Chapter 6

Martha looked at Wesley inquiringly.

"I don't suppose you could tell us where you're from this time, could you?" she asked.


Suddenly, the Kents noticed Data.

Martha gasped. "Good lord, what happened to him?"

"It's complicated," Riker answered quickly. "Um, Mr. and Mrs. Kent, I don't mean to be rude, but do you mind if we step outside for a moment? I need to speak with the rest of my colleagues."

Jonathan, Martha, and Clark looked at each other for a moment, until Jonathan stepped closer to the visitors.

"No, we don't mind. You can talk out on the porch. We'll be waiting here in the kitchen when you're done."

Will nodded. "Thank you. We won't be long."

With that, Riker moved back out the door and onto the porch, motioning for the others to follow. As soon as they were all out the door and out of earshot, Jonathan frowned.

"There is definitely something strange about those people."

"Really," Clark said. "One of them has white skin!" Then the teenager looked at his parents. "Mom, dad, that guy you recognized…Is it really true that he's been here before?"

"Yes, it's true," Jonathan answered.

"It seemed strange enough then, but now that vortex seems to have brought even more people here from God-knows-where." Martha smiled. "It's a good thing we're used to strange."

"So what are we going to do?" Clark asked.
"We're going to help them any way we can," Jonathan said. "And hope that they'll tell us more so we can."

Clark looked thoughtful for a minute or so, then took a deep breath.

"Do you think…?" he began slowly.

Immediately they knew where he was going.

"Clark, don't get your hopes up," Jonathan said gently. "You know Krypton was destroyed almost sixteen years ago."

Clark shrugged. "Yeah. But I can't help but hope."

As soon as the door closed behind the group Wesley spoke.

"Commander Riker, I think we should tell them the truth. They're good people; they won't tell anyone else. I know we can trust them, and if they know where we're from they might be able to help us find a way back."

Will sighed, "As much as I wish we could do that, Wesley, we can't. The Prime Directive…"

"Doesn't apply to me or Mrs. Troi," the young Traveler interrupted. "We're not in Starfleet. We can tell them. Right Mrs. Troi?"

"Of course," Lwaxana answered, but she was frowning.

"Is something wrong, mother?" Deanna asked.

"Well, the boy's parents I can read like an open book, but what's strange is that I can't get much of a feel for Clark."

"Mother! You know you're not supposed to do that without permission!" Deanna exclaimed.

"Yes, I know Little One, but I just wanted to be sure of who we were dealing with. Didn't you notice that the boy is hard to read?"

"Well, yes, but some humans are well guarded…"

Wesley, meanwhile, prodded Commander Riker. "Well?"

"Wes, I'm just not sure."

"I don't have to get permission from you, you know. I resigned from Starfleet. Besides, we wouldn't really be doing anything wrong. I could tell them, and the they would know, so it wouldn't hurt for the rest of you to talk about it."

"It would be like it wasn't exactly breaking the Prime Directive when Captain Picard beamed into our apartment in Metropolis and asked us to come to the 24th century," Kaitlyn said.

"We already knew about the 24th century from Star Trek," Morgan added. "He just confirmed it existed."

Riker stood in his place, thinking. Finally he shrugged.

"All right, When we go back in there, you can them, Wesley. Mrs. Troi, you can help him if you want."

"Oh, no thank you. Mr. Crusher can give them the big news. I'll just slip in the part about Deanna and myself."

"You are going to tell them that you are not human?" Data asked.

"Of course I am."

Data looked over at Wesley. "Will you tell the Kents of your powers?" he asked.

Wesley frowned. "Actually, I don't think that would be a good idea. Thanks for asking, Data. I hadn't thought about it."

Data nodded. "You are welcome." Then he turned to Riker. "Commander, do you believe it is a good idea to tell them that I am an android?"

"I think we'll 'have' to, Data. The fact that you're not human is easy to see."

The android nodded. "Agreed."

Riker looked at Wesley again. "Well? What are waiting for?"

Wesley smiled. "Sorry. Let's go.

With that, the group filed back into the kitchen, and Jonathan looked up as they entered, and stood from the dining room table, where he, Martha, and Clark now sat.

"We never introduced ourselves properly," Will began.

"Neither did we," Jonathan said. " I'm Jonathan, and this is my wife, Martha. I assume you know my son Clark, since he's the one that found you. And we know Wesley here."

Riker nodded, and Wesley stepped forward. "I guess I'll introduce the rest of us to you then," he said. He started by motioning to Riker, and then did the same to each member of their party in turn.

"This is Will Riker, Deanna Troi and her mother, Lwaxana Troi…"

Finally he came to Data. "And this…is Data."

"Why does he look like that?" Clark asked.

Wesley took a deep breath.

"Well, this might be hard for you to believe, but…Data is an android. We're from the 24th century."