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After he made a few more adjustments, Cyborg finally proclaimed, "Yes! Here it is!"

The map reappeared, and this time, Cyborg managed to zoom in on it. It couldn't show what was there, but it showed that…

"He's in space!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Dude, how'd he get in SPACE!"

"However he got there," Robin said, "We've got to catch him. Cyborg, plug that into the T-Ship. We're going into space."

A little bit before that…

Raven was still in her corner, trying to figure out what to do. She had played tic-tac-toe by herself for a while with a piece of chalk.

Then, three rough looking aliens began pointing and looking at her. They all were wearing smirks, and one laughed. They almost seemed drunk.

Unfortunately, Raven couldn't get out of their site before they all walked over to her. "Little lady," One said, smirking, "You do know it's dangerous to be here alone."

"I know." She said, sounding much like her Timid emotion.

"So," He said, "Why don't ya sit over there?" He said, pointing to the table he came from.

"I…like it over here." Raven said, to prevent herself from saying something that might give her away.

"Too bad!" He cackled, as all three of them yanked Raven up and started to drag her somewhere.

Raven didn't even have to think about it. Instantly, all three men were sent in different directions, due to a bubble of dark energy surrounding her.

She glared at them, but that look instantly turned to regret. "Oh no…"

"Sir!" Someone shouted. "She just used her powers. I know where she is!"

"Get moving!" Falco snapped at him. "We have to catch her before she moves again!"

A few minutes later…

All the aliens stared at Raven as she tried to back into her corner, but everyone had formed a ring around her after her little incident.

Just then, Raven saw a tornado-thing on the wall.

The same thing she saw Falco jump into the night he blackmailed her into leaving.

'Oh great.' She thought, pulling her overcoat around her and ducking into the crowd. With the other thing to worry about, at first, no one noticed her.

Falco and two of his minions---who where also wearing arm bands---appeared. "Search this entire ship from top to bottom. She's here. I know she is."

Just then, Raven tried to edge away so she could find an escape pod, but then, someone saw her. "Hey! Get away from me, you witch!"

'Oh lovely, a superstitious alien.' She thought as everyone either backed away from her or shoved her. One shoved her so hard, she hit the ground and felt something fall into her face.

Her wig.

"There she is!" One of the minions said.

Raven jumped up and began to levitate. Two orbs of dark energy formed around her hands. All the aliens panicked and began running out the doors. "Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" She shouted. Two crates were covered with dark energy.

With two swishes of her hands, the crates went flying at Falco and his minions. They jumped out of the way, and the crates went flying into each other.

Falco's minions leapt at Raven, but she only moved. "Why did you come after me?" Raven said, eyes blazing as she sent another crate flying at Falco.

Falco smirked. "For the same reason I made you leave. He still wants you, Raven."

Raven's eyes went wide, but then, they turned into an angry glare. Her eyes blazed whiter. "I'm never going back, especially NOT WITH YOU! You already ruined my life enough, and now that I have a life of my own, you want to take it away from me!"

"I didn't choose this, Raven." Falco said. "You know that."

"Well," Raven said, her eyes threatening to turn red, "you can just tell him that I REFUSE TO GO BACK WITH YOU!"

Falco smirked. He was getting to her. If he made her more and more angry, eventually, Trigon's influence would overpower her, and she'd be helpless to them.

Falco nodded at his minions, who jumped at Raven, successfully knocking her out of the air. Something that sounded like a growl came from the bottom of the pile. Two long, dark tentacles picked up the two minions and sent them hurtling at Falco, but they merely did a back flip in mid air and land, on their feet, next to Falco.

Raven stood up, with both pairs of red eyes. Tentacles flowed from under her cape, reaching for Falco and his minions.

Falco walked forwards, confidently, and said, "Now Raven, you know that those can't hurt me." Smirking, he grabbed a tentacle. It lay limp in his hand, as if it were black bread dough.

This only made Raven more angry. Things began to move, but none of the three seemed concerned.

Raven's glared harder and harder at Falco, then, she gasped. The tentacles vanished. Everything in the room stopped moving. The eyes disappeared.

As Raven was still getting her strength back, Falco leapt over to her and held both her arms behind her back.

Raven tried to push him off with her powers, but she found that she could summon her energy, but it would only fizzle away after a few seconds.

Wide-eyed, Raven noticed the bands on Falco's wrists were touching hers. "That's not what I think it is, is it?"

"Yes, it is." Falco said, with a smirk. "Now, let's go home."

"No, I'm staying right here!" Raven snapped, but she couldn't break away from Falco, no matter how hard she tried. But she wasn't going down without a fight. She kicked and struggled, but he only tightened his grip.

"Take her." Falco said, tossing Raven over to one of his minions, who also wouldn't let her go.

As Falco pulled out another device, a bird-a-rang landed in front of him.

"Don't…move." A voice said, with a dramatic pause in the middle.

All four Azarathians turned to face the voice. It was…

"Robin?" Raven asked, confused.

Falco snapped, "How did you find us?"

He never got a response. Beast Boy had turned into a cheetah a long time ago, and ran towards Falco. At the last minute, he jumped and morphed into a hawk. He dove at Falco's face, but Falco grabbed him and threw him into a wall.

"Why are you defending her?" Falco said, half angry, but half controlled.

BB, who had morphed into himself, said, "Duh! She's our friend, and you kidnapped her!"

Falco laughed. "I didn't kidnap her. She left."

The Titan's eyes went wide. Raven started, "No, it's not like that---", but was cut off.

"Why would she leave us?" Robin demanded.

"Yeah, she'd never do that!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

Falco smirked. "If she told you about herself, you wouldn't say that."

"What do you mean?" Starfire said, confused. "She told me when the Puppet King switched us that she was born on another world, and came to Earth to learn about our ways---"

Falco laughed. He couldn't help it. "She really told you that?" Starfire nodded. "Well, I have news for you: she lied."

Starfire gasped. The others stared at Raven. "You…lied to us, Raven?" Beast Boy said, slowly and confused.

Raven hung her head. Falco had done his work: The Titans thought Raven was a liar and Raven thought they hated her for lying. Or so he thought.

"I'm…sorry." Was all Raven could say.

"Well," Falco said, "Since that was cleared up, I think I'll be taking Raven home now."

Raven looked up miserably at her friends, then away, in the other direction. Falco pulled out the same device he had used for teleportation before. He again used it, this time saying, "Caris, Sarith, Azarath!" beforehand.

Beast Boy, who still wanted answers and only half-believed Falco---if at all---saw the two minions and Raven disappear, and Falco was halfway down. He leapt at them, and caught Falco by surprise. Beast Boy grabbed at him and missed, but he did successfully grab the device.

Raven found herself once again in Falco's grip. 'Why did I just give up back there?' She thought angrily as they came out of the vortex and ended up in a hallway. With intricate---but rather spooky, like Raven's room---designs, it looked rather impressive to most. But Raven could care less. She had seen it for much, much too long before.

Falco dragged a not-so-cooperative Raven along down the hallway. They stopped in front of a doorway.

"I'm still not going to help you or him!" Raven snapped.

Falco sighed as he pulled out a key and unlocked the complicated locking mechanism on the door. "Like he told you three years ago: you have no choice."

The door opened. He flung Raven into the room. "Get some rest. You'll need it."

The door shut, and Raven heard it lock. She tried to use her powers. Nothing happened. The walls were lined with the same material in Falco's armbands, which neutralized Raven's powers.

"No!" She shouted pounding on the walls. When she was all tired out, she slid down the wall, but still leaned on it, panting. "No, it can't be this way. It can't."
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