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No Strings

His no strings attached policy had backfired horribly and completely.

"What do you mean you're dumping me?" Logan asked, narrowing his eyes.

Rory sighed. "You were right…I don't want a casual relationship."

He frowned. "Oh."

"I've found someone else," she told him.

He dropped kisses on her collarbone and she ran her hands through his hair.

"I missed you," she breathed.

He kissed her tenderly and she let him mold himself against her, wrapping his arms around her.

"Someone else," Logan repeated.

Rory nodded. "I'm sorry."

"Is it Dean?" Logan asked.


He nuzzled against her neck and breathed deeply.

She kissed his hair and wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders. "I love you."

He rose up on his arms again, looking into her eyes. "I love you," he told her. His voice was raspy and hard to hear, but there.

She smiled and ran a finger down his nose.

"No," she told him. "It's someone else."

Logan nodded. "So…"

"So we can't see each other anymore," Rory said. "Not romantically."

"That's what you want?" Logan asked.

"Rory nodded. "That's what I need."

Emily Gilmore opened her front door to find her granddaughter pressing a dark-haired boy against the wall, kissing him mercilessly.


The young woman jumped away form her paramour, her face red with the embarrassment of being caught. "Hi, Grandma."

Jess Mariano shoved his hands into his pockets. "Mrs. Gilmore."

"What is he doing here!" Emily asked, still in shock. "Are you cheating on Logan?"

Rory sighed. "Logan and I are seeing other people…"

"If you're sure," Logan said.

Rory nodded. "I am. I'm sorry, Logan. I love him."

Logan paled at her words. "Wow…really?"

She smiled.

Rory grinned as she dragged Jess into the diner. "Grandpa likes him!"

Lorelai's eyes widened. "What! How is that possible? Jess is poor as dirt!"

"Thanks," Jess said.

"No problem," Lorelai replied.

"They have books in common!" Rory cried excitedly. "They both love Hemmingway and Eliot and Fitzgerald and Dickens and-"

"We get it," Luke cut her off. "How did Emily take it?"

"Not well," Jess sighed. "She caught us making out on the front stoop."

Lorelai grinned. "That's my girl."

"Okay, Ace…I guess I'll see you around, then."

Rory nodded and glanced at the coffee shop's door as it opened.

Logan followed her gaze as a young man their age walked in. His dark hair was shaggy and he had mutton-chop sideburns. He was very thin, and his button-down gray shirt and blue jeans hung off of him. "That him?"

Rory nodded and gave a smile and a wave.

He walked over. "Hi."

Rory looked up at him and wrapped an arm around him. "Hi. How was work?"


"Articulate," Logan commented.

"The verbal thing comes and goes," the couple said in unison. Their heads snapped to meet eyes. She grinned and he glared.

Rory chuckled. "Logan, this is Jess. Jess, Logan."

"Hi," Jess said.

Logan nodded. "Hi." He studied Rory expression. She never looked at him that way. "Okay, well…I've gotta meet Finn and Colin. I'll leave you two alone."

Rory nodded and gave him a serious look. "I'm sorry."

"Hell," Logan replied, getting to his feet with his hands raised. "It was no string attached, right?"

"Right," Rory said. "Bye."

Logan nodded and walked off. He glanced back, watching Jess sit down and hand Rory an old hardcover book. She squeaked in excitement, crying "The Holy Barbarians! I get to finish it!"

He sighed as he walked out. He'd be fine. She was just another girl, after all. Plenty of fish in the sea. Plenty of girls just dying for his call.

She was one hell of a girl, though.

He stopped as he passed a curvy blonde on his way out the door.


Rory who?

He'd be fine.