch, and a more than high biker sheik lasso belt," Jerry said.

"Oh this will go great with my new pants," Sam complimented.

"For sure. You'd look a little more attractive," I complimented.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam said.

Jerry pressed a button, and we were already WOOHPed out of his office.

11:55 a.m. -- Jacob's Mansion

The spies and I were walking up to a zoologist named Jacob's house. The spies were wearing their green, yellow, and red jumpsuits. I was wearing my Monster Energy Kawasaki T-shirt with Ivan Tedesco's last name on the back and underneath it was a 1.

"According to WOOHP the man is a zoologist named Jacob," Sam said.

We walked up to his front door and saw so many claw marks on the front door.

"Eeeww look at those nasty scratch marks. Maybe Jacob should manicure his fingernails," Clover said.

"Fingernails, try claws," Alex said.

"W-Who is it?" Someone inside said.

"We're here to investigate your case," Sam said.

"Open up, we won't bite or anything," I said.

We heard strange footsteps, and Jacob answered the door, squatted down. We were confused.

"Uh, sorry. I guess after my attack, I just can't take any chances," Jacob explained after he stood up.

"Now I see why," I whispered to Sam.

"Me too," Sam whispered back, agreeing with me.

"Do you have any idea who would want to attack you?" Alex asked.

"Well, I don't have any enemies to speak of. Everyone likes me. I'm usually the life of the party," Jacob answered.

"Remind me to skip that party," Clover said.

"All I can say is that the person who attacked me was cold and heartless. He wore a fur coat made from a very rare South American Polar Bear," Jacob explained.

"Wow. Now that's a rare sight," I said to Sam.

"Mm-hmm. This is more serious than I thought," Sam said.

"Heartless and unfashionable. Fur is so last season," Alex complimented while we looked at her.

"Do you mind if we come in and take a look around?" Sam asked.

"Sure, no problem," Jacob said.

We came into Jacob's home.

"I'll make us some tea. It's about the only thing that calms my nerves these days," Jacob said.

Jacob walked into the kitchen while the girls and I took a look around his home. Sam began to lift things up, and I began to look with her.

"So, did you tell David you have to call off the date?" Alex asked Clover.

"No, and I'm kind of dreading it too. I know how sensitive he is to rejection," Clover said.

"Oh well, here goes nothing,"

Clover picked up the phone and called David.

"Hi, David, it's Clover. Listen I have something important to tell you," Clover said over the line.

"Hey, Clover. Check out this poem I wrote about our date," David said.

"You wrote a poem about our date?" Clover asked.

"Clover Clover, you are perfection. I can't wait for our date. I hate rejection," David read.

The fact of hearing that made Clover feel more uneasy.

"So, let me hear one of your poems," David requested.

Clover tried to make up a way of getting out of David's call.

"Oh, uh, David, uh, you know, I'm going through the canyon," Clover began to screech.

"I'm losing you," She screeched again and hung up the call.

David was baffled about that.

"Could this day possibly get any worse?" Clover asked us.

Before any of us could say anything, we were interrupted by a scream for help. It was Jacob as he was being dragged out of his kitchen.

"Aaaaahhhh! Heeelllllpppp!" Jacob screamed.

We ran to help him, but he was already gone.

"What happened here?" I said.

"He's gone," Sam said.

"Who or should I say what abducted him?" Clover said.

"Poor Jacob," Alex said, bending down to pick something up. It was his shoe.

"All that's left of him is his shoe,"

"This might actually tell us something," Sam said.

"I'll check it out with the tortishelled magnifying shades,"

"Need any help?" I asked.

"That's okay, I've got it. Thanks, Mathew," Sam said.

She got out the glasses and pointed the lenses at Jacob's shoe that Alex was holding up. While she waited for a scan, she found a small blonde hair on the heel part of the shoe.

"Hey, there's a blonde hair on it,"

She used a pair of tweesers and picked it up.

"Let's run it through the scanner watch," Clover said.

She opened up the scanner watch and Sam placed the blonde hair on it.

"It's made from the same rare polar bear Jacob was talking about," Clover said when the scan was done.

"So, it must have been the same person who attacked Jacob the last time. Because they're still wearing the same coat," Alex assumed.

"I highly doubt that for sure, Alex," I said to her.

"Mathew's right, Alex. Judging from the damage to that wall, I'd say it was the bear itself," Sam said.

"I agree, Sam," I said.

"Hel-lo. We're in the middle of the city. Last I heard that polar bears lived in the snow," Clover assumed.

"Let's call Jerry to see if there are any polar bears in captivity," Sam said as she took out her compowder.

"Hello, girls," Jerry said.

"Hi, Jer," Sam said.

"Do you have any records of any polar bears in captivity?"

"Let's see," Jerry said.

He ran a search and found some very helpful information.

"Oh yes, but it recently escaped. And oddly it was at the Beijing Zoo, the same place where we're having our company picnic. Which reminds me, do you think we should serve potato salad or embroza at the picnic," Jerry said.

Sam sighed in disbelief.

"N-Neither. Thanks, Jer. Gotta go,"

"B-B-But I," Jerry was about to say, but Sam had already hung up and put her compowder in her pocket.

"He gives us an important mission, and the only thing he can think about is what to eat!" I said in disgrace.

"I know. Who can think about snacks at a time like this?" Sam said.

End of chapter.

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