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Meanwhile, back at the zoo, Sherman still had the device that Fox was holding earlier in his paw, and aiming it at other animal's foreheads, transforming them into humans.

"Thank you, Sherman. It's great to finally be liberated," The Zebra said when Sherman zapped her.

"Don't mention it. POWER TO THE ANIMALS!" Sherman responded. He continued zapping other animals, increasing his army of animals that were now humans.

We were riding in the jeep back to the zoo. Clover had climbed in the back as did I, but she was constantly climbing all over me.

"Clover, cut it out, for pete's sake! I'm not a puppy target!" I tried to say.

"Oh no, we're too late!" Alex said in grief.

"There has to be some way to turn the tables on them," I assumed.

A crowd of people got out of our way, when we noticed Adam running out of the zoo screaming.

"Adam's in trouble. Hold on! We better steer off the parking lot before the animals escape into the city," Sam told us.

"Do you think that'll work, Sam?" I said.

"It's worth a gamble, Mathew," Sam responded back.

She pulled over to let Adam in. She stopped right in front of the animals' path to try to stop them in their tracks.

"All of my animals have turned on me! They've put the zoo staff into cages," Adam told us as he climbed in next to Clover.

"We know, we've seen," I told him.

Clover started licking Adam playfully.

"Thank goodness," I said to myself.

Unfortunately, Sam's idea of stopping the jeep in front of the animals' paths, failed as they rampaged into the jeep, causing us to fly in the air, and land with the car facing up. The front part was on the ground, while the rest of the outside of the jeep was sticking in the air. We gingerly climbed out of the doors.

"Maybe that wasn't my best idea ever," Sam said, feeling a little dizzy.

"Heck, no. What should we do now, Sam?" I said.

We began to make our way deeper into the city, finding animals scattered all over, literally scaring people with their abilities to act like picky humans. When we spotted them, we gasped in horror.

"Okay, this is getting even more disturbing! Now I really know I don't need a slap in my face. What do we do now?" I said.

"Okay, spread out and round them up!" Sam ordered.

"Round them up how?" Alex asked.

"With our gadgets," Sam assured.

We took separate ways into the city. Clover, Sam and I went one way, while Alex and Adam went another. On our way, Clover noticed a fire hydrant, and was about to go near it.

"Don't even think about it, Clover!" Sam warned, turning back as did I.

"Sam's right. Now is not the time to find a fire hydrant, Clover," I said. I began to whisper something in Sam's ear.

"Why is it that dogs are naturally attracted to fire hydrants?"

"I'll tell ya later," Sam whispered back to me.

"For now, we gotta get back to getting Beijing back to normal,"

Meanwhile, the lion was riding a scooter in the street. Alex wanted to get him.

"Last I heard you were king of the jungle. Not king of the city," Alex said while she twirled her lasso belt in the air.

She threw it around the lion, but cleverly, he stopped, getting Alex all tied up in the rope of the belt, and getting her dizzy.

In another part of the city, the zebra and crocodile were eating noodles. Clover was right behind both of them. She began to take out her net blaster mascara brush.

"Lucky thing I'm a fellow animal. Otherwise I'd be making a person-matching boots out of you,"

Clover began to shoot it, but the panda drove a truck that contained a golden lion antique right in her path, causing the net to catch that instead. Clover ended up running after it, instead of the animals.

"Aaahh! Aaahh! Help, guys!"

Meanwhile, Sam and I had split into another part of the city. Sam had found the device, and tried to reverse the effects.

"Don't worry! I think I can reverse the effects of the DNA transplanter with the unit from the zoo,"

A stampede of animals were running in our path.

"Sam look out!" I said, pushing her out of the way, but Sam had lost grip on the device and it flew threw the air, and landed on a bar over a storm drain.

"Oh no!" Sam said.

We reached the storm drain, but just as Sam was going to grab it, it fell inside the drain.

"Oh man!" I said in disgrace.

"Nice job, Sam!" Sam said to herself.

"Give me a hand, Mathew," She said to me.

"Gotcha," I said.

We both began to stick our hands down the grating, trying to reach the device.

Meanwhile, Alex and Adam had noticed a line of vehicles with a wash broom in front of them.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Alex said to Adam. She had already formed an idea.

"Let's clean these streets up!" Adam improvised.

They both hopped into a vehicle, and started sweeping the streets. The animals, noticing it, started running away. They were running back into the zoo.

"Way to go, guys! You're driving all the animals back to the zoo!" Clover said, noticing what Alex and Adam were doing.

"Hey it's working!" Alex said, knowing that they still had a chance.

Sherman hopped on the roof of the vehicle.

"All except one,"

The vehicle came to a stop as Sherman grabbed Alex again, and started climbing up a building with Alex in his grasp.

"Let me go you mon-" Alex was about to say, but Sherman cut her off when she was going to say "monkey".

"Don't call me a 'monkey'" Sherman hissed as he continued climbing.

Meanwhile, Sam and I had just grabbed the device in the storm drain. I held my hand out to the back of the device while Sam slowly pulled it up. When we got it up completely, we high-fived each other.

"Humans' days are over. The animals will rule the earth!" Sherman said to Alex while he continued climbing.

Just when it looked like that was it for the girls, Sam and I came to the building that Sherman was climbing up.

"Alex, catch!" Sam called, throwing her the device. Alex had caught it.

"I hate to put a damper in on your plans, but take this, Mr. Monkey!" Alex said, pointing the device at Sherman, firing it, and turning Sherman back to a gorilla.

When he started looking around, Sherman was confused on where he was. Alex was getting relieved.

"Whew, it worked,"

Just then, Sherman threw Alex away and she started falling down. The girls and I were getting scared.

"Oh my! If Alex doesn't do something, she's gonna have a lot of broken bones!" I said, petrified.

"Not really, Mathew. Alex, use your faux snakeskin parachute purse!" Sam called out to her.

Alex nervously pulled the rip cord and the parachute came out, slowing down her landing, and Alex landed on the ground on both feet without a scratch on her.

"Whew, that was close. Good thinking, Sam," I said to her.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam said back to me.

We both gave each other a high-five.

"Now, let's return the rest of the animals back to normal,"

We began to walk off, when Clover barked angrilly at Sam.

"And you too, Clover," Sam said.

Clover sighed in relief.

6:15 p.m. -- Beijing Zoo -- WOOHP Annual Company Picnic

Back at the zoo, Jerry, Sam, Alex, and I were having a conversation. Sam and I were having a drink, while Alex was eating some nachos. Sam was wearing her plain blue dress with a few flowers around her left collar bone. Alex was wearing her short pink formal, and pink pants. I was wearing my blue, yellow, and white Motoworld racing dot com Suzuki T-shirt with Eric Sorby's last name on the back, and underneath it was a 917. I was also wearing some gray pants and red slippers.

"Congratulations, girls, and Mathew, on a job well done," Jerry said to us.

"Thanks, Jerry. Am I glad that's over," I said.

"The whole experience made us think about how happy the animals were back in their cages. I'm glad they're going to turn the zoo into a nature preserve," Sam said to Jerry.

"Mm-hmm. There's no place like an animal's own cage," I said, agreeing with Sam.

"Now, everyone's happy," Alex said.

"Everyone except Clover," Sam added, correcting Alex.

"Why is that?" I said.

"Look at her," Sam said.

I looked at Clover and I suddenly remembered.

"Oh yeah,"

Clover was wearing a blue dress, and her purse was around her shoulder. She was looking at the mountains in depression that she couldn't get to go out with David.

"I guess I have no choice. I better call David and finally cancel our date," Clover said reaching in her bag for her compowder.

As she heard the phone ring, David answered on the other end.

"Hello," David said.

"Hi, David. It's Clover. Listen I have some bad news," Clover said over the receiver.

"So do I. I don't know how to tell you this, Clover, but, I have to cancel our date," David said back.

"You do?" Clover said in shock.

"Yeah. I forgot that I volunteered to work at the Beverly Hills Animal Shelter today. Sorry," David said, trying to be as polite as he could be.

"I can't believe it. I feel so, so...rejected," Clover said, still in shock.

"Well, gotta go. The animals are waiting," David said and hung up.

Clover was in grief.

"David? Wait! Don't go. I can't take this kind of rejection! David!" Clover tried saying over the receiver.

The girls, Jerry and I looked at her in disbelief, but my jaw was briefly dropped.

"That's a little salt in the wounds for Clover," I whispered to Sam.

"Yep. Just wasn't meant to be for Clover," Sam whispered back to me.

We both nodded our heads at each other.

The end.

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