Thrown Together by Fire And Fate

Summery: Assistant film producer, Wanda Ravenmoon works on a deal with the WWE, during her meetings with them she meets Dave Batista, both are obviously attracted to each other, but will it lead anywhere. Wanda also has to contend with an of the rails cousin and haunting ghosts from her past. When strange circumstances force Wanda out of her apartment, will they also lead her into the arms of Dave Batista .

Author's Notes: I'm not really running on any actual WWE time-lines here, I'm just putting people together and creating events to fit my story, so don't kill me.I'm trying to keep to WWE characters as best as I can, but as I don't know these people please forgive any inaccuracies. All reviews and comments are welcome, but please don't slate my story just because you don't like it, I'd prefer any criticism to be constructive.

Special thanks go to Lisa and Rachel for their help checking the fic through first, without their help it'd never be on here. Cheers gals you're stars. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE or any of it's characters so please don't sue. The O/C's and story are all my own work (with a little help on one) so I'm sorry if my O/C's or story is similar to anyone else's, its pure accident.

Chapter One:- Just another normal Friday

Wanda's alarm sounded, it was 6.30 am. Time to get up and get ready for work.

Wanda had worked for a local film production company since graduating from a University in London, England with a first in Media and film production. That was six years ago now. The company was run by a jolly but slightly overworked balding French -American named Mr. Rodriguez.

Wanda shouted to wake her cousin too.

"Emily? Emily, have you got class today?"

"Yeah, but I'm not going, I'm sick." Came the reply, in an English accent.

"Hung over more like. All right, you can stop here."

Emily had lived with Wanda for four years. After finishing college Wanda's aunt and uncle had sent Emily over to New Orleans to University. They hoped living with her cousin would give Emily more independence and teach her to grow up a little. But it hadn't, with the freedom of not having her strict parents around Emily had begun to rebel.

The day was meant to be just like any other day at work, but it wasn't. When Wanda arrived at the office Mr Rodriguez wanted to speak to her immediately about an important meeting with the WWE.

"Wanda, do you remember I have a meeting this afternoon, with Shane McMahon?"

Wanda nodded.

"Well, it's a really important meeting, We're to discuss producing the movies they want to make. The thing is though, I totally forgot that it's Mikhile's sports day today and he'll be so annoyed if I'm not there. I can't afford to let this deal slip away, especially after Shane McMahon offered me three tickets to a WWE show this Monday."

"So, you want me to go to the meeting and present the portfolio instead?"

"But there's one other thing.The WWE show on Monday, Mikhile really wants to go.The wife and I hate it though, so I was hoping you would take him."

Wanda didn't mind having to take Mikhile to the wrestling although she had no interest in it herself, but it was sure to impress Mr Rodriguez plus it was bound to secure the film deal, which would boost her position. Then Wanda remembered it wasn't just the show but the meeting with Mr McMahon too. Although Wanda didn't know a lot about wrestling, she knew how powerful the McMahon family were, especially the WWE owner himself Vince McMahon.

Guessing his son would be little different Wanda started to feel extremely nervous about her meeting with Shane McMahon. But Wanda knew if she pulled this off this afternoon she's be well on her way to the promotion Mr Rodriguez had promised. The meeting was scheduled for 3pm at the Prytana Park hotel, not far from the garden district where she lived.

Dressed in her best professional suit, with a low cut top underneath (just to show her femininity) Wanda was ready to go. She arrived at the hotel 10 minutes early to find a table had been booked in Shane McMahon's name.The hostess showed her to a table. Sitting there was a dark haired man in his early thirties, dressed in an Armani suit. Wanda guessed it was Shane.

"Good afternoon, Mr McMahon, I'm Wanda Ravenmoon, I've been sent by..."

Before she could finish Shane McMahon Interrupted, "Good afternoon Ms Ravenmoon, yes I know who you are, Mr Rodriguez faxed me not long ago, explaining how he was unable to attend the meeting, but was sending his executive assistant in his place."

Wanda let out a sigh of relief.

"So, Ms Ravenmoon, if you wouldn't mind taking a seat, I'd love to hear your proposal. By the way would you like a drink?"

Wanda ordered a still mineral water.Her nerves had almost melted away now. Even though Shane was a professional he was also very relaxed and easy to connect with.

As her drink arrived Wanda pulled a black leather folder and mobile phone from her brief case. She placed the folder in front of her and the mobile phone on the edge of the table then took a sip of her water. Looking directly at Shane McMahon Wanda began to explain her ideas for Mr Rodriguez's company to produce the planned WWE movies, high lighting projected costs, plot synopsis and a working time frame.Wanda explained about the team of fully qualified camera men, directors, editors and sound men that would be avaliable for the WWE to use. The meeting went well and Shane seemed very enthusiastic with the ideas.

"Well, Ms Ravenmoon, these ideas seem fantastic, I'm sure my father will be very pleased by them, and for your company to produce the planned WWE movies would be excellent. I'm sure you'll get a chance to speak with him yourself soon enough though, Mr Rodriguez also informed me about his inability to come to our 'Raw' show on Monday evening.Mr Rodriguez also told me his son still wanted to go you'd be taking him instead. So as a trinket of the WWE's interest in your company I'd like to offer you these tickets for the executive box and backstage passes. I'm sure Mr Rodriguez would love it for his son to meet some of the wrestler's and it'll give you the chance to meet with Mr McMahon and the other WWE executives."

Wanda was amazed by how well the meeting had she had been given the chance to impress Mr Rodriguez and meet the owner of the WWE to secure the deal.

"Thank you, Mr McMahon, Mr Rodriguez will be delighted you approve of the proposal and that you're giving his son the chance to meet some of your big name wrestlers"

"And thank you Ms Ravenmoon, for your time. I look forward to seeing you at 'Raw' on Monday. I'll fax you all the details later."

Shane McMahon extended his hand for Wanda to shake, She shook it then put the folder back in her brief case. Then she left.. When Wanda reached the car she realise she's forgotten her phone.

She returned to the hotel, hoping Shane McMahon would still be there. He was indeed still there when Wanda returned, seated in exactly the same place but seated opposite him now was another man. He was tall, tanned, with black curly-ish hair,wearing an earring. Wanda assumed he was a wrestler. She approached the table and Shane gave her a small nod acknowledging her. The other man turned to see who had interrupted their conversation. He caught Wanda's eyes immediately as his own eyes were such a lovely deep brown. He had chiselled good looks that didn't look entirely American and a small goatee beard.

"Ever so sorry to interrupt you Mr McMahon, but I forgot my mobile."

The other man handed it to her and as their hands touched they held each others gaze for a few seconds. Wanda thought for a wrestler he had very soft hands.Wanda returned to her car. At the hotel the conversation continued.

"Don't tell me she was another diva applicant? She was cute and all, but do we really need another?"

"No, Dave, she isn't a wrestler. That was Wanda Ravenmoon, an executive from a film company, we were discussing a deal before my meeting with you."

During the whole car journey back to work Wanda could think of nothing but the dark haired stranger who'd handed her the phone. She thought if all wrestler's were this good looking maybe 'Raw' wouldn't be so bad.

Mr Rodriguez was ecstatic when Wanda returned giving him the details of the meeting. He was especially pleased that Michele would also get to meet the wrestler's. Mr Rodriguez had every confidence Wanda could handle Vince McMahon on her own and seal the deal. It soon turned 6pm and Wanda was on her way home, ready for the weekend, her thoughts still on the handsome stranger she'd met earlier.