Saturn's Guardians Chapter 3

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After a good two hours discussing what to do. Ranma, Sakura and Nodoka had a plan on what to do with the Nerima wrecking crew.

"Ok then so we'll ring up Nabiki and tell her to get everyone together in the Dojo at 11 tomorrow morning so we can deal with everyone at once. Mom and I will go while you Sakura will stay here and look after Hotaru as no one knows about you two. So you will be safer from the NWC plus they'll be only looking for me and Mom not you two. Ok I think that's the main things. I'd better go and make the phone call then. See ya in a bit."

Ranma then proceeds to leave the house and find the nearest pay-phone.

While Ranma was gone Sakura and Nodoka were chatting about things and after a while Nodoka decided to bring up Ranma "So Sakura what do you think of Ranma then?"

"Well Auntie you know that I was trapped inside of Ranma's mind right." Nodoka nodded her head at this comment. "Well while I was there I saw everything Ranma saw, felt everything he felt etc. I just couldn't have any control. I also could access his past memories. After a while of seeing his kind generous nature I couldn't help but like him. I also couldn't help but wish I could help him as he got into trouble and almost all the time it wasn't his fault. As I saw him survive each ordeal and come out stronger than before and yet he always kept his kind heart and for the life of him he could not hold a grudge against anyone and always forgave everyone. Over time experiencing these things I couldn't help but fall in love with him.

Auntie I know that because of Nerima that he isn't ready for anything beyond friendship at this point in time. I also know I love Ranma with all of my heart and know that if Ranma fell in love with someone else I would be upset but I would also be happy that he was happy. I wouldn't try and force him to be with me and be unhappy."

"Really?" A voice said from behind Sakura, Sakura gasped and then turned around to see that Ranma had come back and was standing behind her. You could see the shock on his face. "Y you would really do that?" He asked and you could see many emotions flash through his face as he felt happiness and acceptance as he saw someone who didn't see him as a prize or enemy. Then he felt sadness as he realised how he never had anyone before who was willing to see him as anything more than a prize or enemy. He finally realised how alone he had always been.

"Of course I would. I admit that I would be upset as I do love you but I wouldn't try and force you to stay with me because I want you to be happy and if you don't want to be with me then forcing you to stay would hurt you and make you unhappy. I want you to be happy no matter what."

Much to Sakura's surprise he began to visibly shake and Nodoka began to wonder what was wrong.

"Ranma. Son what is wrong? Please tell us as we can't help you if you don't tell us."

Ranma then looked up at her and she could see that he was crying and she was shocked as she had never seen Ranma upset enough to cry before, especially as he always tries not to cry because he would be called a cry-baby girl or something. He then speaks and you can tell that he is very upset from the pain in his voice and eyes. "It's just that it's finally really sunk in that I've never until now with you Sakura-chan" Sakura looked very happy at the chan added on to her name "I've never had any friends and apart from you Mom no-one cared at all about me. I was just their worst enemy a trophy or a meal ticket."

"It's alright Ranma I'm your friend and I will never betray you. I will always be your friend." Sakura said with such conviction and sincerity in her voice that Ranma couldn't help but believe her. Ranma then glomps onto her while quietly saying the mantra "Thank you. Thank you..." over and over again for a couple of minutes until he realises what he is doing and then he jumps away while apologising repeatedly.

"Sigh Ranma I am not going to hit you. I know Akane does it all the time but she has some serious problems."

"I know it's just that every time I got hit and called a pervert that it has become kind of like a reflex."

"What! You mean that Akane would actually do such things?" Screamed out Nodoka who was shocked at hearing these things about the girl she always saw as a sweet young girl.

"Yeah she would hit pretty much anyone who was male and about my age for just looking in her direction. Strangely enough though she doesn't have anything against Ryoga and actually defends him and accuses Ranma of picking on him when Ryoga is the one who keeps trying to kill Ranma. "Sakura replied while speaking Akane's and Ryoga's voices with a lot of venom and disgust in her voice.

"Surely she's not that bad. She always seems like such a sweet girl whenever I saw her."

"Oh yeah her I'm so sweet and innocent act, such a load of rubbish. That's just her way of seeming to be all nice and innocent so it'll look like everyone else is wrong and she is right. In reality she is just a spoiled brat who loses her temper whenever she doesn't get her way." Sakura replied with hate evident in her voice.

"You really don't like her do you?" Inquired Nodoka

"No I don't. I have all of Ranma's memories and I experienced all of his life after he got the curse. All the time he was hit by Akane and often enough it was just over a tiny bit of name calling or saying that her cooking is terrible, sometimes he never even did anything, it was just some imagined insult or something. She would just over react and Ranma would get pounded. He let her hit him because she was a girl and had offered friendship when she first met him. So when you can feel the pain and know that the person doesn't deserve anywhere near that then you would despise that person."

"Well you don't have to worry about that anymore as you are not going to be living with them anymore. Also you only have to see them once more and I will make sure that none of the girls attack you."

"Thanks Mom but I'm not going to let them do anything anymore. I have to gain control of my life and I can't do it with the people from Nerima in my life. Well anyway I think it's time to go to sleep so that we are prepared for the morning."

"Ok I must admit I am a little tired and I know that Hotaru needs to go to sleep" Sakura tiredly responds while indicating the sleeping Hotaru on her lap before yawning loudly. Sakura then puts Hotaru to bed. After which Sakura, Ranma and Nodoka went to their own rooms to get some sleep.

The following morning at 9 o-clock.

Ranma and Sakura were in the backyard practicing their martial arts. Ranma was studying Sakura's skill and was suggesting ways to improve on it.

"Well Sakura it looks like you have really picked up a lot of my skill and techniques. You just need a bit of practice to perfect them."

Sakura beams at that. "Hey Ranma you want a spar?"

"Sure why not."

"You're agreeing? I thought you didn't fight girls?"

"Well that was only Akane. If you remember I have fought Shampoo."

"Why didn't you fight Akane then?"

"Two reasons really. Number one she had no control and I was hoping she would get some because when she did do those sparring matches all I would do was dodge. I was trying to get her to learn control by dodging her attacks she would have to improve to hit me and thus would have to learn control and patience. Unfortunately she never did. The second reason is that she is no where near my level of skill and wouldn't do either of us any good. Also considering the gap it wouldn't be too surprising if I ended up injuring her badly even if it was an accident. All she can do is attack with brute force. No skill, no defence and I know her endurance is pathetic."

"I suppose that is fair as she makes Mousse look like an excellent martial artist and that is without his glasses."

"Hehehehe I guess that's true as Akane is just a brawler. Well anyway let's spar." The pair soon started to spar and had an invigorating work-out until it turned into a tickling spree.

Meanwhile inside of the house Nodoka watched on while smiling her 'my son is so manly' smile. "I'm glad that Sakura is here I think those two are perfect for each other. Now to just get him over his shyness and get him to admit his feelings for her as it's obvious they are there from how he interacts with her. Of course that'll have to come after this morning." Just then Nodoka hears Hotaru crying for some food. "Oh I bet she's hungry. I better get the mixture made up for her."

Not long afterwards Ranma and Sakura come in and make breakfast. Once it was made they all sat down at the table and began to eat. Of course Ranma being Ranma eat at incredible speeds or at least he did till his mother stopped him.

"RANMA! Your father is not here to steal your food so you can at least try and eat properly. Especially with Hotaru here as children pick up a lot of bad habits from people around them." Nodoka told him off in her sternest voice.

"Ok Mom I'll try it's just a bit of a bad habit. When you have Po... I mean Genma around you have to do it automatically or you'll lose your food. It doesn't really matter whose food it is. The only people I think he has never stolen food from would be Kasumi and Happosai. Even then it's only because he's scared of what may happen. Either Kasumi wouldn't cook for him or Happosai might do something nasty to him."

"Well as long as you try to get rid of these bad habits as Genma isn't here and you're not going to have to worry about him again if I have anything to say about it. Well anyway since you have finished breakfast you can do the washing up and then afterwards it'll be time to get going so we can arrive at the Tendo's on time"

With that said by his mother Ranma went into the kitchen with the dishes and proceeded to do the washing up, after a couple of minutes Sakura got up and helped with the drying up.

Soon the washing and drying up were done and Ranma and Nodoka were ready to go a few minutes after.

"Well then Ranma we had better get going then." Nodoka commented

"Yeah I guess, see ya later Sakura."

"Bye I wish I could go with you guys but I understand that it is better this way, as no one will know about Hotaru or me. My only wish is that I could beat up some of the NWC, but since I doubt they'll leave us alone this easily. I guess I will eventually get my chance." Sakura replied with a thoughtful face at the end as she was imagining the various nasty things to do to the Nerima wrecking crew when they eventually come to bother them.

"Yeah I know that all this will do is delay the inevitable, but this is a sort of official way of saying that it's over. Oh well we're off." and with that Ranma and Nodoka went out of the door and started walking to the Tendo dojo. "Um Mom, why don't I just take us there by the roofs as it'll be faster."

"No Ranma, We'll be fine like this besides we have plenty of time. Also I wanted to talk to you and this is the perfect time to."

"Well how about you tell me how you feel about Sakura." Ranma was about to interrupt her and deny that he really cared or anything until Nodoka noticed "Now Ranma before you say anything, I know that you do care for her. I can see these things and I just want you to tell me the truth, I am not going to tell anyone else anything or embarrass you, I just want to know your feelings. Also if you ever need advice I want you to be able to come to me. I know I want lots of grandchildren, but after seeing what your life is like I know that it might be a while and I am willing to wait. Especially since you now have little Hotaru who I can fuss over and spoil rotten. So just tell me how you feel."

"I'm not exactly sure how I feel about her, I know I really care for her yet I don't know whether I love her or not. Then again I don't think I ever really knew what it was. I once thought I loved Akane but I don't think I ever did. I don't understand why either."

"I think I might know why. You said that when you first arrived she offered to be your friend and because of how your life has been you immediately became emotionally attached to her. You just kept on forgiving her for everything hoping that she be your friend if you forgave her. In fact I think you did that with everyone as you are constantly forgiving everyone. You even thought of Ryoga and Mousse who are constantly trying to kill you as friends. About the only people you never liked were the kuno's, Nabiki, Happosai and Cologne."

"I suppose that makes sense" Ranma said in a voice that clearly shows that he doesn't know what his mother is talking about.

"Sigh. Ranma when we get back I am going to give you some lessons on basic psychology. You may be smart but you are heavily uneducated in many areas. I would guess that Genma kept you uneducated so that you would be easier to control. What I would like to know though is how he expected you to get along with the Tendo girl's and produce an heir if you couldn't relate to other people socially, or if you had no knowledge of how to have sex? I just don't understand him."

"Um Mom I just think he wants to use me as a slave to live off. After all when a problem he created comes along, I'm the one who has to do something about it. He just sits back and plays Shogi all the time with Mr Tendo. Oh and plots on how to try and get me and Akane married as soon as possible."

"Well he can plot all he likes but I'm not going to let him force you to get married to anyone, let alone a spoiled, childish, brat, who loses her temper when she doesn't get her own way." Nodoka said with such venom in her voice that it was practically spat out of her mouth. Ranma was surprised at the way his mother was acting as he didn't think his mother could act like this. "Well anyway Ranma lets get off this particular subject and talk about other things." Then Ranma and Nodoka continued on the walk having a normal conversation about random things, until they had eventually gotten to Nerima, The Tendo dojo in Nerima to be exact.

"Well we're here Mom. Let's go and get this over and done with."

"Yes son this will be the last time you have to come here. Let's go and say goodbye to them. Don't forget to get any stuff you want to bring with you of your stuff from here."

"Yes mom." The two were now standing at the front door and politely knocked on the door. The door was soon answered by the calm, serene, Kasumi

"Oh my. Ranma, Auntie. You don't need to knock. You can just come in. You live here so you don't have to knock." Kasumi replied in her usual oblivious way.

"Well we thought that it would be polite to knock especially considering the circumstances." Nodoka commented in a polite voice.

"Oh. What circumstances are those? Auntie."

"You'll find out soon dear. Is everyone here?"

"Oh my. Yes all of Ranma's friends are here. Everyone's waiting in the dojo for you."

"That's nice Kasumi. Let's go in then Ranma. We don't want to keep them waiting."

"Ok mom." They both then went and walked through the house and went to the dojo and they were followed by Kasumi. They soon got to the dojo and went inside. Inside was pretty much everyone except for the kuno's. Even Ryoga was there somehow or other.

"Now boy. What's this all about then?" Questioned Genma while looking for a way out because he could see his wife and her katana.

"We are all here to sort some things out about my son's life here." Nodoka replied for Ranma in a stern voice.

"What is there to discuss. Ranma will marry Shampoo and return to China with us." Cologne said in her wise elder voice which is supposed to leave no room for reasoning.

"No Ranma will marry a Tendo!" Shouted out Genma at the same time as Soun wailed out.

"Ranma will marry my Akane!"

"I will not marry that pervert!" Shouted out Akane in her usual denial.

"SILENCE!" Shouted out Nodoka to which everyone did shut up surprisingly enough. "Now. Ranma and I have had a long talk about things and have decided on a few things. Now we are going to sort out all of my sons problems one by one. Would like to start Ranma?" Nodoka said in her sternest voice brooking no arguments from the audience. While finishing with asking Ranma to continue for her.

"Ok Mom. Cologne you know I destroyed Saffron, so using what you know about how strong I am, if I decided to destroy your village how much damage do you think I could do? Hypothetically of course." Ranma asked Cologne while using the soul of ice to remain completely calm.

"Well on your own I reckon you could at least destroy a quarter of our warriors. Why?"

"Cologne I am not going to marry Shampoo. Before you say anything listen to me. I would prefer to be an ally than an enemy. Now I have to tell you something, I am at least twice as powerful as you think thanks to Saffron. Also Herb owes me a life debt. Now with all of that, do you think your tribe would survive my anger, because if you force me to marry Shampoo and drag me to China that is what will happen. I guarantee it." Ranma stated to Cologne while still using the soul of ice."

"I see what you are saying but by our laws you must marry Shampoo."

"Cologne don't you think your laws are going to destroy your village at this rate. You will not get me alive, nor will you get any children out of this. All you will get by forcing me is destruction of yourself and your tribe."

"I will have to discuss this with the tribe first. Come to the Nekohanten in half an hour and I will have an answer for you." Cologne then hopped off dragging with her a shocked still Shampoo and an ecstatic Mousse. Shampoo suddenly broke out of her shock and Cologne's grasp and glomped onto Ranma wailing.

"Airen why you not want me, I'm not ugly, I can cook, I am a great warrior. Whhyyyyyy?"

Ranma sighed at this and then managed to pry Shampoo off of him. "Shampoo I have to agree with you that you are beautiful, a great cook and a good fighter. This though is not what makes me not want to marry you. When I first met you, you soon wanted to kill me because I defeated you in that tournament. Even though you were only following your tribe's laws, this made you look like a terrible loser. Also even though I have forgiven you for hunting me down and all of those magic tricks and potions and even wrecking the wedding, I can not forget them. Also the way you try and show your love to me is exactly the same way as Mousse does to you, just less blindly than he does. That is why I don't want to marry you." Cologne then came and took Shampoo away with her while Shampoo was just crying to herself.

"That's the way to show her Ranchan. Now you can come with me your 'cute' fiancée and we can live happily ever after."

Ranma then turned to look at Ukyo "Ukyo I want to ask you something if I married you how would you see our lives being?"

"Well we would have an Okonomiyaki (I hope I've spelt this right) restaurant and we would run it together and you could also do some martial arts teaching sometimes, though it couldn't be that often as I would need you to help in the restaurant a lot."

"This is the problem Ukyo, you have just told me how you will fit me into your life in the way that you want. You haven't even seen if I would want to help in the restaurant or if I want to teach martial arts, you have just taken what little you know about me and fit it into what you would think your perfect life would be like. You never even considered that I might have some dreams of my own that wouldn't fit into your life. Sigh. Ukyo when I first met you I saw someone who was my best friend, even though I thought you were a boy. Genma then cheated you and your father and dragged me away. You then let your fathers wish for vengeance take over and you let your father force you to do his job. Then when you found us I called you cute once and you decided to become an official fiancé. You didn't even think about whether or not I wanted you as a fiancé. I have told you many times that you are my best friend and nothing more. You then betrayed my trust and just used my friendship with you to try and win me over. That hurt more than you can imagine as I realised you didn't care about me and showed me that you are not my friend. So from now on I don't want to see you again." At this Ukyo ran out of the dojo sobbing followed by Konatsu.

"Great work my boy. Now you can marry Akane without those other fiancés getting in the way."

"Genma shut up!" Nodoka said in an angry voice. "Now to get to the next order of business. Genma I am getting a divorce, here are the papers you will need to look at. I am removing Ranma and myself from the Saotome register and putting us on my family's registry. That will also annul all of Genma's promises about Ranma."

"The schools will be joined!" Shouted Genma

"You will marry my little girl!" Screamed Soun in his demon head.

"Ranma belongs to me you can't take him away!" Shouted Akane thinking that she was about to lose her property.

"Ranma doesn't belong to anyone Ms Tendo." Nodoka said with a fair amount of venom in her voice, as the final proof that Akane was not the sweet little girl she seemed to be showed itself. No she was a violent spoiled brat.

Akane then saw Nodoka as a threat to her property and got out her mallet and prepared to strike Nodoka. Then just before she struck she felt a great pain in her gut and then felt herself flying into the koi pond, as Ranma punched her hard in the gut. Everyone except Nodoka and Ranma were frozen in shock for a moment before reacting.

"Boy how dare you hit your fiancé, Oh why do I have such a dishonourable son?" Whined Genma while Kasumi looked a little disapproving at Ranma for a second before going oblivious again, Soun just decided to flood Japan with his Niagara falls impression and Nabiki looked while glaring at Ranma and planning on ways to make him pay for hurting her family. Ryoga on the other hand after he broke out of the shock of Ranma hitting a girl, decided that Ranma needed to die.

"Ranma for hitting Akane prepare to die!" Ryoga shouted while charging Ranma with the intention of killing him just like normal but this time was different, this time Ranma didn't feel like playing with Ryoga. Everyone suddenly had to cover their eyes as Ranma's aura suddenly burst into life blazing with such brightness and power that it made Happosai's best aura look like a matchstick, also one thing that was noticeable was that it wasn't Ranma's usual confident blue aura, it was a pure golden aura, the same aura that he had first accessed when he fought Saffron. Ranma then winked out of existence to suddenly reappear with his fist in Ryoga's gut and a second later when the pain registered Ryoga doubled over with pain. Then Ranma grabbed him by the throat and slammed him up against the wall.

Ranma then began to talk to Ryoga with an incredible amount of venom while everyone else just watched, not wanting to invoke Ranma's wrath upon themselves. "Ryoga for too long have I let you blame me for all of your problems and try to kill me for any reason even imagined insults. You also used a promise I honourably made with you against me in a dishonourable way. You said that you have seen hell and that I ran from the duel you set up, but in truth you haven't seen hell at all. The hell that I have been through is far worse than the one you say that you have been through. As for the duel in reality any one would have said you ran from the duel as you arrived four days late. If you had problems getting to the duel you should have gotten help to get there. Anyone else would probably left after an hour of waiting, especially considering the duel was over bread that you think I stole from you, but I didn't steal them from you as they were never yours in the first place as it was the first person to catch them that got them. As for me supposedly being dishonourable, if I am dishonourable then you must be the most dishonourable person on the planet. In fact I can compare you to Kuno as you both are just as disillusioned."

"Why you." Ryoga started to growl out

"No Ryoga stop it. You are to blame for your problems not me. For how is it my fault you get lost because I know you have been blaming that on me. I wouldn't be surprised if you are blaming me for things that happened before I even met you. Now since I am no longer a Saotome I consider all promises that I made as one null and void including the one that I made to you." Ranma then turned his face to look at Akane who was just looking on with anger ready at a moment to hit Ranma with his mallet. "Well Akane you see Ryoga here has used a promise I made to him against me and I know for a fact that your father knew all about Ryoga's little secret. Now I am going to show you what kind of person your precious Ryoga is though personally I think you too belong together, considering your personalities and slight absences from reality." Ranma then walked out of the dojo and over to the koi pond still holding a now struggling Ryoga by his throat. Everyone followed Ranma out most wondering what he was talking about.

"Now Akane have you ever wondered why Ryoga and your precious P-chan are never both available. Also how both seem to get lost and disappear and also how both have the same bandana. Everyone except the parents and Akane gasped at this as they put two and two together. The parents didn't because they knew what was happening and Akane as she is just too stupid.

"What does that have to do with anything you baka and stop picking on Ryoga." Akane said angrily, but she didn't attack Ranma yet thinking that she would wait so she would have more to punish him for.

"Now Akane I see you still have no clue what I'm talking about oh well I will now show all of you the relationship between Ryoga and P-chan." With that Ranma let go of Ryoga's neck and Ryoga fell into the koi pond and a second later everyone could see a little black piglet splashing about in the pond. For most it was a confirmation of what they already knew or that they had suspected, but for Akane it was a complete shock and she soon used the great logic centres in her brain that most Nerimians have and decided on a course of action. She then got out her mallet and charged her target with a battle cry of

"Ranma No Baka!" Only to find that her mallet seemed to disappear and then reappear in Ranma's hands. Akane then froze in shock.

"Why might I ask is this my fault Tendo?" Ranma said venomously

"Because everything's always your fault and you never told me that I was sleeping with a pervert!" Screamed Akane

"Well Tendo if everything is my fault how is it that your father never told you as I know that Ryoga used the furo to change back while your father was in it. Also I have dropped so many hints about it and tried numerous times to remove him from your room. Also isn't it strange that Ryoga has always been incredibly keen on finding a cure for Jusenkyo curses. Also on prince Toma's island Ryoga was incredibly upset that the spring was destroyed by me. If all of that wasn't a big enough clue then what is."

"You know looking at this in hindsight it does seem kind of obvious doesn't it" Nabiki commented to herself. "I must admit though even I didn't know. I am shocked at how they hid it from me and they weren't even trying. In fact Ranma dropped loads of hints."

"Oh my. I think you're right Nabiki." Kasumi commented obliviously.

"Now that we've got that out of the way." Ranma comments indifferently while booting one little piggy over the horizon so Akane doesn't murder him. "We will get on to the next order of business. Mom and I are leaving here and going to a new home far from here. Since I am no longer engaged to anyone there is nothing holding me here anymore. There is only one thing left to do and it concerns you Happosai."

"Well what do you want Ranma my boy?" Happosai asks his curiosity overwhelming his fear of Ranma's power.

"I want to be made a master of the Anything goes style, but not the Tendo or Saotome style as I have mastered both and can use both effectively together, in fact I haven't used either style but my own version of it for a couple of years now. The only part of the Anything goes style I don't know is your techniques. So will you do it?" Ranma inquires. Happosai looks thoughtful for a minute or two before coming to a decision.

"Ranma I will make you a master on the condition that you become my heir." Ranma was about to object before Happosai stopped him. "Ranma before you say anything listen to me. I am serious here, if you accept this when I am around I will seriously teach you. There will be no panty raids and no molesting women or anything perverted on my honour as a martial artist." Ranma looked disbelieving at what Happosai had just said. And decided to ask why Happosai was doing this to which Happosai replied "Ranma I am old, very old. I do not want my style to degenerate into those two fools schools when I pass on which I will eventually do. I want someone to have the knowledge of my skills so that I can pass on knowing that I have at least accomplished something to be remembered for on this world. Is this acceptable to you Ranma." To this Ranma just nodded his head a little shocked at what Happosai just said. He then shook his head to clear it and replied.

"Happosai I accept your offer to be your heir. If you come to this address we can discuss this further as their are some details that need to be sorted out that can't be discussed here ok?" Ranma asked while he gave Happosai a piece of paper with his house in Juuban's address on it.

"Ok my boy I'll see you in a couple of days." Happosai then bounded off to do whatever he wanted.

Ranma then went to leave with his mother when Nabiki blocked their path. "Ranma I do believe there is the point of your bill. You and your father owe us a lot of money."

"As far as Genma goes, he can pay for himself. Now about my bill, I don't believe I owe you anything as you have made more than enough money off me through blackmail, pornography and other sources that covers more than twice what I could possibly owe you. If you even try something like this again I will file a lawsuit against you. I am sure that there are a lot of people willing to testify against you. Blackmailing witnesses is a very serious offence. So I would think carefully before trying as I am not the dumb jock everyone thinks I am." Ranma replied with such a look of disgust on his face.

Soun then shook out of his wailing and used his Demon head to confront Ranma. "Ranma how dare you threaten my little girl!"

"As if your one to talk coward, you just let your family fall apart and let your daughters become a disgrace as Kasumi is nothing but an oblivious shell hiding many desires to do what she wants to do, Nabiki is nothing more than a criminal who will probably eventually join the Yakuza and Akane, she is just a pathetic martial artist wannabe who can't control her temper. All of this is because you fell apart and became as good as dead to your family, in fact they would probably be better off if you had died as you're just a waste of space and resources." Ranma replied while staring Soun right in the eyes with a severe glare which made Mr Tendo just want to go and hide in a corner, which he did once Ranma was finished.

Ranma and Nodoka then left the Tendo's home and start to go to the Nekohanten at a quite slow pace so they can see what Cologne has decided. It wasn't too long before they had arrived at the Nekohanten and knocked on the door. The door was answered by Shampoo who just looked very depressed and had tear tracks running down the side of her face. They could also see Mousse in his duck form shut up in a cage. Nodoka decided to ask about Cologne.

"Hibaachan still talking with village elders using artefact. Should not be too too long now." Shampoo commented in a depressed voice. A couple of minutes later Cologne emerged from the back of the restaurant.

"Ah hello Ranma, I have just finished talking to the other elders and we have come to a decision. The kisses of marriage and death have been rescinded but it is on the condition that I adopt you into my family as an Amazon warrior. As this is the only way for the kisses to be rescinded, plus we have no intention of angering someone who can kill Saffron. I guess we will be leaving soon then as we have nothing holding us here anymore. It has been a pleasure to teach you Ranma and even though I wish that you would marry Shampoo, I can see that it will never happen."

"Cologne could I have permission to teach the Amazon techniques that I know to family members, before you say anything I don't think of Genma as family. I'm talking about family more on the lines of a wife that I may have some time in the future and any possible offspring."

"Yes I think that is acceptable as long as it is only family."

"So both my male and female sides are considered amazons."

"Well yes. The elders all know of you so you won't need to ask for me in particular if you come to the village."

"Is there anything that I might need to know about becoming adopted into your family?"

"Well there is one thing now that you mention it. If an Amazon is around the area they might come to you seeking shelter for a time and maybe assistance with what they are currently doing."

"Ok as long as you don't send them after me or any students I may get."

"We won't be doing that, so you don't need to worry about it. After all we wouldn't want to anger the man who defeated Saffron after all."

"Well as long as that's alright then. Well I think we had better get going as there are still things to do today." Ranma and Nodoka then bid farewell to the amazons and left to go to their new home.

Once they got home they found Sakura in the living room sitting on the couch with Hotaru on her lap. "Hi Sakura, everything ok?"

"Yeh everything's fine. Hotaru's also fine." Sakura then shifted herself to make room for Ranma and Nodoka, who both sat down with Ranma in-between the two women. "So how did it go with the Nerima wrecking crew then?" Sakura asked curiosity obvious in her eyes. Ranma then told her what had happened at the Tendo dojo and then later at the Nekohanten.

To be continued

Authors notes: Another chapter down. This isn't the last of the Wrecking crew as they will turn up in the future. Also next time Happosai visits and learns of Sakura and Hotaru. Also Ranma and Sakura start learning about their new abilities and gain a little advisor, but not a cat.

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