Summary: A mysterious man appears in Raven's room one night, threatening to blackmail her if she doesn't leave Earth immediately! She leaves, but someone won't give up looking for her. BBRae and hinted RobStar.

I was inspired to write this after watching a BB/Rae music video (I won't give out a link 'cuz I think it's causing my computers to crash (:()). Also, a little Rob/Star 'cuz that's my favorite couple.

BTW, this story goes against almost everything I've said about what I think(rather, what I made up for)Raven's past is in my earlier stories.

Anyways, on w/the story!

Raven sat on the couch, reading her book. The door behind her was open to help with ventilation. It also was helping Beast Boy, who was going to play a joke on Raven.

A green mouse scampered across the hall, then a green bunny, then a fox, and finally a green snake slithered to a little ways behind Raven. Then, the snake began to morph into a dinosaur. But before BB had gotten taller then the couch, Raven said, "Hello Beast Boy. Trying to play a ridiculous prank on me?"

Beast Boy turned into a human with a very disappointed expression plastered on his face. He walked in front of Raven. "Well, yeah. I mean…"

Raven was ignoring him, he could tell. He changed the subject. "Rae, you want to play some…soccer?"

"I don't do soccer." Raven merely replied. She hadn't looked up from her book the entire time.






Raven looked up. "I don't do sports." She closed her book and started walking away. She stopped and said, "I have to meditate. Don't ask me anymore." With that, she walked away.

Beast Boy slumped onto the couch as Raven walked away. Cyborg soon walked in from the garage. He had been working on the T-Car. "What's up, BB?"

Beast Boy sighed. "The ceiling."

Cyborg knew something was wrong. "What's wrong? I mean, you just missed a chance to make a big joke!" Cyborg knew that he wasn't being very clear, but it was as good as he was going to get.

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg. "It's just that I want to, you know, break the ice around Raven."

"We've known her for almost two years, and you're still 'breaking the ice'?" Cyborg said, incredulously.

Beast Boy nodded. "But it looks like I'll need a new sledgehammer." He put his hands on his head and looked into his lap (sort of; his eyes were closed)

Cyborg had been noticing that Robin and Starfire were acting different around each other, and noticing the same thing about BB. "Beast Boy, do you feel the same was you do about Raven that you do about Star?"

Beast Boy looked up. "No, why?"

Cyborg merely replied, "Nothing." Beast Boy obviously didn't believe him, but went back to thinking in the same position he had been in before Cy had asked him the question.

Cyborg left, leaving Beast Boy to wonder why he thought so strangely about Raven.

Raven wondered that night, before falling asleep, why Beast Boy was always asking her questions. Always talking to her. Always offering her stuff. Always being with her.

The problem was, she didn't want to be with him. In a way. Every time he was near her, she felt a strange emotion well up inside of her. She tried to hide it, because of her powers, but in her attempt to do so, she acted like she hated Beast Boy. She didn't. But what did she think about him?

Even in her dreams she wondered about Beast Boy.

That is, until her dreams were rudely interrupted by the last person she expected to ever see again. And the last person she ever wanted to see again.

Raven was sleeping peacefully when a voice said, "Hello Raven. Good to see you again." He said it sleekly, tauntingly, and almost evilly.

Raven sat up. She saw the man that had entered her room, via a teleportation device he still held in his right hand. She narrowed her eyes. "You. Falco, what are you doing here?"

"Falco" chuckled evilly. If you can imagine Slade laughing, that's what it would sound like, except a younger and different voice.

He stepped into the moonlight. He was wearing a black fairly tight suit that was mostly black, but where the moonlight reflected off of it, it looked dark silver. He wore armbands and leg bands that acted as armor. They were made from a metal tougher then steel, but lighter, and it was a dark red (The bands looked like Trigon's (sort of)). He wore a necklace with a fairly long chain (the pendant on it went all the way to his chest) with a design that only Azarathians could recognize. At least, in the dark.

He had dark green/black long hair (like Aqua Lad's) and evil blue eyes.

He said, "You thought you could escape us on this little world? There's no way you could've escaped us on this pitiful planet."

Raven glared at him. She did it slowly so that he wouldn't notice, but she was preparing to use her powers to pick up her communicator. "How did you know I was here?"

"We detected you using your powers while we were looking for you in this solar system."

"It took you three years to look here?" Raven said, half tauntingly.

Falco's eyes narrowed. "We didn't think you'd lower yourself this far!"

Raven nearly lost control and some of her powers nearly broke her statue of two masks.

Falco smirked. "You haven't discovered how to control them?"

Raven jumped out of her bed, completely forgetting about trying to get her communicator temporarily. "It's your fault!" She snapped. "If you hadn't…"

"I know what I did." Falco said, almost bored. "But still, have you?"

Whether it was the way he said it, or that he said it, Raven lifted her hand, said her chant very loudly, and then her communicator flew to her hand, surrounded by black energy. She had it in her hand and was about to open it when Falco vanished. He appeared behind her.

He wrenched her arms behind her back. Raven dropped the communicator.

"Let's have none of that!" He snapped as Raven struggled. "Besides, if you bring your friends into this, I'll have to tell them your secret."

Raven stopped struggling and stared at him in shock and anger, but more shock. "You wouldn't…"

"I can and will if you don't cooperate."

Raven caused a bubble of energy to form around her. She jumped out of Falco's iron grip and turned to look at him. "What do you mean?"

Falco smirked. "I want you to leave Planet Earth. By tomorrow. I want you to be out of Titan's Tower by sunrise."

Raven looked at a clock. "That's in forty-five minutes!"

"Exactly." He said. "If you don't, I'll tell your friends."

Raven looked away from him and at a picture of her and the other Titans (Beast Boy giving Robin "bunny ears", Starfire with her usual big smile, Robin smiling, and Cyborg doing the "peace" sign, and Raven with her hood up and not smiling) as Falco said. "You know I will. You lived in the same…"

"I know and regret living on the same planet as you, let alone the same building!" Raven snapped as she turned venomously to look at him. His arms were crossed and he looked bored and happy, as if he had just won a battle.

"Well?" He said.

Raven's shoulders shook with rage as she turned away. She calmed down (sort of) and she said, "All right, I'll leave."

"Good." Falco said. He pressed a button on his teleportation device, and something that looked like a tornado with black and dark blue stripes appeared. He jumped into it, feet first. The "tornado" disappeared soon after he did.

Raven sunk to her knees. A fewtears escaped her eyes, as much as she wanted to hold them back.

She couldn't help it. She was leaving Titan's Tower. And knowing Falco, she would never be able to come back.


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