Saturn's guardians

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This is set just after the fight with Phaoroh 90 in Sailor moon and about a month after the failed wedding in Ranma1/2.

If you looked close enough at a certain roof in Nerima you would see one young man staring at the heavens with a look of utmost loneliness in his eyes. This young man is one Ranma Saotome who is fed up with all of the schemes, abuse and fights.

"Why is it that I can't have a normal life I would at least be happy if some people loved me for who I am and accept me even with my curse and that don't think of me as some prize or trophy like all the girls here do I just wish that I could find someone who I could love and be a family with instead of this chaos." Ranma didn't notice the shooting star go by then as he had fallen asleep.

The same night elsewhere the Sailor Scouts were tired as they had stopped Pharaoh 90 from coming into their world and causing evil. Unfortunately it had come at a great price. Hotaru could not be found, nor was her body anywhere to be found either. The Sailor Scouts just knew that she must be dead.

The outers were indifferent to this as they knew that sacrifices sometimes have to be made, but they just couldn't allow a rouge Sailor Saturn to run around with the power to destroy the world. In truth, the outers actually felt a bit safer now knowing that she couldn't destroy all life now.

The inners though were very upset, especially Chibi Usa who had been a very good friend with Hotaru. Usa really liked her friend, but now she was gone. She was still crying well after the inners told her what had happened. Of course, no one noticed a small baby asleep under some rubble completely hidden from view.