Title: Rain
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Pairing: SasuNaru

Disclaimer: Naruto and all it's characters does not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: I'm sulking... boo hoo... so does that mean I have to rate all my yaoi one-shots T? haha... hardly a thing to sulk about. ah, well, I just wrote this maybe... two days ago? but you know how lazy I get... hehe... the title sucks, I know, but it's 2 AM in the morning, man. o.O

oh, and I wanna dedicate this one to Kiwee. : 3 uhm, yeah... it's not much, but I guess I just wanted to thank her for reviewing so much on my ficcies. -glomps- thankchus0much!

- Rain. -

Drops of liquid fell from the sky and onto the village of Konoha, dampening streets and bathing the plants. Villagers ran about to the safety of their homes, hoping to have at least some heat to warm them up through the cold weather. Stores closed early for the day and the streets were abandoned in a second. Everyone by now would have probably been in front of a warm fire, blankets around them and hot chocolates in hand.

- The clouds are crying. -

But as for a lone boy hidden away from all the people, he simply relished in the feeling of the pitter-patter of the rain on his skin. He felt the water seep through his clothes and shivered at the cold. He felt more alone now than ever before, just laying there under the rainy sky, doing nothing but simply staring into open space.

He raised a hand to the sky, watching the rain fall.

- But then you came. -


Naruto blinked as two more hands appeared in his vision and fingers interlaced with his. Then he saw that face. That beautiful face. He couldn't suppress the smile that found it's way to his lips as the other person tightened his grip on his hand, squeezing it comfortingly as another hand caressed his face.

"Hmm... Sasuke...?"

The boy looked away at the mention of his name, intent on hiding the red hue across his cheeks. The rain continued to fall around them as Sasuke hoisted Naruto up. Now, he didn't feel so alone anymore. There might be no hot chocolate for Naruto, but Sasuke certainly made up for it.

"You're cold, dobe."

"You are too."


- And I suddenly found my sun back. -