Someone Noticed
Archive: fandomaid only until 14 march 2005
Rating: pg
Warnings: slash
Fandom, Pairing: CSI, nickgreg
Summary: "So much for no one noticing."
Disclaimer: not mine. never was mine. never will be mine. CBS or someone like that owns them.
Written For: fandomaid
Beta: Steph, cause she's cool cool cool.


He didn't think anyone had noticed, but if they had they were staying quiet. It was hard for him to believe they hadn't, not when it was so obvious to him. They had been careful, sure, but neither were the most tactful or careful of guys.

They worked better together than with anyone else on the team, though that didn't mean that they didn't work well with the others. It just meant that they could share a glance and understand each other, they could read each other's body language a little better and they paid attention to each other. Maybe a little too much. And they were almost always in accord, on the same track.

Well, almost always. And when they weren't, he thought it was even ore obvious. Like right now.

He didn't actually know what they had fought about, but it had happened the night before when one of them had said something about going out to eat and the other going back to one of their place's and crashing.

Now they were both on edge, a result of the fight that had ended with both of them at their own homes, alone, and having trouble sleeping. Warrick had noticed the tension, at least, and seemed to be content to let them speak to him to let the other know something.

They case they were on was requiring lots of hours and lots of man power. A triple homicide that had spanned at least twelve rooms of a house, the whole of the CSI staff was pretty much on the case. Even Sara, though she wasn't speaking to Cat.

He saw something then, a fleck of metal hidden in the shadow of the fire place's stone hearth. He focused in on it, his body tensing ever so slightly. And, for all that they were fighting, Nick knew him the best. He was instantly at his side with an evidence bag when he saw the look her had on his face.

Neither knew was it was. Nick photographed it and he bagged it. Like they always did, working smoothly in tandem.

When they left the scene, hours later, Warrick grinned at them. "Guys, please don't have another fight. We need the wonder pair back."

Greg opened his mouth to deny whatever Warrick was implying, the other man held up his hand. "Don't even try it. I'm not blind, really."

He turned and walked away, Nick and Greg exchanging a glance. Nick grinned, reaching out and pulling him closer. Greg came with out any resistance. "If they know…" he trailed off and captured Greg's lips in a chaste kiss.

Nick looked at him with an odd light in his eyes as they pulled apart. "Do you know how long I've wanted to do that and not worry about who saw?"

Greg grinned then, intentionally ignoring the gazes of the rest of the team. "Probably as long as I have."

Nick laughed softly and the two of them turned,walking towards their cars. Somewhere behind them Sara called out. "You owe me fifty, Cat. I told you they were together."

"And you, Gris, owe me twenty," Warricks voice was softer but carried just as far. "I told you I could get them to admit they were together."

They were walking out of hearing distances, Grissiom denying that they had actually admitted anything ringing in their ears.

So much for no one noticing.

Finished 14 February 2005.