Spoilers: Buffy to end, Planetary issue #10

A light in the darkest places

Xander could feel his blood filling his lungs where the demons sword had run him through, slowly drowning him from the inside. He coughed, and felt warm blood splatter across his face. Closing his one remaining eye, he waited for the end.

A soft but bright blue light filled the cave, making Xander look round.

Something approached from out of the shadows. It looked like a tall black tree, wrapped in a red cloak and surrounded by lightning. A number of strange looking blue lamps floated in the air around it.

Xander tried to reach for the crossbow he'd dropped, but he couldn't move his arm.

"Do not be afraid, Alexander Harris: I mean you no harm." The voice entered his mind without going through his ear. One of the lamps grew, and Xander could see an image appearing on it, "Look now. The first of us was born upon a world choked by pollution and damaged weather. The continent he worked upon was shrouded in smoke, mist, and thick gas. He was known as space's first policeman."

"To light his way, he wore a lamp whose element glowed perfect blue. His was the light of reason. The light we should have shone upon this world long ago. But living worlds are many, and we are yet too few."

Another lamp detached from the floating mass and moved towards Xander.

"You have been chosen, from among all the beings on this world, to join us." The creature explained as the lamp hovered in front of Xander, "Your badge of office. Your defence. Your tool. The symbol of your sacrifice; your freedom, for a better way of living."

"Be the best kind of policeman: the one who serves justice, the one who works not for laws and authority structures, but for finer worlds." The lamp fused with Xander's empty eye socket, and his body was filled with blue light. "Be the light in the blackest night."

Xander stood, his body repairing itself as he looked. His left eye, still hidden below its patch, glowed soft, perfect blue. He looked down: a well-cut blue suit, complete with blue shirt and tie, had replaced his jeans and t-shirt. He pulled away his eye patch and looked out with his new eye, seeing the world as it really was for the first time.

"Well now." He said to no one in particular, "This is interesting…"

The End

If you've not read Planetary, then a) what's your problem? And b) don't complain if this doesn't make sense to you. I was going to use this as part of a bigger story, but that never worked out.