Title: Once Upon A Time

Disclaimers: I swear I was just borrowing them! I don't own SVU or Snow White or the story line of Snow White

Summary: Once upon a time, there lived……


"I have to tell you something," Snow White said as she walked into Olivia's apartment. Snow White needed to tell someone. The Queen had found her; it wouldn't be long before she acted. Olivia had promised to protect her.

Olivia closed the door behind her.

"But you have to promise not the tell anyone!" Snow White begged.

"Okay," Olivia said siting down on the couch.

"Someone's after me. I saw her in the hospital."

"Casey?" Olivia asked.

"Casey? Is that the lady that you talked to? The one who was wearing the purple top?" Olivia nodded. "No, not her."

"Then who?"

Snow White froze. Was this right? Could she trust Olivia? What if Olivia was a spy for The Queen all this time?

"I was in a dungeon. It was cold, damp, and dark," Snow White bit her lip before continuing. "She payed them gold, payed them with swords and shields…" Tears fell down her face. She wiped them hasty with her hand.

"Who's she?" Olivia cut in.

"The Queen," Snow White whispered.

Olivia frowned. The Queen. "Didn't she make you call her the Queen?"

Snow White shook her head. "She is the Queen," she spoke in a quiet secretive voice.

"Okay… okay... What happened after she paid them gold, and swords and shields?" Olivia asked.

"They would come. Enter through the wooden doors. Then they would come up to me, and start taking off their clothes," Snow White broke down into a quiet sob.

Olivia placed her arms around her and whispered into her ear, "It's okay, it's okay."


Olivia sat on her bed. Snow White was asleep in the guest bedroom. She was just another victim, Olivia told herself over and over again. She couldn't let herself get too involved. It wouldn't do anyone any good.

Her hand slid towards her cell before she pulled it back. She couldn't tell anyone. She promised she wouldn't tell, yet she had to, it was the only way that they could find out what really happened. Nevertheless, if she lost Snow White's, no, Suzie's trust, the truth may never be revealed. She picked up the file on her bedside table and stared. It was a family photo, Angeline, Suzie and her father. Their faces were lit up with smiles as they sat around a sand castle. Suzie had an innocent sparkle in her eye, the same sparkle only duller, that she processes to this day. What happened? Suzie could have had a normal childhood if her mother never died.

Olivia rested her head on the pillow, as her eyelids began to droop.


Olivia opened her eyes. Her eyelids were heavy and her sight was blurry. As her vision cleared, the grey outline of the walls, the bricks, sharpened. Where was she? This wasn't her bedroom. She got up. Her feet touched the cold stone floor. She was wearing rags, filthy rags that were too small for her. The room was lit up by a window on the other side. It wasn't big, yet wasn't tiny, just enough to give the room sufficient lighting. Olivia's eyes scanned the room.

On the left there were three large cages. In each cage, there was a bird. A dove, its feathers white as snow, a raven, black as ebony, and an owl, its eyes like to two bright moons. Olivia walked up to them. What where they doing in a cage? As Olivia stood in front of the cages, the owl looked at her. Its eyes rolled into the back of its head, its feathers started falling off, and it collapsed.

Olivia was horrified. What was going on? She turned around and gasped.

"Elliot, what are you doing here? Where are we?" Olivia relaxed a bit.

Elliot's eyes turned black, "There once was three, the dove, the raven and the owl. Slowly one by one they will die; one by one they will no longer exist. You, my child, you can fix that. Find them, save them," the voice was feminine.

"Who are you?" Olivia asked as her voice struggled to stay firm.

"There once was three, the dove, the raven and the owl. Slowly one by one…" The voice repeated.

"Who are you?" Olivia asked louder.

The voice just kept going. It echoed off the walls.

Olivia shot up. Her forehead was sweaty. It was just a dream, just a dream, she told herself and she started to calm down. Taking a glance at her alarm clock, she noted that it was only four. Yet something wasn't right. Her eyes slowly moved to the door. A dark figure was standing in the shadows.

"Who's there?" Olivia asked.

Suzie walked out and asked, "You okay?"

"Oh, it's only you," Olivia said with a smile, "Yeah, I'm fine. Couldn't get to sleep?"

"Nightmare. I can never get back to sleep after."

"Tell me about it," Olivia said with a smile, removing the sheets after herself as she got up. "Coffee?"

Suzie smiled, "Sure."


Author's note:
Sorry it took me so long to update. I've been busy with school. I just want to thank everyone who read this, even if they dislike it and reviewed!