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Chapter 3. : Future Action

Danny and Jazz flew through the cool evening air, to get to the meeting at Sam's place.

Jazz never flew like this before, and, even though she fealt safe with Danny, she was still wasnt too fond of heights.

Umm...Danny, when will we get there? Jazz asked, with nervousness in her voice. She tried to forget how high up she was.

"We'll be there soon, flying is fast." Danny said, almost like he was trying to impress Jazz.

"Okay, thats good." Jazz almost sighed in releif. "Can anyone see us, flying around like this?"

"Nope! I turned invisible when we flew out the window; no one can see us." Danny said, reassureing his sister. Danny sometimes thinks that Jazz worries too much.

"Oh, I think we're there! Jazz said, pointing at a house below. "Isnt that her place?"

"Yeah, it is." Danny said, somewhat happy to be there.


Danny and Jazz landed on the sidewalk in front of Sam's place.

"Should I change back, and we go through the front door, or should I go intangible, and we float through the wall into Sam's room? "Danny asked, seeking advice.

"I recomend going through the front door, so her parents dont wonder how we got in." Jazz suggested. "Make sense?"

"Yeah, okay" Danny said. He transformed back into human for the first time since he left school earlier that day. He knocked on the door, and they waited for someone to answer ...


"So, what will you do know that they know? " Sam asked. She thensipped a slushie that she had brought up to her room and offered her guests some refreshments. "Will you go back to your place?"

"I dont know if I should...My parents might know I'm a ghost,
Danny sighed.

"Perhaps I could sort it out, you know, with mom and dad." Jazz suggested. "Tell them your a ghost, and just to respect that and all."

"Jazz, I'm not a full ghost, I'm only half ghost" Danny pointed out.

"Oh, really?" Jazz sounded surprised. "Okay, I'll keep that in mind."

"Well, anyways, do you recomend I stay at my place tonight, or what?"

"Try staying at your place tonight, Danny." Tucker recomended. "If want to call us or something, you can."

Danny thought it over for a moment before saying anything."Okay, I'll try that. I should be at school tomarrow."

"I hope not, Danny. Tomarrow's Saturday!" Tucker said, practically


"Okay then. I guess this meeting is settled. Thanks for letting over at this time of night, Sam." Danny said, finishing off his pop and getting ready to leave.

"No problem, Danny." Sam said, smileing. "Good night guys!" Sam accopanied her hosts to the front door. She waved bye to them as Danny transformed back into a ghost, and picked up Jazz to fly home; and Tucker started walking.


Danny and Jazz descended from the dark night sky, and floated trough Jazz's bedroom wall. Danny dropped Jazz off in her room, then quickly dashed in the air through the wall to his room. He transformed back into human and landed on the floor. He glanced over at his clock and the time read 11:43 pm.

"Oh...Man I'm late...I hope my parents diddnt notice we were gone." Danny said, rubbing his eyes from tiredness. Just then, his ghost breath appeared, and he shivered. "Oh great, another ghost to fight. Second one today, too. I'll just go deal with them, then I'm off to bed."

Danny transformed back into a ghost, turned intangible, then dove through the floor to the ghost portal in the basement. Surely enough, Technus was there.

"Now your technology shall be mine, ghost boy!" Technus yelled, in his casual voice.

"Sure it will be." Danny said sarcastically. "And you'll rule the world once the appliances are under your command" Danny continued.

"Yes! That is my plan!... How did you know?" Technus questioned.

"It's so obvious" Danny said, with a smart smirk. "You need a hobby or something, seriousely."

"You shall pay for interupting me like-"

Boom! Danny kicked Technus hard and sent him flying into a wall, making him knock down a shelf and a few hard cover books. They fell with a loud bang on the ground.

"WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE!" Jack, Danny's dad, yelled.

Jack started to walk quickly down the steps. Danny had to either leave, and let Technus get away; or be seen again in his ghost form by his dad. He chose to finish Technus off.

He flew at top speed toward Technus, picked him off the floor, and threw him into the ghost zone. Then he walked over and closed the Ghost Zone door, just as Jack appeared around the corner.

"Danny? What are you doing down here at this time of night? Did you break something? Jack kept questioning Danny, but Danny just avoided eye contact and said nothing.

"And whats with the white hair and the black jumpsuit?" Jack finally asked.

Danny really diddnt want to have to answer that question. He turned his feet into his ghost tail, and flew upstair to his room.

"Danny's a...ghost? GHOST!" Jack yelled.


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