Someone is plotting against planet Irk in a way that will consequently also doom Earth. Zim, Dib, Tak and Gaz are all dragged into it, unaware of the mysterious secret Gir holds.

Formerly titled 'Not Like Every Day', this revised and partially rewritten version is here to replace the old one. Those who read the old version from years ago will notice significant improvements to the structure and grammar, plus a different more in character ending. Those who are reading this for the first time, considers yourselves lucky.

Impending Double Doom: Part 1

Once again like every, day Zim was trying to come up with a new plan to take over the Earth. Once again like every day, he came up with another unusual plan. Once again like every day, Dib by luck or accident stopped him. So once again like every day, Zim returned to his house to come up with a new plan...

But today, unlike every day he felt something was wrong; something was out of place, but what? He entered the house and everything looked normal. No, wait, where was that annoying little robot? Not here, that's strange.

Zim kept looking around the house, trying to figure out just what was really wrong. There was something there. He knew it, but what and where? And most importantly, why?

After searching around for a little over an hour, he decided it was nothing and headed to his room, his head hurt and he could use a little rest.

To Zim's surprise he saw something on his bed under the covers, but he never expected it to be who it was. The creature was motionless, just laying there... Anyone would have thought it was a pillow, but Zim knew it wasn't. It was alive.

Zim approached cautiously, slowly, taking all necessary precautions, and gently removed the covers. What he saw next truly surprised him. His red eyes went wide as he stared at the person lying unconscious on his bed.

'How did you get here?' He wanted to ask. 'Why are you here?' Was another question he wanted to have answered. For a minute he thought about getting the nearest laser gun and shooting, but no, he wasn't going to shoot a defenseless creature without a fight, not this one at least.

Zim ran out of his room closing the door behind him. He pressed his back against the door and tried to think about what to do next. This was certainly unexpected. To find this person out of all people in his unconscious room, why?

A million questions filled Zim's head, but somehow he knew this wasn't just another plan against him, this had to be different. His enemy was completely exposed to an attack from him. This couldn't be a plan thought by the person in his room; such a large risk would not be taken. But if this wasn't a plan against him, then what was it? What was going on?

Zim opened the door to his room once more and found the same person in the same way, still unconscious. "You will wake up eventually," Zim sat down on the end of the bed. "Then I shall demand some answers!" This day was definitely not like every day.

Zim was waiting for the unconscious one to wake up and he was beginning to get impatient. There was an eerie silence all over the house that was not normal. Where was Gir? No time to think about that now, there were more important matters at hand.

Zim took a closer look at his 'prisoner' and noticed a card attached to the ropes. He picked it up and read: "Dear Zim, your true enemy has been captured and given to you. Don't look for me, it's an even trade. Yours truly, Anonymous. PS: Don't you just hate it when people don't say their name?"

Zim put the card in his pocket and made a mental note to analyze it later. As far as he knew he had two mayor enemies: the Earthling boy who tried to stop him from conquering the Earth and the so called invader that wanted to steal his mission, Dib and Tak.

Now there was a new question added to the already long list. An even trade? What does that mean? Did the one who capture one of Zim's enemies take something in return? Who wrote that card? What was taken in return?

"Gir?" Zim thought aloud. "No, what am I thinking?" He shook his head and forgot that thought. Who would want Gir anyway? The annoying little robot must have gone out for a walk or something and gotten lost. Yes, that's it. It had happened before. Soon he would return making a lot of noise and a huge mess everywhere.

Zim looked at the still unconscious prisoner and lost his patience. "Wake up!" Nothing happened. "You're alive aren't you?" Zim had his doubts for a second, but it had to be alive. He lifted his right hand, adjusted his glove, extended his finger and poked. "Yes, yes," he nodded, "it's alive"

He wanted to go and analyze the card. He wanted to know who had done this. But he couldn't leave yet. His enemy had to wake up and see him. He had to demand some answers.

Zim lied down just for a few minutes. He slowly closed his eyes, it has been a long day. He wouldn't fall asleep, he was just resting. Then he fell asleep and began to dream.

xoxox xox xoxox

It was all dark, so dark, too dark. Zim could hear something near by, it was the sound of water. A river? He couldn't see it, it was too dark. Then suddenly he was illuminated by two flashlights. One light came from the left the other from the right. He tried to look at the faces of the two people holding the flashlights but he couldn't see them until they got closer. On the left stood Dib and on the right was Tak.

Zim woke up thanks to the pain he felt when he fell out of bed. His prisoner had rolled over and knocked him out off the bed. However, this was a good sign because it meant that Zim's prisoner was about to wake up.

The unconscious one was no longer unconscious. A pair of eyes opened and saw Zim. "Finally, it's about time you woke up! You should not keep a true invader such as the great Zim waiting!" This is not like everyday and no other day will be like this one. Zim let a few seconds pass for his prisoner to focus on the current situation. Then he spoke again. "Who brought you here?"

"Zim! untie me at once!" The prisoner tried to get free from the ropes, but ended up rolling off the bed and falling on the floor.

"First tell me who captured you?" Zim tried to sound threatening, as he thought a true elite irken invader should sound.

"It wasn't you?" The prisoner was surprised, but no answer was needed. "I don't know, he was dressed in black, now untie me this instant!" Tak demanded, still rolling around the floor.

"Black? Are you sure you don't know who it was?" Zim didn't wait for an answer before he thought of a possibility. It was an unlikely possibility, but still a possibility. "Could it be Dib? I must find out!" Zim ran out of the room, ignoring Tak who was still trying to get herself free. Zim put on his human disguise and headed for Dib's house.

xoxox xox xoxox

Once Zim got to Dib's house, he snuck in and tried to find something with Dib's hand writing on it to compare it to the card. As he searched around the house, Dib's father saw him.

"Who are you?" Dr. Membrane asked.

"I am... um... I... I am a friend of your children!" Zim faked a 'sweet and innocent' smile.

"Very well," Dr. Membrane walked off to the basement to work on some new invention.

Zim continued to search the house, but he couldn't find anything written by Dib. "Maybe upstairs..." He opened a door he thought led to Dib's room but found himself in Gaz's room instead. Even so, Zim didn't realize he was in Gaz's room; he was too busy thinking about all the questions floating in his irken head. That is until he tripped and got tangled up on a cable from one of her video game consoles that was across the floor.

Gaz steeped out of a dark corner of her room and held a glass of water above Zim's head. "What are you doing here?"

xoxox xox xoxox

Dib had already noticed Zim's presence in the house and was getting ready for the attack. "It worked, my plan worked!" Dib repeated over and over, he couldn't believe that everything was set for his plan, or at least that's what he thought.

xoxox xox xoxox

Tak had somehow managed to get the ropes off and now she wanted revenge. On the one who captured her for capturing her and bringing her to Zim's house and on Zim for not untying her and treating her like his prisoner. "You will pay for this!" She ran off the search the house. But she thought that she should take a look outside just in case, this could be a trap.

There was nothing suspicious outside, but then she saw the mailbox, just out of curiosity she decided to look inside and found a letter from Dib to Zim. Tak ran back inside and locked the door. She ran back into Zim's room and opened the letter. This was not like something she got to read everyday.

Tak sat alone in Zim's room with the letter in her hands. It was opened and she was ready to read it and use whatever was written on it against Zim. She read it to herself quietly and grinned. "This will do," without waiting another second, Tak ran out of Zim's room to find some weapons.

xoxox xox xoxox

The glass of water was still above Zim's head. Even if the water had not touched his green irken skin yet, he could already feel it burning like acid. He needed an excuse to be there and he needed it now. "I'm here because your humanoid sibling creature has invited me over."

"I got you now alien!" Dib kicked the door open and stood at the entrance to Gaz's room. He was holding a giant water gun ready to melt Zim into a puddle of green irken acid.

Before Dib could do anything, Gaz splashed the water on his face. "Get out!" She closed the door on Dib's face.

"Ow! My nose!" Zim heard Dib complain from behind the closed door and couldn't help it but to laugh.

"Out!" Gaz yelled annoyed as she opened the door and hit Dib on the face once again in the process. She pulled the console's cable off Zim and he went spinning into the hall crashing into Dib.

Dib was the first to get up and get his 'weapon' ready. "Now I got you alien!" Zim had no choice but to run.

xoxox xox xoxox

In Zim's house Tak had discovered all his weapons and was ready to go out and get her revenge. Right after she had left, someone else arrived.

Gir ran around the house making a lot of noise and making a mess everywhere just like Zim predicted he would. The annoying little robot got to Zim's room and picked up the letter. He looked at it in puzzlement for a few seconds as if trying to read. "Zim and Dib friends!" He then continued running around the house repeating the same thing over and over.

Dib wanted to trick Zim into thinking he wanted to negotiate peace and he would be waiting with plenty of water. But Zim never read that letter, Tak did.

xoxox xox xoxox

Tak arrived at Dib's house, to see Dib chasing Zim all over the yard with the giant water gun. She aimed a laser gun at Zim, but they were moving too fast so she accidentally hit Dib's water tank which he was carrying on his back. She got ready to shoot again, but she noticed something strange. The water from Dib's tank was not falling on the ground, it was falling or rather flying, up into the sky.

Both Dib and Zim also stopped and stared at the flying water. "What have you done to Earth's gravitational system?" Dib angrily looked at Zim and then at Tak.

"Gravity will be the least of your worries when I'm done with you, earthling ally of Zim. That goes for you too false invader, how dare you side with them!" Tak aiming the laser gun at Dib.

"What's that?" Zim pointed at something behind Tak, but she didn't pay attention to him.

"I'm not falling for that, false invader! You wanted to make peace with this human, I found proof of that in your base!" Tak was still ignoring Zim's pointing behind her. Dib was just staring in shock at the thing behind Tak. Curiosity finally got the best of her and she looked back. The shadow of what was coming covered the sun above her as her eyes went wide. Today was not like every day.

Tak stood there for a few seconds. Could her eyes deceive her or was what she saw truly reality? She wasn't about to stand around and find out if it was an illusion or not. She dropped the laser gun and ran for dear life, but she didn't get far. She was just steps away from running past Zim and Dib when she stopped and looked behind them with the same expression as before.

Zim also looked and saw what caused Tak to look like it was the end of the world. He wondered if this was all a trap from Dib and if he and Tak had both fallen into it? No, he looked at Dib and he was as confused as he and Tak were.

Dib thought for a second. Did Zim and Tak do this? Why would they do this and get caught in the middle of it all? If it wasn't them then, who did it, why and how?

The thing around them got closer and that thing was water. The water was floating as if gravity did not affect it and it was heading towards Dib, Zim and Tak. It was coming from every direction, as if something was pulling it to that specific spot.

Like it happens in cases like this, someone had the bright idea to look up. Dib looked up and opened his eyes even wider than before. There was an alien ship up there, pulling all the water up into a large tank. Soon the anti-gravitational energy pulling it up became stronger, casing all the water to go up faster and also pulling Dib, Tak and Zim into the alien space ship's tank.

The water spun around them, it was like they were inside a tunnel made of water. They tried their best to stay in the center of it, away from the water and other objects caught in the watery twister. They were pulled up to the unknown alien space ship into the tank, where Dib got thrown into the water and Tak landed at the opposite end of the tank on a floating tree that got caught in the beam.

Zim landed near Tak but he wasn't as lucky, he landed in the water and immediately jumped on the tree. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" Zim kept jumping around, he felt like he was burning alive.

"Stop that or we'll both fall!" Tak yelled angrily. "This is all your fault!"

Zim had more or less started recovering. "It is not my fault! This is my mission, this is my planet, you have no rights to be here!" The two irken invaders argued.

Dib was swimming around looking for an exit. It seemed the water had stopped coming in, which meant the anti-gravity beam pulling it up had stopped, but the water level wasn't going down so the entrance to the tank must be closed. Wait, the water level started going up again but it was different this time. The walls were closing. Dib assumed that this must be a way to get rid of all the solid objects that were carried into the tank along with the water. He had to get out of there before he became a human pancake.

There was no exit that he could see, unless there was one underwater. He decided to go find out, it was his only hope. The walls kept coming closer and the pressure of the water made it hard for Dib to swim. Finally at the bottom of the tank, he saw a pipe and swam into it, not knowing what was waiting for him at the other end.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Invader Zim.

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