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Chapter Fifteen: Finale

Creeping to the door, Kagome placed an ear against the wood and tried to hear what was going on downstairs. Whoever had entered the apartment obviously had a key, so it was probably one of Inuyasha's roommates. Quelling the excitement and apprehension that swelled at that thought, Kagome turned her attention back to the door.

Unfortunately, she didn't have Inuyasha's hearing. All she was able to make out was a muffled noise that sounded vaguely like her hanyou and another that sounded vaguely male. As she listened, the two muffles were joined by a third and a fourth. One was slightly higher pitched and led Kagome to think that its owner was one of the younger residents. The other was harder to make out and finally, after straining her brain to its limit, she conceded defeat. She would just have to wait until Inuyasha came back.

Or did she? Kagome decided that it was all well and good for Inuyasha to try and keep her from finding anything out, but really, the operative word there was try. So she tiptoed over to the door and rotated the knob as slowly as she could. The click when the door finally opened seemed impossibly loud, and she flinched. There was no change in the voices downstairs. Sighing in relief, Kagome began to pull the door ajar. That's when her luck dropped out.

The hinges creaked and there was a falter in the conversation. A beat of silence than she distinctly heard Inuyasha hiss, "Hide!". Knowing that she was caught, Kagome gave up her pretense and exited the room just in time for Inuyasha to reach the top of the stairs.

The hanyou was clearly annoyed. "I thought I asked you stay in there."

His tone grated on Kagome's last nerve. She fixed her hands on her hips and glared at the boy for all she was worth. A glimmer of satisfaction shot through her when his ears flattened back in a wince. "Well, yes, you did, but I'm getting tired of waiting."

Inuyasha opened his mouth to argue the point, but snapped it shut at her pointed glance down at his rosary. Sighing heavily and running a hand through his hair, he gave in. "Alright. Come on downstairs. You can meet my roommates."

Feeling triumphant at her victory, Kagome trotted down the stairs in front of the hanyou. However, upon reaching the bottom, she found no new people to meet. She turned and looked questioningly at Inuyasha.

The slight smirk that was on his face was incredibly irritating. "What?" she demanded.

"Oh nothing," was the reply. "Just do me a little favor first."

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "And that would be?"

"Close your eyes."

Bemused, but curious, Kagome did as he asked. She felt him gesture to someone behind her and after a moment, he told her she could open her eyes. "Now turn around."

Still wondering what the hell he was smirking at, she spun on her heel. And came face to face with the last people she had expected to see. Her knees gave out on her, but before she could hit the ground, Inuyasha had caught her and set her down on the stairs.

"Kagome-chan, are you okay?"

Kagome heard her name and looked at the person who had spoken it. "Sango-chan?" she asked tentatively.

The former demon slayer beamed at the still stunned schoolgirl. "Yes, it's me."

A familiar weight landed on her knee and Kagome switched her gaze to a pair of startling green eyes. "Shippou-chan?"

The kitsune peered up into her face, his expression concerned. She rested a hand on top of his red hair in a reassuring gesture and the kit sighed happily and hugged her tightly.

"Well, Kagome-sama, I must say you are looking quite well."

The third and final person grinned at her over the heads of the other two. Kagome shook off the last of her shock and grinned back at the young man. "It's good to see you, too, Miroku-sama."

The next few minutes passed in a blur of hugs, laughs, and not a few slaps. After the initial frenzy, Kagome found herself sitting on the couch in the living room next to Sango with a happy Shippou in her lap and Kirara, who had emerged from wherever she had been hiding earlier, was curled up between them. They were busy catching up on everything that had happened since the last time they'd seen each other. When Kagome had learned of Sango's marriage to Miroku, the teasing had been relentless.

"And we've adopted Shippou as well," the demon slayer said, her face still bright red from embarrassment.

"Yeah, Inuyasha mentioned something about that earlier. He also said something about a brother," Kagome asked. "I'm guessing you brought Kohaku-kun with you than."

Sango nodded, her expression a mixture of sadness and hope. "Yes, he's here. He's actually at a counseling session right now, but he'll be back later."

"Counseling?" Kagome cocked her head to the side. "For the memory loss and all, right?"

Her friend nodded again. "Kohaku's actually doing really well here."

"I'm glad to hear it."

"Did you know it was actually Inuyasha's idea to have Kohaku do the counseling?"

Kagome's eyes widened in surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah. I'm glad he thought of it." Sango murmured. "I'm not sure what would have happened back in our time, but here he has a chance."

"Yeah, he does," Kagome agreed. She glanced over to where Inuyasha and Miroku were arguing over the operation of some appliance in the kitchen. "Um, excuse me would you?" She passed Shippou off to Sango and trotted over to the boys.

"I'm telling you that's not how it works."

"Nonsense, Inuyasha. How else could it work?"

"Whatever, Miroku."

"Whatcha guys fighting about?" she interrupted.

Both guys looked over at her. The object of the argument was sitting between them on the counter. It was a blender. Kagome quickly suppressed a snort of laughter before plastering an inquisitive expression on her face. Inuyasha made a point of not watching, while Miroku basically pounced on her.

"Ah, Kagome-sama! Maybe you can help us. We were just discussing how this contraption works." Inuyasha snorted. The monk ignored him and gestured towards the appliance.

She debated on whether or not she should give careful and detailed instructions to the monk on how to operate the machine. However the potential for mayhem was too strong and Kagome had always believed that experience was the best teacher of all.

"Well, Miroku-sama, what you do is take a bunch of fruit, ice, and milk, put them all into the blender and push a button." She spread her hands in a 'that's all' gesture. "And poof, instant drink."

Miroku practically crowed with his new information. "See, I told you, Inuyasha. You don't need that silly looking lid at all."

The hanyou had opened his mouth to reply when Kagome stepped on his foot. It didn't hurt but he glared at her all the same. Instead of glaring back, she just smiled mischievously. Then she jerked her head towards the patio/balcony. Understanding her meaning, the hanyou nodded and followed her outside.

The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was streaked with pastels. The clouds were painted pink and purple, while the sky itself was soft green and blue. Kagome leaned against the railing and Inuyasha did the same. Moments of comfortable silence passed before she spoke.

"Sango-chan told me that you suggested the therapy for Kohaku-kun."

He shrugged, flushing slightly with embarrassment. "Keh. It was actually your idea. I just passed it on."

She angled her head so that she could look at him. "No, it was you that made the connection. I only provided the basic information."

Inuyasha huffed again, still not quite convinced of his good deed. He tried another approach. "Well, it was also the best way to get her to come to this time." Kagome frowned, confused. "I had to talk them into coming a bit. Shippou jumped at the chance, but they took some convincing."

She nodded and turned back to face the sunset. More silence passed and Inuyasha began to worry that he shouldn't have said that last bit. He was about to apologize when he felt Kagome's arm slip around his waist. Her head rested on his shoulder and he knew he didn't have to say anything more. They stayed like that until the sun fully set beyond the horizon.

"Inuyasha." Her soft voice broke through the nighttime noises of the city.

"Hm?" He nuzzled his nose into her hair, inhaling the calming scent he found there.

Shifting slightly, Kagome turned in towards him. "I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful birthday present and to let you know that you were right."

"I was?" Confusion colored his words.

"Yes." She placed both arms around him, which allowed him to do the same to her. Her eyes rose to meet his. "I am proud of you and your wish." With that, she pulled him down into one of those searing kisses that seemed to last forever.

That is until a certain monk turned on a blender to its highest setting.

The End