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At a Feather's Touch

Chapter One: Looking Back

"Man, I can't believe it. One whole year... You sure you're cool with remembering everything that happened?" The cyborg wiped a hand over his dark skin, smiling with some tension in his face. "You seem really stressed and everything, and I know some of your memories... Aren't all that great," he finished lamely, stretching his arms above his head in what he tried to make out to seem to be a lazy gesture. Robin, or at least he preferred the name of Robin, looked over at him quietly. "There is a lot to remember."

He merely nodded his agreement, able to feel both old and new identity within him at the mention of his old identity: Now he was Dick Grayson, then he was Robin, but neither seemed to fit the black-haired boy who did not fit in regardless of where he was, even in a team full of people with mysterious and painful pasts such as his own. "Yes," he agreed softly, authority clouding his voice, past and present mixing together, "There certainly is a lot to remember."

Suddenly, speaking of their own memories, everything in the room changed slightly, from the television in front of them to the stains on the couch around them, each thing coming back to them from a separate incident, and even Starfire's laugh, Beast Boy's joking, and even Raven's silence seemed to feed almost comfortably into the mix, leading both the laughter and sadness that was buried in their hearts back into the light. Robin let out a half-sigh: What had he gotten himself into?

Cyborg held up a large metal hand. "Ready to go, man?" He looked at Robin with concern, maybe the concern of a brother, or maybe the concern of a friend, but also with the concern of someone who knew what Robin was going through as far as not quite wanting to have to meet up with the ghosts and demonic shadows that were his very past, the shadows he tried to avoid.

Will I ever really be ready? A resonating pointless question that came back to him in the hollows of his own mind, which he was trying to force to work with his heart to keep from feeling anything at all. Instead, he brought the green rubber that covered his rough fingers down to meet with Cyborg's large metal ones. "Ready as I'm ever gonna get."

Both slid down the couch without looking at each other anymore, ready to begin talking, ready to begin talking about the pain in the Titan's pasts. The blue couch felt worn between them, almost a part of certain memories in itself. "I am ready to begin the telling of the memories!" Starfire chortled happily, obviously just having finished laughing at something the green changling beside her had said, although it was highly likely that she didn't understand it.

"Can we just get this over with?" Asked the cold, skeptical voice of Raven Roth. "It's great that we've survived this year and everything, and that no one's been killed or anything, but some of us do have important things to be doing." Her legs were already crossed as if already she longed to be safe in the dark sanctuary of her room, relaxing and meditating, shutting out the world around her.

Robin watched her violet eyes dance briefly and then fade into nothing emotional, brushing her purple hair away from her thin face until she noticed him looking at her and returned a politely quizzical look which plainly said, 'What are you staring at?' He merely shrugged his shoulders, a gesture which made Cyborg give him a slight look, but neither said anything more.

"Sure, if that's what you want," Cyborg replied with a brief shrug of his shoulders, not catching the extra tension between Robin and Raven, not noticing that they seemed to be locked in some kind of staring match over his head. "Who wants to go first?"

"Dude, I will, I have so many stories to embarrass Raven, I just cant' wait until..." His voice broke off as a hand print appeared in the side of his face, Raven glowering at him. "Sorry, I'll shut up now..." He became quiet, folding his arms over his chest and bouncing up and down slightly.

"I remember a time when friend Raven and I switched bodies and I came to understand her and..." Starfire began monolouging. Robin sighed and settled back and instead studied Raven's way of sitting, her eyes glowing with fake interest as she listened, her long legs tucked under her. She caught him looking, forced him to turn away, and he blushed.

What the hell are you blushing for? He questioned himself, but nothing answered, and he felt hopelessly alone.

Just then, however, a red light went off, accompanied by a loud, obnoxious buzzing: Robin cursed silently, unable to believe that something would be important enough to disturb the Teen Titans on their one night of break in the entire year. All the same, though, the distraction from his thoughts was more than welcome.

"What?" He barked shortly at the video screen, blinking to wipe away the vision he had of the enchantress in his head, her legs tucked under her, fake interest in her life in her eyes...

"Downtown... Superpowered villains... Your area... Get down here..." The chief of police disappeared almost instantly as blasts behind him engulfed both him and his team, the loud explosions and civilian screams disappearing behind him. Robin sighed. "Titans, you heard him! GO!"

On his motorcycle, cruising down the road with the T-car behind him, Robin gazed out over the blurred landscape, deep in thought. Raven had told him what she had been able to find based on the images: The villains were known as Past, Present, and Future, and all seemed to have some tie to Slade. "Ironic," she had said, "How we're looking at our pasts and these people just show up, don't you think?"

Past... For some reason, the words, the irony of it all bothered him. He resolved then and there that they had to be taken down.

He had no idea that parts of his own past were about to leave their heavy steel cage in the back of his mind, becoming painful reality,to join him in the present where he was working so hard to escape them.