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The early morning Genovian sun shone through the massive windows, casting leering rays over the royal bed chamber and waking Joe with its unkindly glare. Clarisse moaned and snuggled into his chest. He closed his eyes and buried his head in her hair. She smelt wonderful-this is what he enjoyed most-when he had her all to himself.

"Good morning, my darling", he whispered, rubbing her back lightly. She had to got to Parliament with Mia-she had to get up.

"no", she moaned childishly, " I cant be bothered, tell them we're staying in bed". he laughed at a comment, which he knew years ago Clarisse would never have dared to utter and lifted her chin. She pushed him away lightly, rolled over and buried her face in her pillow. She could be so damn stubborn, he thought with a smile.

"come on Clarisse, we need to get up as tempting as staying in bed sounds", he whispered, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder. She snorted ungracefully and twisted her body round stretching her leg over his.

"I hate Parliament, we're not going anywhere", she said seductively, kissing his chest.

"are you trying to seduce me, your Majesty?", he said, cocking an eyebrow.

"am I allowed?", she returned, raising her head and resting her chin on his chest.

"not just now but I will have no excuse this evening", he promised.

"I hope not", she laughed, " I hate parliament", she added as an afterthought.

"I know", he comforted, " but soon Mia will be capable to deal with them on her own",

"mmm soon", she mused, " and then I can lie in bed with you all day", she mused.

"maybe darling but you'll always have obligations to fill so…..", he noticed her mind had wandered. " Clarisse?"

"oh sorry darling, I was just thinking, we should take a vacation. I mean apart from our honeymoon, we've not had much time alone so perhaps a break", she suggested.

He was startled by her request, over the last 8 months she had conveniently dodged the suggestion of a break.


"yes really", she looked up, " oh don't be so shocked, you thought id forgotten we hadn't really had a proper honeymoon", she reprimanded.

"yes, I did", he confessed, with a guilty smile.

"oh Joe! I hadn't forgotten, we just haven't had the time!", she scolded, playfully.

"oh you must be angry-you called me Joe!", he teased.

"shut-up! I mean it, I want-no-I demand a proper honeymoon", she pouted.

"oh only you could get away with speaking to me like that", he said wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her forehead.

"so we'll do as you demand-we'll go away. Whereabouts?"

"well I've never been to you hometown….", she hinted.

"ulterior motive", he question. She nodded innocently in response.

"I suppose we could", he agreed.

"I'm desperate to meet my in laws, I want a break somewhere quiet and most of all I want to spend all day In bed… with you".

"at that my dear you've defiantly got a deal", he laughed.

"mmm. No security, no telephones.. I could deal with that, darling", she mused.

"sure you could", he teased, "I'll be your security though".

"always have been Joseph", she said seriously, " but you are retired now".

"I know but I just love looking at you", he teased.

She laughed, rolled over and climbed out of bed.

"same here", she teased, " will you organise my schedule with Charlotte and we'll arrange our break after I've seduced you this evening. Deal?", she laughed.

"deal, Clarisse how could I refuse that offer."

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