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The Past Remembered

Chapter One: Kidnapped!

By: The Spooky Mulder

Kim Possible was at her desk making a new entry in her diary.

Dear Diary,

Everything is going okay. School was tolerable, except for Bonnie. Two days ago Ron and I had to stop Drakken and Shego- I mean my parents (I'm still not quite used to it)- and it was a little awkweird. Ever since I told Ron, he's been acting like I'm some emotional time bomb just waiting to go off. I have to go; the tweebs are shooting rockets off again (it's a relief to know I'm not related to them after all).

Kim logged off and leaned back in her chair. It had been three months since she discovered the truth about her genetics, and she was warming up to the idea of thinking of Shego and Drakken s "mom" and "dad". Looking at her clock, Kim noted that dinner would probably be ready soon and decided to go downstairs.

When Kim got downstairs Mrs. Dr. Possible was setting the table and Mr. Dr. Possible was, of course, reading the newspaper.

"Hello, Kimmie," Mrs. Dr. P. said. "How was school?"

Kim sighed. "Bonnie was being her usual self, but everything else went okay."

"I'm sorry sweetie. I'm sure Bonnie will change-" Mrs. Dr. P. started to say.

"Tch," Kim snorted. "The day Bonnie Rockwaller changes is the day I become a super-villain."

Mr. Dr. Possible raised an eyebrow from behind his newspaper. Kim grinned sheepishly. "Okay, not the best analogy," she said. Kim took a seat at the table and noticed that one extra place was set. "Are we having a guest for dinner?" she asked.

"Oh, I invited Ronald," Mrs. Possible said. "I hope you don't mind."

Kim nodded. "It's great. I'm sure he-" she was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "I'll get it."

Kim pushed her chair back and went to answer the door. It was Ron, of course.

"Hey KP," he said, his trademark goofy grin on his face.

"Hey Ron," Kim replied, glancing at her friend and frowning. "Ron, why are you wet?"

"Huh?" Ron said, looking thoroughly confused. "Oh, it's raining."

Kim shrugged. "I haven't been outside."

After dinner Kim and Ron were sitting in the living room, watching TV. Jim and Tim were distracted by a new electronic item to dismantle, and Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible were reading their respective book and newspaper.

"That's not true," Kim said, having a friendly argument with Ron. "Not all soap operas have death."

Ron was about to reply that Kim couldn't prove it when the doorbell rang once again.

"We'll get it!" Jim and Tim shouted in unison, running out of the room.

Kim and Ron carried on their conversation. A minute or so later, Tim and Jim came back in. "Kim, someone's here to see you," they said. Curious as to who would be visiting her so late, Kim got off of the couch and went to the foyer. Standing there, soaking wet, was Dr. Drakken.

Kim stopped dead in her tracks. The last person she expected to see was Drakken- her father. What really ate her up, though, was the fact that he didn't know it. Kim was standing in place, staring at Drakken. "What…"

Ron had followed him to the front door. "KP, who's-"

He stopped when he realized who was standing in Kim's house. "Dr. Drakken?" Ron said, noticing Kim's speechlessness. "What are you doing here?"

Drakken wrung his gloved hands, which held a now wet piece of paper. "I found this note. I thought maybe you could help," he said nervously, obviously uncomfortable asking Kim for help. Frowning slightly, Kim read the note.


I have your precious Shego, and if you wish to see her again I suggest you bring that teen hero as a sacrifice. Bring her to the Middleton Mall at midnight and we shall trade.

Kim looked up at Drakken. "And you're actually asking for help instead of just trying to kidnap me?"

Drakken looked slightly irritated. "I would have, but I decided I didn't have enough time to form a plan," he shot back.

Kim could feel Ron staring at her. She knew that this was probably a stupid idea- they didn't even know who sent the note in the first place! But Kim knew that she had to help. Even if Drakken didn't know, they were still her parents. "We'll help," she said firmly.

Drakken looked surprised. "Really? Okay-"

Kim interrupted him by holding her hand up. "Don't say anything. Just shut up and listen to my plan."

Drakken gulped and nodded. She sure can be scary when she wants, he thought.

Kim, Ron, and Drakken were crouching in the bushes outside the Middleton Mall. "How long must we be here?" Drakken whined. Kim punched him lightly on the shoulder. "If you don't stop whining you can wait in the car," she threatened. They had borrowed Mr. Possible's car for the rescue. Drakken made a pouty face. "Fine," he said huffily, trying to look through the bush but only succeeding in falling over. Kim rolled her eyes. "What a perfect Saturday," she muttered under her breath.

Ron and Rufus were sneaking bites of a naco, trying to ignore Kim and Drakken bickering like children. Ron was about to take his bite when he noticed someone sneaking into the deserted mall. Setting the naco down, he tapped Kim and Drakken on the shoulder. "Hey, guys," he said. "Who is that? It seems pretty late to be shopping-"

While Ron wasn't looking, Rufus reached over and downed the rest of the fast food.

"Ron, that's probably the kidnapper," Kim said.

While Kim and Ron discussed whom the person could be, Drakken stood up to follow.

Kim looked over her shoulder when she realized that Drakken was unusually silent, only to see him walking angrily toward the mall. "Hey!" Kim said, leaping forward and grabbing the back of his lab coat.

"Let me go!" Drakken growled.

"Look, what do you think you can do on your own? You'll probably get taken too."

Scowling, Drakken acquiesced and let Kim lead him back to the bush.

"Good," Kim said. "Now stay until I call you over the walkie-talkie. Got it?"

Still scowling, Drakken nodded.

Kim let a little sigh pass her lips. He's like a child, she thought. "Come on, Ron. Let's go."

Ron stood up, made sure Rufus was in his pocket, and followed Kim to the mall.

"So, do you think this is gonna work?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

Kim's brow furrowed. "I hope it does," she said.

Kim and Ron had been gone for about five minutes before Drakken started to get bored. He knew that if he tried to help he would only cause more problems, but for some reason Drakken found that he wanted to help. Not just because it was Shego, either; he actually wanted to help Kim Possible and the buffoon. "Perhaps I'm losing my mind," he said aloud to himself.

"Losing? It left you quite some time ago," a voice from behind said. Before Drakken could even turn around, the attacker put a tazer to his neck and everything went black.

Kim and Ron were sneaking around the mall trying to find the kidnapper, but they weren't having any luck. "Kim, do you think this was a-"

"A trap?" Someone had interrupted Ron, and they sounded like they were on the second floor balcony.

Kim and Ron whirled around to face the kidnapper.

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