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Originally Posted: January 27, 2005.

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D.S.: I wanted to write this from last year, but I wanted to focus on my other fics first. I was going to try and finish one of my FOP fics which is still in progress but I've decided to write this story now. I have no idea how long this story will be, but I bet a good amount of readers will find it funny and or creepy. Enjoy. Please note that in this story Timmy doesn't have Fairy God Parents. I Know that's going to cause some of you to complain but Cosmo and Wanda wouldn't do so well in this fic and they'd screw up the plot.


"My parents can't be dead," Timmy Turner sobbed tearfully, "what are we going to do?"

"I don't know!" Vicky cried angrily, "I can't believe that your mother was really a CIA agent," she muttered, "and now we're on the run because some doouble agents and their BIG Organization wants you dead too and me as well because they saw me with you!" she snapped at the sobbing boy, "let's go," she said and they continued walking through the tall grass looking out for anything suspicious as they moved quietly.

(Four Hours Later)

"Hey!" Vicky cried at a passing trailer but it simply moved on by, "damn hitch hicking," she muttered and galred at Timmy who had fallen asleep on her traveling bag.

Stupid twerp. (Vicky's thoughts).

"Need a ride?" a voice asked respectfully out of the blue, "you and the child?" he added.

Vicky looked up to see a young adult male riding a donkey cart. From his dress he seemed Amish.

"Yeah," Vicky said excitedly, "wake up," she snapped at a snoring Timmy.

"That's okay," the man said and came off the cart, "I'll put him in the back beside you," he said and picked up a sleeping Timmy and placed him in the cart, "What's your name?"

"Vicky," Vicky said happily as she straightened her red hair, "What's yours," she asked dreamily.

"Joshua Remus," Joshua responded, "I have to hurry back to town," he continued, "do you have a particular destination?" he asked her as she stared deeply into his brown eyes which matched his well groomed brown hair.

"Wherever you're going," Vicky responded.

"A drifter with a child?" Joshua asked incredulously, "Is there something I should know.

Vicky decided to tell him the truth.

"Oh my!" Joshua cried, "this poor boy could be scared for life," he said, "I'll take you both back to my town and speak to the elders," he said urgently and quickly helped Vicky into the back.

"Will they help hide us?" Vicky asked softly as Joshua resumed his position on the cart.

"We are God Fearing people Vicky," Joshua told her, "we'd be giving ourselves a one way ticket to hell if we didn't.

The donkey cart resumed riding in the moonlight and Vicky finally fell asleep after not sleeping straight for six whole days.


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