Once long ago

Once I walked away from the path.
I slipped and fell into the darkness, the Taint.
I endured, but I was too weak to stay strong…
She wasn't. She was a mystery to us,
Even to me, though we shared a bond between us.
I wonder now… could I have saved her again?
If...she had fallen again?

No, I laugh bitterly to myself;
I fell before and I tried to reach beyond what I was.
…And my reward? Ha! I fell and she came after my unworthy hide.
I thought to kill her and reap in the power… She beat me.
We fought as never before, but she pulled her strength;
Cutting back when she should have could have killed me.
She did not… SheShe claimed that I could turn;
That there was still good in me...

Through our bond, she knew I would turn.
She threw her weapons away;
And challenged me to strike her down
Just standing there her weapons lowered.
She fought with words and she redeemed me…
Even now …as I struggle and cry out.

She just pulls me back up, through the darkness that I live in…
…Because of her… She was once a smuggler; turned Jedi…
…And before? Hah! Before that …She was the Lady Revan,
Heroine of the Mandalorian Wars …And then
…Master of the Sith and feared conqueror
…Of the galaxy and a terror to behold.
She was the Lady Revan and,

That was all she ever needed to be.
Just Revan…

For she is the heroine, turned conqueror...
Villain turned heroine… The saviour of us all…
The Prodigal Knight, a master of the Dark and Light…
…And now…? And now she is…

The Lady of Darkness and Light