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Chapter 4: Tense Times

Severus opened the door, scanning his eyes for Potter. He saw him, sitting on the bed, staring into space.

"Potter, up. It's time to head to my chambers," he said, but not with as much strength as would normally be used. Harry raised his head and nodded, standing up. Severus noticed him wince, but said nothing. He was sure that if something was bothering the boy, he would make it known.

Harry followed the potions master down the hall, trying to keep up with his long strides. He refused to say that it was hard for him, that would be weak. Also, his back was paining him, but he only kept his eyes on the greasy hair of his most hated professor.

He looked around at the portraits watching him as he walked until they dwindled as they reached the dungeons.

Harry nearly ran into Severus as he stopped at a blank stone wall. He muttered the password, and did not tell Harry what it was. Harry did not really care at the moment, he just wanted to lie down and rest. He wanted to be out of his most hated professor's presence.

Severus stepped through the door and looked behind him to see Harry stumbling through. He could tell that Potter was tired, that he was in pain, and that he was going to say nothing. He also knew that if asked, he would deny all of it and say that he was fine. 'Damn his Gryffindor pride.'

He decided to just tell him the rules, and then let him alone. He didn't like this arrangement anymore than the boy did.

Harry stared around the room. He was surprised to see how homey it looked and felt. He had expected a stone room or something like it. He hadn't expected to see soft chairs, and a fireplace blazing.

"Potter," Harry Jumped and faced the professor.

"Yes sir,"

"I have some rules to give you." Harry nodded. "You will tell me if you are going out of my quarters. You will not enter my potions lab unless it is a dire emergency, the same goes for my bedroom. I will be tutoring you in potions, we will be continuing occlumency and you will put in more effort than you have been thus far. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," Harry said flatly. Severus ignored the boy's tone, ignored his feelings of concern about how Potter wasn't arguing as he normally would.

"Very well. I will show you where you are sleeping."

Harry followed Severus down the hallway to the right and listened as he explained what each room was.

"This first room on the left is the bathroom. The one next to it is where you will be staying. The two on the right are my lab and room." Harry nodded and went to his door.

Opening it, he saw a four poster bed set on the right wall, a door on the left that was presumably a closet, and a window on the back that looked out over the quidditch pitch. The walls were a pale blue.

"You may color it if you wish. Magic is allowed here since you are at Hogwarts. However, I will expect you not to use it for causing trouble."

"Yes sir, thank you." Severus was surprised that Harry had thanked him, but he did not show it.

"Very well. I will be in my lab. If you are hungry, call for Suly the house elf and she will get you what you wish." Without giving Harry a chance to reply, he swept off into his lab.

Harry flopped onto the bed. It was soft and made him feel better to feel it beneath him. Looking around once again, he spotted his trunk in the corner. He levered himself up painfully and went to it.

He decided he would read. He wasn't really hungry, just tired. He didn't want to bother Snape so he would just stay in here.

Severus stood staring at his potions ingredients, thinking of what to brew. He had seen Harry wince as he stood up from the hospital bed so he decided to make an ointment. He was not doing this for the boy's good. Oh no. This was only to preserve himself in Albus's eyes. Yet a small part of him winced at the way he tried to hide his feelings. Sneering, he started work, getting into the rhythm of chopping, adding, stirring and checking the temperature.

For him, potion brewing was a calming activity. It gave him a chance to think over situations, relieving the stress of making decisions and preparing him for yet more of them. For he knew that there would be more. With Albus as his friend and employer, there were always things to be thought over. Like Potter's… Harry's… oh drat! He didn't care about him! No no no!

Finishing the ointment, he set it aside to cool and sat back on his favorite black stool. He felt restless. He wished that he hadn't been given the job of babysitter to Potter of all students. He wished…

"No!" Hissed Severus as he grabbed his left arm, where the dark mark was etched. "Why now."

Getting up, he headed for the door that led into the corridor. Then he turned around and headed for Potter's room. He had almost forgotten about him… almost. Opening the door, he looked in only to see the boy asleep on his bed, a book held loosely in his hand. Severus decided that he wouldn't tell him where he was going, and headed for the Hogwarts gates.