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Chapter Ten: Relationship revelations.

Dressed in a jade green halter neck top, knee-length brown skirt and suede knee-high boots, Wanda made her way down to the hotel lobby. A smiling Dave Batista, dressed in terra cotta colored long-sleeved shirt and black pants, greeted her. As the couple met at the bottom of the staircase, Dave presented Wanda with white tulips.

"Evening sugah, no need to buy me flowers. Especially ones not in season," Wanda said, blushing and taking the bouquet from him.

"I wanted to get you something special though. So I went to a flowershop that imported them especially." Dave replied planting a kiss on her cheek.

Wanda blushed a little deeper, touched by the gesture.

"Thanks, that's so sweet," she replied, returning the kiss.

"So where are we heading for dinner?" Dave inquired.

"I've booked us a little table at the Italian restaurant about a block from here."

They took each other's hands and strolled outside to find a cab. At seven o'clock, the summer air was still as hot as it had been during the day, leaving a muggy feeling in the air. Within five minutes, they were in a cab and heading for 'Villa del Basilica Amore'. The small restaurant which was situated on the banks of the river had a quaint feeling to it. The waiter was the usual type one would find in an Italian restaurant, resembling Mario from the 'Super Mario brothers' film. He led them to their table situated next to a window over looking a beautiful flower garden. After ordering a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, they looked through the menu.

"Hummm, the grilled vegetable starter looks nice. What do you fancy?" asked Wanda.

"I think I'll have the Cocktail di Gamberi."

"Well it doesn't look as though I'll be stealing any of your meal. I don't eat meat, not even fish," she smiled.

"Really? I didn't know that."

"Yeah, that's the way my folks brought me up."

"Unusual for a southern girl, I thought you'd have grown up on Momma's home made casserole," Dave laughed.

"Yeah I did, just it was all vegetables and beans."

They continued to browse the menu for their main course. Wanda decided on the spinach and ricotta ravioli and Dave decided on the grilled Sole.

"So, did you have a good time today?" Wanda asked leaning over the table.

"Yeah, it was a blast. That woman in the baby store was a little weird though," commented Dave.

"Yeah," she agreed, blushing.

"It's not like every man and woman buying baby things are buying for them selves. At least she didn't ask any more awkward questions though."

Feeling uncomfortable about the conversation involving babies, Wanda started to pick at her newly painted nails. Dave noticed her sudden silence.

"Are you alright? I haven't said anything to upset you, have I?"

"No, no, it's just talking about children makes me feel a little weird," she replied, still not making eye contact. Not sure as to what else to say and feeling a little uncomfortable himself Dave changed the subject.

"So have you heard from Emily since your fight?"

"No, I called her parents and let them know what she'd done, but apart from that I've heard nothing. I do keep meaning to call her, but with being due back to work next week I've been too busy."

"Do you think she'll stay on the road with Randy?"

"I doubt it; she's not the type to stick at anything for too long. What about Randy? What type of guy is he?"

"To be honest, he's a bit of a ladies' man. I haven't seen him stick with one girl for more than a month."

"Well, no doubt she'll be knocking on my door in tears in a few weeks time, claiming it's my entire fault. She'll never realize she has to take responsibility of her own actions," Wanda dryly laughed.

"I wouldn't worry about it. She's an adult and she can take care of herself."

"I don't worry about it," she laughed again, her mood now lifting.

Their appetizers had just arrived, so the conversation ceased whilst they tucked in. After their plates were cleared, they ordered another bottle of wine and continued chatting.

"So when are you back on the road?"

"About a month, give or take. A lot of it depends on the booking. At the moment, I'm meant to be out injured from Triple H's hammer attack. No doubt I'll be thrown into a steel cage match with him when I return."

"A what? They're really going to put two fully grown wrestlers in a steel cage?

Dave raised an eyebrow and laughed. "It really isn't as bad as it sounds. Most of the shots are fake and when we need to bleed we just blade."

"You do what?" Wanda shrieked, her mouth open in horror.

Again Dave laughed. "God, you really are new to this, aren't you? That's not as bad as it sounds either, we just run a blade over our foreheads. It stings a little but looks really effective, especially if you're like Ric Flair. You just have to be careful not to let anyone in the crowd see the blade, as some wrestlers have. I'm surprised; I thought you'd be use to all this kind of stuff working in the movie business."

"Nah, our stuff is totally fake. Prosthetic cuts, blood capsules, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, we use to use that kind of thing, but it looked too fake," Dave grinned.

Again the conversation more or less ceased as their main course arrived. Dave commented that Wanda's meal looked as though it had far too much cheese in, to which Wanda replied, 'You can never have too much cheese.' With the meal now finished, and neither wanting desert due to being too full, another bottle of wine was ordered and the conversation continued.

"How is Stephanie by the way? She seemed a little distracted when we were at the bar," inquired Wanda.

"As far as I know she's good, but I haven't seen her or Hunter since they went back on the road."

"Oh right. It was a good night though. Well have to do it again; I really liked Stephanie and Hunter."

"Yeah, they're a nice couple. Hunter's been a close friend since I joined the WWE, got me through some hard times."

"I'm so nervous about this Monday; I start the WWE film work."

"Yeah, I remember you telling me. Don't worry though, you'll be great. Do you know who you'll be working with?"

"No idea, I'll find out all the details Monday."

With the bill paid and Mario's look-alike hinting that he wanted the table, the couple made their way back to the hotel.

"Fancy coming up for another drink? " Dave suggested.

"Yeah, why not. The night's still young," Wanda sassily smiled.

Dave's room was just how Wanda remembered it, warm and cosy looking. They snuggled on the couch together with a small bottle of Bourbon.

"You look great in that top by the way. The color really goes with your eyes," complimented Dave.

"Thanks," the hazel-eyed woman purred.

"Oh look at this," Dave piped up as if suddenly remembering something, pulling out a picture from his wallet. "It's a scan of Marie's baby."

Wanda took the picture of the tiny fetus, which was soon to become Dave's niece or nephew. Maybe it was the three bottles of wine she'd consumed or the physical reminder in front of her, but suddenly Wanda's eyes filled with tears. She handed the sonogram picture back with out comment.

"Are you sure you're alright? It's just this is the second time I've mentioned babies tonight and you've gone all quiet," queried Dave.

Feeling herself on the verge of crying Wanda tried to answer, but the moment had overtaken her and suddenly she was sobbing at the little memento of something she'd once destroyed.

"It's seeing that scan, well it reminded me of something terrible I once did," she sobbed.

"You mean, you, you were once pregnant?"

"Uh huh," Wanda nodded.

All the color drained from Dave's face. "I, I lost a baby once too," he stuttered.

"But I didn't lose mine, I got rid of it."

The tears were now streaking down Wanda's face as they both took in the information the other had revealed. Nothing was said for a few minutes, and then Wanda spoke.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't have to say sorry, you've done nothing wrong."

"But you lost a child and I willfully got rid of mine," Wanda cried.

"I'm sure you had your reasons."

Wanda then explained how she'd gotten pregnant years earlier, but her and her then boyfriend decided they weren't ready for children yet and wanted to wait until they had their work lives sorted out.

"Well it's better than keeping the baby and hurting it because you weren't ready and resented it," Dave comforted.

"It's the reason Max and I broke up. A few months later, we had a huge argument and he blamed everything on me, saying I killed our baby because I only cared about my career."

Dave's face took a look of pure hatred. "The bastard! How could he say that, when you both decided it was for the best?"

Wanda just nodded, her face totally blank and blotchy with tears.

Pulling her into a tight hug, Dave explained how his ex-girl friend had miscarried their child and blamed his wrestling schedule for it.

"Oh my god, that's horrible. How can something like that be anyone's fault?"

Dave just nodded.

Nothing was said for sometime as both were absorbed in their own thoughts.

"I think everything happens for a reason and I guess it wasn't either of our times to have children," Dave eventually said.

"I suppose so. I just still can't help feeling like a monster sometimes," sighed Wanda.

"You're not at all. Like I said, it's better than having a child and ending up hurting it."

"I, I think I should probably go now," suggested Wanda.

"No way, I don't want you to be alone after telling me what you have."

Again, Dave pulled Wanda into a tight hug, this time kissing her softly on the lips. Being in his arms made Wanda feel safe and like nothing bad would ever happen again. They sat silently caressing each other, as the fire burnt out and Wanda fell asleep. Dave remained seated, Wanda's dozing head resting on his chest. Eventually he carried the sleeping ebony haired woman to his bedroom. Laying there on the plump pillows she looked the picture of perfect loveliness. After the night's revelations, Dave couldn't bear to leave Wanda. Gentilly he climbed into bed next to her, holding her close to him.