That's all he felt at the moment…

Pain consumed him…

It was like every other night. His dad was passed out on the floor. His body heavily scented of alcohol. Clear beer bottles covered the table and counters downstairs. And he was upstairs picking himself apart. Picking out the glass shards that were embedded deep within his skin. His dad didn't mean to throw them at him. His dad didn't mean to hit him. His dad didn't mean to get drunk every night. It was his fault for giving him such a hectic life. Well, that's what his dad told him anyway.

Rocks pounded on the window of his room. He must stop it before his dad woke up. Before his dad got mad. Again. Who had managed to throw rocks at his window? To a window facing another house with very little space between them? Not even Esmee the cat could fit between the houses. How did a person?

It was Kuki. She was throwing rocks from her open bedroom window. He quickly opened his window and jumped into her room. Pillows surrounded the area around her window so he could jump in without harming his already harmed body. A bowl of warm, soapy water and a washcloth were waiting in her hands. He rolled over to her and rested his head in her lap. Just like every other night.

"You've gotta tell someone," Kuki ordered as he flinched from the soap running deep into the blood. "I can't watch you get hurt everyday and then clean it up."

"He'll stop soon. He promised me this morning that he was going to try. Just let me lay here and relax. But don't forget-"

"Wake you up before midnight so you can go home safely," she interrupted while smiling. "I know. Now sleep. We both know you need it more than ever now." And with her command, he slept. She smiled as she looked at what a man he had become. Blonde skater hair that fell gracefully in front of his green eyes. Torn up jeans from skating and a sleeve-less sweatshirt from his father's abuse baggy over the long-sleeved white shirt. How she loved him. And he was sleeping in her lap after his father beat him again. She just couldn't protect the one that mattered the most to her.

It smelled of daisies. It was her favorite flower. She was laying in them. Just staring at the sky making out pictures from the clouds. Just like they had done when they were younger. Her raven hair had delicately fallen around her perfectly curved body. She had grown up so beautifully. He had always been able to tell that she would grow up like this. He was walking up to her. To lie down at her side and hold her hand. Then they would look up at the clouds together.

"I love you Kuki," he whispered into her delicate ear.

"I love you too Wally." She poked him in between the ribs where his dad had last hit him.

"Hey!" he said in shock. "That hurts Kuki!"

But she wouldn't stop. She poked that same spot over and over again. And it stung and stung until it bled.

"Kuki!" he screamed while waking up.

She was lying on the ground. Blood was dripping from her lip. Glass shards were around her. And he was there. Standing over him with anger flaming in his eyes. Blood was seeping through his sweatshirt just like his dream. Then he felt the pain. His dad must have been beating him in his sleep.

"Did you do that Dad? Did you hit Kuki?" he asked while trying to calm his father down. It had worked when his mom was still alive. Before the AIDS killed her. Wally was only five when it happened but vague memories of her still live within him. She was wild and rebellious and he reminded his dad way too much of her.

His dad nodded in shock of what he had done. He hit an innocent girl. She did nothing. Wally noticed that his Dad's fists were being clenched tightly. Too tightly,

"Tell me what happened."

Hid father clutched his head as he tried to remember. Memories were hard for him when he was drunk. "She was yelling. Yelling so loudly. Yelling, 'Stop hitting Wally! You'll kill him!' And her big purple eyes filled up with tears and she was crying. Crying for you. And she wouldn't shut up. So I went to hit you and she got in the way. I warned her. Warned her to move or I would break my bottle on her. And she wouldn't move. Just laid there pleading. So I hit her off of you and broke my beer bottle on her face."

"You didn't tell her why you hit me?" he asked with curiosity getting the better of him.

"I did. Said that it was your fault. Your fault for giving me a hectic life. For getting into so many fights and so much trouble. You're too wild. You're too rebellious. You're too-"

"Much like Mom?" He had triggered the set of memories. How Wally's mom got AIDS when she gave birth to Wally. Her blood mingled with a cut from the doctor and gave it to her. It was his fault she got AIDS. His fault that she died. And then he decided to act like her too? That was too much like him. Take her life and then replace her. He wouldn't let his son do that.

He saw the anger flicker in his father's eyes. The jagged edge of the beer bottle remains faced him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kuki wake up. Why couldn't she have slept through this? Now she would see him die. Before he could change his attention back to his father, Kuki had screamed and he felt the sting. She was running toward him as he fell back. The cold, hardwood floor hit his head hard. Crimson red blood was soaking his orange hoodie. Now it was covering her jade green sweatshirt.

"Don't die on me Wally. I need you," she pleaded while tears streamed from her face.

"Don't worry Kuki. It doesn't even hurt anymore. Honest." It was impossible for her not to trust his rich Australian accent.

"But it hurts me!" she sobbed. Her face was buried in his chest. "I can't lose you again. When we were decommissioned it took us so long to find our memory boxes to remember each other again. Now I'll never get you back."

"Look at me." He lifted up her frail chin and looked into her tear stained eyes. "Even if I die, I'll always be here for you."

"Pinky-promise?" she asked with the innocence of a ten-year-old instead of her sixteen-year-old self.

"Pinky-promise." The age-old tradition could never die. It hurt to lift his arm, but he would do it. He would hurt for her.

"Sealed with a final kiss?"

"Sealed with a kiss."

"Not final?"

"Nope. We'll see each other again. When you die too, we'll see each other."

And with Wally's final breath, he kissed Kuki. Her tears mingled with his blood and they were both soaked red. A crestfallen angel's blood. Love's painfully lost tears.