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Narshe it had been invaded by three soldiers from the empire in Magitech armor. These three were now in front of the frozen esper.

"So this is the esper." Vicks said.

The green haired girl moved her magitech armor in front of the esper.

"Hey what are you doing?" Wedge yelled out.

Strange energies flowed around then Wedge disappeared Magitech armor and all.

"Wedge what happened! Waah!" Vicks disappeared leaving the girl alone with the esper. Energies flashed in between them and a bright flash blinded everything.

(Nerima Japan, in one of the many Ranma universes)

Ranma Saotome is lying down on the roof of the Tendo's house "Geez you'd think she'd appreciate me rescuing her. I actually killed to help her, and what does she do? She ends up treating me even worse then before. I wish something would take me away from all this." Ranma said, as if on cue a bright light enveloped Ranma and when it faded he was gone.


An aged man walked over to the bed in his house it was occupied by a beautiful young green haired woman. "Hello, are you awake?" He asked.

The woman opened her eyes. "Oh, what happened?" She got out of bed and almost collapsed.

"Careful you're still woozy from the effects of the slave crown." The man said.

"Slave crown?" The girl asked.

The man held out a crude looking crown. "This crown was on your head, you were doing everything they told you to do."

"Who am I? I can't remember." The girl said.

"Try to remember, concentrate." The man said.

The girl thought hard for a few minutes then straightened up. "My name… is Terra."

"Ah, good you're recovering from the slave crown. I have a few things to say to you young lady. I'm from one of the many resistance to the empire we are the Returners. I wish to speak to you about…"

"Open up, give back the Empire's magitech armor!" A gruff voice called out from outside.

"Drat, they found you, take the back exit through the mining caves, and don't forget your friend." The man said.

"My friend?" Terra asked.

"Yes your friend, I found him nearby, he's on the couch over there, take him and go." The man left leaving Terra with the mysterious stranger found alongside her.

Terra approached the couch and looked at the figure. It was a young man, handsome with a pig tail and looked no older then her. She reached down and shook him gently.

The young man groaned and opened his eyes. As soon as he saw her he jumped up and looked around frantically. "W-w-where am I?" He said.

"I don't know myself but we have to get out of here, there seems to be some trouble, I don't have any idea what's going on but we have got to go." Terra said urgently.

The young man looked at her for a few seconds before nodding. "All right I'll go, who are you anyway?"

"My name is Terra Branford." She replied. "And what's your name?"

Ranma smirked. "I'm Ranma Saotome, now let's get out of here." He took Terra's hand and quickly left out the back door.

To be continued.

For days I've dreamed of making a fanfiction with Ranma and Terra. I think the two would go very nicely which made me wonder why not many people seemed to make a x-over with FFIII (VI in Japan). Oh well this is one now.